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WMV is abbreviation for Windows Media Video. This is a format developed by Microsoft for Internet streaming and watching videos on a personal computer. Windows Media Video files are basically ASF (Advanced Systems Format) files that include audio, video or both, compressed with WMA (Windows Media Audio) and WMV (Windows Media Video) codecs.

This type of video can be played on a computer or on portable media players. The most beneficial feature of WMV is that this format allows large video files to be compressed, while the rich quality of the video is kept. Thanks to video compression inside this format, movies and other video programs can be easily viewed on a PC.

How to play WMV on Mac Free

But a big drawback that all WMV files have is their incompatibility with macOS. Every time Mac users try to open a WMV file with the default QuickTime player they receive an error message informing that ‘This is not a movie file’. Don’t be angry over it. Your player just notifies you that it can't play WMV on Mac. This format uses Microsoft proprietary codecs not available for Mac computers. To watch WMV files on Mac you need to install a different media player software. The best WMV player for your Mac computer is Elmedia Player.

1. Download the app.

1.1. Download Elmedia Player for free on our website and open it.

1.2. Get Elmedia Player from iTunes Store and install it on your computer

2. Play files
Now you can add the WMV files you'd like to play to Elmedia Player's library the following ways:

  • - Drag the selected WMV files to the app window or onto its icon in the dock.
  • - Right-click a WMV file in Finder and select "Open With" option. Then choose Elmedia Player as an app which will play this file.
  • - Choose "File" from Elmedia Player's Main menu -> "Open".

3. Let's watch movies!

Elmedia Player video

Elmedia as WMV Player for Mac

Now you can play WMV files on Mac with no hassle and simply enjoy your time!

Watching WMV video is utterly easy and convenient in Elmedia, but there is so much more to this player. It includes a 10-band equalizer, flexible video tuner, supports multiple audio tracks, and will sync audio with the video in case there is an issue with original content. For the best sound experience you can use virtual surround and speakers emulation, audio output device selection, and more.

Elmedia Player carries some great features making it an essential app for video lovers: you can make precise screenshots of any moment of a currently playing video or set interval at which screenshots will be taken throughout the movie; you can stream and receive AirPlay content; external and internal subtitles are supported; you can repeat and shuffle playlists.

Simple steps to set Elmedia as a default WMV player on your Mac

  1. Find a WMV file in Finder. Select the video you are going to watch.
  2. Open a WMV file by right-clicking it. In the drop-down menu hit Open with -> Other.
  3. To make Elmedia a default player on Mac for this type of files choose the app from the list of available ones and check Always Open With box.

Click Open and the changes will be saved. Elmedia Player will start playing your video file immediately. Afterwards all videos of this type will be played with Elmedia app.

Other free applications to play WMV on Mac

Elmedia Player provides a wide range of possibilities to deal with WMV files. However, there are a number of great programs that also can make watching WMV on Mac a pleasurable experience. VLC and MPlayerX, are perhaps the best available right now.

The orange traffic cone of VLC has become synonymous with video playback across many platforms. VLC is a free to use portable cross-platform media player that was first created by the VideoLAN project.

The main advantages to VLC is that it can support multiple formats in both audio and video from DVD, VCD and notably WMV. The drain on the system when using VLC is also very limited so users will rarely experience any issues with performance in playback.

MPlayerX is very much the same in terms of its capabilities with multiple formats and utilises the best codecs for playing every format it is compatible with; as well as needing no additional plug-ins to start up the software.

Check out even more examples of top-notch WMV players for Mac to watch all your favorite videos on:

Elmedia Player
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