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SWF & FLV Player for Mac
Advanced Free Flash Player Mac

Now that SWF and FLV have been discontinued, it’s especially important to find a functioning flash video player Mac app. Elmedia Player is up to the task. Unlike your average Flash projector, Elmedia combines full SWF/FLV support with useful features that may be found in an ordinary Flash player.

Use a Flash Player on Mac to Open Tracks

1 Flash video player Mac

Set it up on your Mac

A .dmg installer may be found on our website, or you can install the app directly from the App Store.
2 Flash video player Mac

Add the flash files

From Finder, you can either drag the file over to Elmedia, or right-click it and choose to "Open With". In Elmedia itself, you can click "Find" in the main menu.
3 SWF & FLV player

Enjoy some good old animations.

Our SWF player for Mac offers the best Flash viewing experience.

This SWF & FLV Player Allows You To…

Watch SWF, FLV and other videos

Aside from Flash movies, Elmedia supports nearly all video formats: RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, DIVX. Whether music or video, it plays them all.

Use more customization options

Eltima Flash Player for Mac allows you to set the default quality level for SWF files and change local storage and security settings.

What is FLV

Flash Video is a container format used to store and display lightweight video on webpages. It’s encoded in the same way as an SWF, the only difference being that FLVs are non-interactive. FLV was often used on streaming platforms, even YouTube; nowadays, it’s been completely phased out in favor of MP4 and WebM.

What is SWF

SWF, short for "small web format", is a popular Flash media container. Sharing the same technology as FLV, it offers one significant change - interactivity. Lightweight and highly interactive animations provoked an entire cultural boom, spawning a generation of memorable media. Now that it’s no longer supported, HTML5 took up the same niche. If you’re getting nostalgic, look for an SWF player for Mac.

High-Quality Wireless Streaming

Elmedia Player expands the boundaries of computer media, bringing your favorite music and videos to big screens and powerful speakers. It’s the best music player on Mac, hands down. With the help of Elmedia, your files can be streamed to Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA-enabled devices with no effort. You can receive streams from iPhones, Macs and other AirPlay devices. Compared to iPhone speakers, those found in Mac are superior - make use of them!


Elmedia Player can connect to Apple TVs, Macs and other AirPlay devices to stream your media quickly and easily.


Elmedia makes it possible to broadcast media content from a Mac to Smart TVs and other DLNA-compatible devices.


If you are using Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra with your TV-set, you can use Elmedia to connect to it from your Mac.
Elmedia: Streaming Options

In Any Format

You don’t need to worry about compatibility. If the receiving device can’t handle your file’s format, Elmedia Player will convert it on the fly.

With No Ads

The "Open Online Video" feature will be appreciated by people that don’t like excessive ads in their videos. You can watch YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

4K Resolution

Elmedia Player is perfectly adapted for Ultra HD and 4K videos - expect no lag or quality loss. If they are streamed, video quality will be preserved.


Elmedia Player provides extensive support both for built-in and external subtitles. Configure them as you see fit.


The playlist feature is particularly handy when streaming media to a Smart TV.

Playback Control

Your Mac can be used as a remote when it’s broadcasting. It has plenty of useful controls that aren’t found on Smart TVs.

Get More Advanced Features with Elmedia PRO

Download YouTube videos PRO

Elmedia can open YouTube playlists and download them in bulk. It can also download audio separately to save disk space and bandwidth.

Adjust audio settings PRO

This Flash media player for Mac is fully compatible with Surround Sound technologies. As long as you’ve got the right files and the right hardware, we guarantee an immersive experience.

Capture screenshots en masse PRO

Do you want a frame-perfect screenshot, or a large gallery? Either can be achieved with Eltima Flash Movie Player. For screenshot sequences, you can specify the interval between each shot.

Choose audio & video output PRO

Select output devices to be used for fullscreen video and audio in general. Set the amount of audio channels, starting with 2 and all the way to 8. AC-3 and DTS passthrough is possible.

Elmedia Player for Mac
Universal Video Player

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