Learn More About Android File Transfer Mac

Android File Transfer was designed to make your life easier and make file management an easy task. It will help you backup, sync and manage your data no matter you are working on a tablet or a phone. If you choose to use android file transfer, there are some things you might want to know.

Alternatives to Android File Transfer

Because sometimes it can be a hit or miss affair, developers have come up with various other Android to Mac alternatives that let you better manage your documents. Apps such as OpenMTP which lets you transfer files larger than 4 GB or SyncMate are available and free to use.

Android File Transfer not working issues

Sometimes, the Android File Transfer for Mac will encounter issues such as not recognizing the Android device or unable to connect to your device. There can be multiple reasons for this happening: faulty USB cable, lack of compatibility between devices, android file transfer download corrupted or you didn’t enable the feature on your Android.

File transfer between Android and Chromebook

If you don’t have a Mac or if you don’t know how to transfer file from Android to Mac, you can use any android file transfer app that lets you connect to ChromeOS (for the Chromebook owners). You will be able to manage your files via MTP like with any other desktop OS.

File transfer between Android and Windows

If you use a PC instead of Mac, you can easily transfer files between Android and Windows. You can simply connect your Android via USB cable and transfer files using the phone as a hard drive or using an app to sync them automatically. It’s the same way comparable to how to transfer file from Mac to Android.