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Elmedia Player
Free Video Player for Mac

A multifunctional Mac OS video player, Elmedia Player supports all sorts of common and not so common audio & video file types, including FLV, SWF, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, DAT, FLAC, M4V, MPG, MKV. Whatever file you have and unsure how to play it, try it in this best video player for Mac. Elmedia video player for Mac also boasts with a number of useful features such as in-built web browser and "Open URL" feature. With these you can watch online videos in the app window.

Perfect HD Experience
Powerful Mac Video Player

To play HD content you need a player that is fit enough for this task. Elmedia Player is a video player for OS X that ensures a perfectly smooth HD experience with its hardware accelerated decoding that helps unload the processor and helps avoid video slowdown, troubles with sound, etc.

Watch YouTube videos

With Elmedia's Open Online Video option you can watch YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion videos in the player - no need to open a browser with its noisy ads. And no need to purchase YouTube Red subscription. Elmedia Player fully supports subtitles and places them where they belong. Not only can you watch the video, in PRO version you can download YouTube video on Mac. Same goes to other video resources.

Play movies & animations of any type

Elmedia is a versatile free video player for Mac with the support for pretty much any format – DivX, WMV, FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, etc. It also offers aspect ratio change and allows adjusting the speed of playback. Whatever action you perform - play, pause, flip or rotate the video, etc. - it can be visually displayed on screen.

Enjoy Your Music Collection

Elmedia Player is the best video player for Mac because it actually supports a great number of audio formats too, like MP3, AAC, etc. It is a perfect solution for storing and managing your entire music collection.

SWF Settings

You can choose to watch videos full-screen, hide control panel, disable screensaver during playback, and float the video on top of other running apps. Elmedia Player holds a variety of settings exclusive to SWF format: set the playback quality and activate Flash local security.

Adjust video playback PRO

You can set your video on the loop, and additionally you can set the starting and ending frames for it, to be able to play the selected piece continuously. Also Elmedia fixes the issues when audio is out of sync with video, by increasing or decreasing audio delay until it matches the video.

Save and manage subtitles

Subtitles support goes a long way in this Mac OS video player. It will let you set up encoding, font, size, font color, and border color for them and in case subtitles are not in perfect sync with the video, Elmedia can fix it. Elmedia Player allows loading the subtitles file (.srt, .ass, .smil, etc.) automatically or manually.

Convert Flash Projectors to SWF PRO

Converting a Projector EXE file into a SWF takes only a few clicks.

Make screenshots from the videos PRO

Take a screenshot of any moment in the movie or convert the whole video into the series of screenshots. In order to convert video into a set of images don't switch to a different video unless you are finished with making screenshots for the current one. You can save images as TIFF, PNG or GIF.

Enhanced Playback Features PRO

Elmedia can change aspect ratio, allows you to adjust playback speed, visualizes different events. Feel free to use your Apple RCU and standard Mac media keys.

Elmedia Player lets you adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and other related parameters. Enjoy a flexibility of graphic equalizer with 10 carefully preset frequencies to shape the sound. Have fun with creating your very own custom presets. If a video needs external sound tracks – Elmedia will automatically load them.

Playlist Compilation & Editing

Playlists compilation helps organizing audio & video content on your Mac. Add local or online content to playlists, keep them on your hard drive or upload to an online storage like Dropbox. Searching through endless playlists is super easy with Elmedia.

When you open YouTube playlist in the app (File → Open URL), all tracks can be automatically added to Elmedia.

Flexible audio settings PRO

Hear the sound as if it is transcending the headphones, going from front to back, from side to side with virtual surround for headphones. Another great option is virtual speakers for headphones, and it makes the sound similar to that one you hear from loudspeakers, distance and head shadowing effect are carefully taken into consideration.

Choose the output device for video and audio PRO

Set the output device of your choice for the sound – speakers, headphones, etc. The number of sound channels can be two-channel, four-channel, or eight-channel. In case of AC-3 (Dolby Digital) or DTS (Digital Theater System) videos that are usually DVDs, Elmedia Player can be configured to relay the audio data without decoding it. Choose where to put the full-screen video when you have more than one monitor connected to computer.

AirPlay music and videos with Elmedia Player PRO

Elmedia Player is a fantastic AirPlay Receiver. Stream videos and music from any AirPlay device (Mac, iOS, Android devices) to Elmedia or go the opposite direction by streaming from a Mac with Elmedia to another Mac with Elmedia or other AirPlay app. Detailed instructions on how to do that can be found here.

Web Browser
Browse Web Without Leaving Elmedia

To use the built-in Internet browser of Elmedia Player switch to the browser mode in the app, browse to a video you’d like to watch and enjoy it there!

Download videos from YouTube PRO

Whenever you want to have a YouTube video to yourself and be able to watch it even when offline, you can download YouTube video to your computer with Elmedia Player. Simply switch to the browser mode, go to the video you need and click Download button. In case of an embedded YouTube video you'll see the download link even without playing the video. Subtitles, if any, will be saved together with the video. And as if this wasn't enough, Elmedia Player PRO can actually download the complete YouTube playlist!
Downloading from Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. works pretty much the same as with YouTube – switch to browser mode, go to the web page, select the video and Download.

Extract Audio PRO

When you don't really care about the video on YouTube, but the soundtrack is all you want, you can select MP3 or M4A format in Elmedia Player PRO and download just the audio.

Download from the Internet PRO

Various video types are supported by Elmedia Player PRO for downloading, including RTMP streams and HTML5 videos. Could you have imagined watching a stream offline and not missing out on any single thing? It is all true with Elmedia PRO.

Download SWF ResourcesPRO

SWF files at times require external resources for correct playback like other Flash files or audio tracks. Elmedia Player PRO easily detects them and allows you to choose whether to download or not.

PRO version Extra Benefits

When upgrading to Elmedia Player PRO you get to download media files from Internet – videos, their soundtracks, RTMP streams, animations. You can convert Flash EXE files to SWF format, make screenshots of the video, and much more.

# Options Free PRO
1 Save videos, including RTMP streams and external resources required by SWF
2 Save videos from YouTube and extract sounds from them
3 Playback enhancement options (A-B loop, 10-band audio equalizer with presets, video and image layout adjustments, etc.)
4 Make screenshot while the video is playing or make a set of images
5 Convert Projector EXE into SWF
6 Elmedia Player is an AirPlay app.
7 Play FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, DIVX, DAT and many more
8 Browse Internet for new videos without leaving the app
9 Use Open Online Video and watch YouTube videos in player without ads
10 Play Flash files in full-screen mode

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  • I have always wanted a bug free app that can play any format. Tried several apps but wasn’t satisfied, then a friend told me about Elmedia player since then It’s been my default player.
    Mike Breed
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