Top 10 Best AVI Player for Mac apps in January 2020

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Audio Video Interleave AVI is a trendy container file format that was developed by Microsoft to serve as a container for multimedia content. AVI is very popular file format for its ability to play videos clips, movies and other media files with such a high quality. The question has always been, how can Mac users play AVI file formats on a Mac? QuickTime Player from Apple which is the default video player for Mac has some compatibility issues with AVI files. We put together this list to help you select the best player that will help you enjoy your AVI videos with your Mac computers
without hiccups.

All the players listed in this article are free. Just make a choice, download and start playing your favorite AVI files on your Mac. Let's dive straight into the list:

List of the best AVI players for Mac

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1. Elmedia Player
Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 55.34MB free space. Version 7.8(1897). (15th Dec, 2019). 4.9 Rank based on 378+ users, Reviews(367)
Category: MultimediaApplication

Elmedia Player is adored by its users because the playback experience is tailored to the user’s specification. The design is robust with user orientated interface allowing even Mac newbies to smoothly navigate through its numerous features. You have the option to select your preferred language, change the appearance of subtitles (size, font color) and set up encoding preference. Elmedia Player can also play other file formats not just AVI files. Throw a damaged AVI file at Elmedia and it will play it with the best quality. Yes, it plays even a damaged AVI file.

Elmedia AVI Video Player

It has a PRO edition (paid version) with which you can stream an AVI file to an Apple TV. Apart from that, you can also adjust the video playback settings to suit your preference. You can take screenshots of interesting scenes in the video and save them as TIFF, PNG, GIF. Oh. The PRO version doesn’t just play videos, it downloads them too.

2. JustPlay


The most capable AVI player for Mac is here! JustPlay comes to prove that you size does not matter and that you can be powerful without being huge. Playing all your favorite AVI videos is now a formality thanks to this all-in-one player.

With no additional plugins or codecs needed, JustPlay will handle any AVI file at the highest resolutions for an excellent watching experience. From standard resolution all the way to 8K, you’re covered with JustPlay AVI player for Mac.

Easily load subtitles or search for them online and control video and playback settings in a very easy to use interface. This state-of-the-art app comes with Touch Bar support for compatible Mac devices so that you have full control.

3. Cisdem Video Player

Cisdem AVI VideoPlayer

Cisdem VideoPlayer is absolutely free and it plays AVI files on Mac without codec packs. Features with which this player is packed with, allows you personalize your own experience when you play any AVI file. You can load subtitle files automatically or manually, take snapshots, de-interlacing, set soundtracks, and so on. The display quality of this player is exceptional without glitches. The flexibility of Cisdem VideoPlayer allows you adjust the screen ratio even to the biggest. You can either watch AVI files with a small or big screen display as you wish. Simply drag the corner to fit the display you desire.

4. VLC

VLC AVI Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free AVI player, it supports several media formats. VLC allows you add subtitles to your video files, set the audio and video’s preferences, and easily control the playing process. However, it was developed with a simple user interface and average video visual effect.

On the plus side, it is pretty easy to use, you simply launch the application and, in the VLC media player window, drag and drop the video you want to play and it will automatically start playing.

5. MPlayerX

MPlayerX AVI for Mac

MPlayerX for Mac is a product of two famous open source players, FFmpeg and Mplayer. The designed is simple, basic and absolutely fair on Mac’s storage space. For people who prefer straight to the point applications with very little adjustment options and features, MplayerX is the best choice. The is interface is easy to understand and navigate. It shares the same drag and drop approach with VLC.

6. Macgo Free Media Player

Macgo Free AVI Media Player

Macgo Free Mac Media Player is a universal media player, free to download and use. It is reliable for any AVI file that you want to play on your Mac. It removes all known AVI protections in a second and this is why most users like it. It supports all popular media formats and categories. Macgo Free Mac Media Player can play an inbuilt subtitle of any media file format and can also play the external subtitles. It plays AVI files with HD quality without any depreciation in quality.

7. 5K Player

5K Player get

5KPlayer is a simple Avi player for Mac. It allows users to freely play all AVI files, and other formats, like MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, H.265, H.264, MOV, FLV, MP3, WMA, AAC, and so on. Having mentioned that, 5KPlayer is as well capable of playing any ultra high definition video including 4K and 8K UHD media files. This player is a combination of a music player and AirPlay media streamer. That’s not all from 5KPlayer, it can download an online videos. Most users say that when you use this player you never have to worry about video-audio sync problem.

8. DivX Player

DivX AVI Player

DivX Player for Mac is a good AVI file player. This media player is filled with wonderful features and user-friendly settings. It produces exceptional audio and video playback and has a numerous tool set. DivX lets you burn media file to discs and avails users various viewing sizes to select from. It also has an option to stream videos, photos, and music to DLNA-compatible home devices.

DivX has a desktop dimmer, window fade, and free full-screen playback options. It has a set of simple hotkeys for smooth navigation through the interface.

9. Kodi

Kodi AVI Player

Kodi is a media player for Xbox consoles. It was designed to be a universal platform for viewing pictures, watching videos, and playing music. Kodi has full compatibility with all popular media file formats available, both for music (MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.) and video (MP4, MKV, AVI, etc.). It can also play media such as Blu-rays and DVDs. It has a cross-platform compatibility and can easily work on Mac, Windows, Linux.

10. Plex

Plex AVI Player

Plex supports all popular file formats that every other player can play. A simple to use and very easy to navigate interface makes it a convenient media player for any user. Plex unify all services and devices together under one platform for easy access. You can add folders and files to Plex library and stream them to any device with Plex. For instance, if you have a movie on a hard drive you can watch it through Plex’s browser app or stream to the Plex app on a tablet.

That’s it! Now you can choose from the list and start playing AVI file
on a Mac.
Elmedia Player
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 55.34MB free space
Version 7.8(1897) (15th Dec, 2019) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication