Elmedia Player - VLC Media Player Alternative for Mac users

Olga Weis

VLC is a very popular free video player for Mac. It has been downloaded more than 1.1 billion times and you can add 134 million if you want to include OS X and other systems.

In the past, VLC stayed ahead of the competition and led the packs. It comes with features like the ability to play incomplete or damaged video, supports wide variety of audio and video formats, supports subtitles, etc. As of recently there is quite a competition in that division and the player sometimes cannot keep up with growing demand. As a result users are looking for a player like VLC, but better than VLC.

VLC Player for Mac

VLC Player for Mac

Where there is Pros there is always some Cons too. Sometimes users find the app to be too sophisticated for them, complain about crashes, less file types supported, than they would expect, etc. And even if you haven't come across any of the flaws it is still useful to know about a good VLC alternative.

If you're looking for different experience than that VLC offers or similar alternative with improved feature set - there's Elmedia Player at your disposal. Who doesn’t like a change! Elmedia Player is a competitive VLC alternative for Mac with the ability to stream video and music from AirPlay devices and to download online media from popular hosting websites.

Elmedia Player

VLC Alternative Media Player for Mac
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We have created a chart to compare VLC and Elmedia Player features. This chart compares the major points to make this review detailed and objective.

VLC & Elmedia Player Comparison Chart

# Features VLC Elmedia Player
1 Multiple video and audio formats playback
2 YouTube videos playback
3 Work with private videos on YouTube
4 Easy downloading from YouTube PRO version
5 Advanced downloading of YouTube videos (download subtitles and playlists; choose quality and format; extract audio) PRO version
6 AirPlay streamer PRO version
7 AirPlay receiver PRO version
8 Advanced work with external and internal sound tracks
9 Polished interface
10 File conversion
11 Simplicity of conversion of video into series of screenshots PRO version
12 Changing the style of .ASS subtitles
13 Available in App Store

Elmedia Player for Mac

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 40.65MB free space
Version 6.8(1098) () Release notes