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Free MKV Player for Mac - Elmedia Player

Elmedia is a perfect MKV Mac video player that is fully adjusted to users’ needs offering only the necessary features for seamless video playback. Wireless streaming, synchronization of audio with video, unique playlists creation, video tuner, full screen more and way more. Make use of powerful services provided by this Mac video player.
Yoo-hoo! Elmedia runs natively on Mac computers with Apple silicon: M1 and M2 series!
Almost Like Magic for Your Files

Video Player for MKV File with Enhanced Playback Features

Elmedia Player has gathered exactly the right set of tools at your fingertips to guarantee you the ideal video playback. Benefit from all the features by customizing them according to your taste and have the best user experience with the best MKV player for Mac.

Impressive List of Supported Formats

With Elmedia Player you can play all the popular file formats including the ones not supported by macOS. Forget about downloading additional codecs. Just drag the file to the player’s window and enjoy.

Native Support for M1/M2

Native support for Apple Silicon M1 and M2 chips allows the app to work without Rosetta compatibility layer, that is offers improved overall performance. Stream videos from YouTube

Support for 4K Resolution

With the help of this MKV video player Mac app you can seamlessly deal with 4K videos forgetting about loss in quality or any lags and have the ideal high-quality picture. Stream videos from YouTube

Enhanced Work with Subtitles

Elmedia Player makes it possible to load subtitles either manually or automatically and offers convenient ways for their customization. Additionally, it is worth mentioning online search.

Combine Audio and Video in One Playlist

Whether you have an audiobook, several episodes of your favorite TV series, an energizing playlist or a calm one with Elmedia you can mix and match as you wish.

Advanced Playback Control

Thanks to easy-to-use interface you can customize media playback settings for any need. Control the playback speed, easily switch between modes using hotkeys, configure timeskip and way more.
Streaming in Just a Few Clicks

Flawless Streaming of MKV Files to a Big Screen

Want to enjoy media content on a big screen? Stream your favorite videos and music from your personal Mac to any wireless device using Elmedia Player. Thanks to DLNA, AirPlay and Chromecast technologies, this MKV Mac video player guarantees high-quality media streaming to almost any SmartTVs and AppleTVs.


AirPlay 2 is also included.


Most devices use this protocol.


Connect to Google gadgets.
Simple Subtitle Management

MKV Player for Mac with Optimized Subtitle Integration

If you prefer watching foreign movies with subtitles, then Elmedia is what you’ve been looking for. This MKV player for Mac supports both embedded and external subtitle files because we know that subtitles are as important as movies.
  • Change Subtitles Look

    Elmedia Player makes it possible to alter your subtitles' size, font, text, and background color according to your taste.
  • Automatic Subtitles Search

    Just by enabling the corresponding option in Preferences, you can automatically get subtitles in the preferred language for almost any video.
  • Online Search

    Elmedia Player supports work with the largest database of subtitles in the world - making it easier to find the desired subtitles.
Customize subtitles on Mac.

How to play MKV file on Mac using Elmedia Player

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Elmedia Player Free
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Questions and Answers

Free version of the Elmedia Player offers a bit limited set of features than the PRO version of the app. However, it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the smoothest video playback. Besides that, the free version offers video and audio streaming to AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA-enabled devices for 5 minutes only. You can find the detailed comparison table by following this link.
Elmedia Player is always under development. It is compatible with the latest macOS Ventura. However, requires macOS 10.12 to be installed.
Elmedia Player is compatible with almost all popular formats as well as ones that are non-native for macOS. The full list can be found by following this link.
You can use Elmedia Player. It is a free MKV player for Mac, however, for a reasonable price, you can extend its functionality to a PRO version and benefit from all enhanced features.
What others say about Elmedia
Elmedia Player is easy to use and takes much of the guesswork out of playing back videos of just about any format you can imagine.
Mike Breed 4.8
Elmedia Player for Mac is a comprehensive solution for playing all kinds of videos and other media files on your Mac without having to convert them.
Ben Markton 4.8
Plays all my video files swimmingly. Streaming local videos to the smart TVs is pleasant bonus of the PRO version.
Javier 4.8
It's a media player for Mac, which boasts a huge range of codecs. All of the features of this program are easily accessible through the app's streamlined interface.
Terry Conord 4.8
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logo Elmedia player
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Elmedia Player Free
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