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WebM media format is designed for the web and is open and royalty-free. WebM file consists of a video stream compressed with the VP8 codec and an audio stream compressed with the Vorbis codec. It is widely deployed by YouTube and other video sources.

And as easy as it to play WebM file in Safari, it won't be an easy task on your Mac. For example QuickTime Player supports MOV, MP4, M4V and some camcorder AVI clips. But if you try to choose the app to play WebM on Mac, QuickTime will be inactive. In a case like this feel free to use Elmedia Player as a WebM player Mac app.

Play WebM on Mac with Elmedia Player

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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 53.6MB free space. Version 7.1(1650). (20th Jan, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 378+ users, Reviews(367)
Category: Video
Elmedia Player is an outstanding product with high quality, broad spectrum of formats supported, and is very easy to operate. And considering the primary concern of most users about quality and speed, this WebM player for Mac is the best solution with unprecedented speed and output quality.

Follow the steps below to know how to play WebM on Mac:

1. Download and install Elmedia Player

1.1. Getting the Elmedia Video Player from our website is the fastest way you can enjoy high-quality video playback no matter what file format.

2. Open and play

Add WebM files to Elmedia Player:

Drop WebM files to the open player window or onto its dock icon.

In the app's Main menu choose "File", then "Open".

Right-click a WebM file in Finder, choose "Open With" option. Select Elmedia Player from the list.

3. See how simple it is

The same simple way you started playing your WebM files in Elmedia Player, you can play other various formats. FLV, SWF, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, and many others are supported.

WebM files in Elmedia Player
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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 53.6MB free space
Version 7.1(1650) (20th Jan, 2019) Release notes
Category: Video