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MP4 Video Player for Mac with All Codecs

If you are looking for the best MP4 player for Mac, Elmedia Player is definitely what you need. It supports a range of codecs and container formats, so you won't have any problems playing MP4 files. The player ensures smooth playback of any audio track and movie in your library.
Play MP4 on Mac using Elmedia Player

File format and codec compatibility

What makes Elmedia Player a worthy solution is its enhanced compatibility. It opens almost any popular and niche formats - MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMA, M4V, DivX, and dozens more.

Native M1/M2 support

Elmedia comes with native support for Apple M1/M2-powered Mac computers, thus ensuring maximum performance. No Rosetta compatibility layer is required to use the app. Alt

Customized playback controls

Control every detail of playback for seamless viewing experience: speed up or slow down video, tweak subtitles, make bookmarks or watch movies in picture-in-picture mode.

Create your own playlists

Elmedia allows you to organize your files into playlists to play them according to your tastes. For example, you can create a playlist for a specific occasion, or group movies or TV series for later viewing.
Streaming in Just a Few Clicks

Perfect MP4 player for TV streaming

Elmedia Player is your best assistant when it comes to streaming MP4 files from macOS to TV. It combines speed and ease of use, and lets you stream videos to your Smart TV, Apple TV, Chromecast or DLNA in any resolution.


AirPlay 2 is also included.


Most devices use this protocol.


Connect to Google gadgets.
 Elmedia MP4 player for Mac supports modern wireless technologies
Simple Subtitle Management

MP4 Player with Subtitle Support

Watch foreign films with subtitles. Elmedia Player supports .srt, .ass and .smil formats and gives you full control over subtitles. In particular, you can add subtitles manually, enable autoload, or using an online search within the player. And finally, you can fix the delay if your subtitles are out of sync with the video.
  • Visual settings

    Customize the appearance of subtitles if needed: adjust color, size, font and background. Choose how subtitles to be displayed.
  • Find on the web

    Elmedia Player includes full integration with to find the most suitable subtitles for your videos.
  • Maximum compatibility

    To display subtitles when streaming to AirPlay or DLNA-enabled devices, burn them into the video or change the subtitle text encoding.
Customize subtitles on Mac.

How to Play MP4 on Mac with Elmedia Player

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Features to Compete with the Best Video Players

Watching MP4 has never been so enjoyable and exciting. Elmedia Player allows you to fine-tune almost every thing according to your tastes and get an exquisite video and audio experience.

Flash Player

Elmedia Player is one of the few players for macOS that can play SWF files*.

* More information about SWF playback can be found here.

Video Tuner

You have plenty of options to get the perfect picture for every video. You can adjust brightness, gamma, contrast, saturation and more. You can even customize it during playback.

A-B Loop

Set points on the timeline to play the desired video fragment over and over again.

AC-3/DTS Through S/PDIF

Enhance your viewing and listening experience by setting up passthrough for hardware decoders with AC-3 or DTS.
Timeline Preview

Timeline Preview

Use this feature to see a thumbnail of the selected point when you hover over the timeline.
PIP Switch

Picture-in-Picture Mode

With picture-in-picture mode, you can watch any video in the background while doing other things on your computer.

Questions and Answers

Elmedia Player is available in both free and paid versions. The free version includes all the basic features you need for smooth playback, while the paid version offers advanced features. For more information about the range of features available in Elmedia Player, click here.
Elmedia Player requires macOS 10.12 or later.
The basic features are available for free. These include video and audio playback, playlists creation, bookmarks, playback controls. You’ll only need to upgrade to the PRO version to use advanced features like wireless streaming, A-B loop.
If you can't play MP4s in a standard Mac player, it's likely that your player doesn't support the codecs used in the video.
What other users are saying about Elmedia
If you are searching for an advanced movie Player for Mac, then Elmedia Player 8 is here for you. Elmedia Player 8 is known as the best media player amongst the new generation of Mac users.
Elmedia Video Player for Mac offers a wide range of features to meet all your multimedia needs. You can stream directly to Smart TV or Apple TV.
Elmedia Player has a wide variety of other features and capabilities, but having the ability to play just about every possible video format, tweaking settings as needed for sync, audio and video problems.
It can play any file format including the widely-used ones like AVI, MP4, FLV, SWF, WMV, MKV, MP3, M4V, etc without the need of installing any other plugin or codec.

Overall rating 4.5
based on 11950 reviews
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