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PotPlayer Mac Alternative Solution - Elmedia Player

PotPlayer is a popular media player for Microsoft Windows due to its compact size, speed, and various features. It’s up there with competitors like VLC, KMPlayer, and GOM Player. Unfortunately, PotPlayer is not available for macOS. But if you’re in the search of a universal Mac media player, there are great alternatives! Learn more about them below.

Top choice
Elmedia Player
4.8 Rank based on 1531+ users, Reviews(793)
Elmedia Player is PotPlayer Alternative Solution for Mac.

Best Mac PotPlayer Alternative - Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player Free

4.8 Rank based on 1531 + users Reviews(793)
Requirements: OS X 10.12+
Version: v8.8(3188), Released 19 Sep, 2022 Release notes
Category: Video

You can now find the same features that PotPlayer offers but on Mac. Just try Elmedia Player and you won’t need to look any further. It’s the perfect PotPlayer alternative for Mac because of its versatility and reliability. The app boasts a wide range of functionalities, extensive file support, and high-quality audio and video playback. With Elmedia’s dedicated team, you can always rely on the most up-to-date version.

Elmedia is the perfect PotPlayer alternative for Mac.

PotPlayer Mac - Elmedia Player Step-by-Step Guide


Download Elmedia Player

Download the application from the official website. Install it on your device.

 Download and install Elmedia Player.

Play your video

To select the video that you’d like to play, follow one of the three steps below:

  • Locate your video in Finder, then drag and drop it onto the Elmedia Player window or the app icon in the dock.
  • In Elmedia Player, click on "File" in the menu bar. Click on "Open" and select your video file.
  • After you find your video in Finder, right-click on it, then tap "Open with". Choose Elmedia Player.

 Follow three ease steps and play your video.

You’re all set!

PotPlayer Windows vs. Elmedia PotPlayer Mac App?

With Elmedia Player, you won’t miss anything from PotPlayer. In fact, you’ll enjoy the same abundance of features. Discover all the pros of using Elmedia Player below.

Aesthetic and User-Friendly Navigation

Functionality is great. But before we can enjoy any of the app’s features, we first experience its interface. And if a player gives us the wrong feel or is too cumbersome, this can discourage us from ever using it. With Elmedia Player, however, that’s not an issue.

It has an elegant, clean interface that’s easy to find your way around. The design is intuitive, fitting perfectly within the macOS look and feel. You can even use hotkeys for quick access. So if simplicity is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in this PotPlayer Mac app.

Elmedia has intuitive design, fitting perfectly within the macOS look and feel.

Robust Subtitle Integration and Support

No video player is complete without proper subtitle support. This lets you watch foreign-language movies without any hassle. It’s actually a useful feature for videos in your native language as well. Sometimes loud snacking can make it difficult for you to hear and comprehend speech!

Elmedia Player’s built-in subtitle feature comes in handy. You can load subtitles automatically or manually, and you can even download them directly from To suit your preferences, Elmedia lets you customize the size, color, and background of your subtitle text.

Subtitle support is one of the useful features that has Elmedia Player.

Ultimate File Format Support

For a video player to be really worth it, it has to offer full format compatibility. Elmedia Player excels in this aspect as well, with its support of dozens of video formats. These include MP4, MOV, WAV, FLV, MKV, AVI, OGG, and MP3, among others.

Elmedia Player supports a wide range file formats.

Elmedia Player PRO? Here’s What You Get

Want access to even more features? Elmedia Player PRO offers all of the above, as well as advanced options. For just over $20, you will gain access to the full range of capabilities, so you’ll never want to look back.

Multi-Layered Playback Controls and Options

In a good alternative to PotPlayer, Mac users need complete control over video playback. And that’s exactly what Elmedia Player PRO delivers. It allows you to adjust video brightness, saturation, and hue, as well as reduce noise. In addition, you can rotate or flip your video, for example. You can make as many fine tweaks as you wish for the ultimate viewing experience.

With Elmedia Player PRO you can control over video playback.

Video Streaming

With Elmedia Player PRO, you can easily stream from Mac to TV. Use your Apple TV, Smart TV, Chromecast, AirPlay 2, or other DLNA-enabled devices, depending on your personal preferences. Latency and quality issues will be a thing of the past. You can watch any of your local content on the big TV screen.

The app allows you to control your streaming on the go and make video and audio adjustments. Hardware-accelerated decoding delivers a smooth HD experience, while transcoding will ensure you can play any format there is.

Elmedia Player PRO allows stream from Mac to TV.

Built-In Audio Equalizer

Being the ideal Mac PotPlayer alternative, Elmedia Player PRO comes with a 10-band audio equalizer. It allows you to fine-tune your audio manually to strike the perfect sound. Otherwise, you can use the available presets to quickly optimize the sound delivery.

Elmedia allows you to fine-tune your audio manually to strike the perfect sound.

Audio Visualizer

Elmedia Player PRO has a cool way of adding more fun to your music experience. Its high-def audio visualizer comes with 12 different modes that add colorful graphics to your audio. Choose one to match your mood, the ambiance, or the crowd. With music visualization on this PotPlayer alternative, Mac users have a great way to enjoy their favorite songs!

Elmedia has high-def audio visualizer with 12 different modes that add colorful graphics to your audio.

Other Third-Party Media Players as Alternative PotPlayer Mac Apps

If you’d like to explore more options to replace PotPlayer on Mac, take a look at the suggestions below. Just like PotPlayer, there are many Windows-only apps out there, but fortunately, there is always a good macOS counterpart.

VLC Media Player

VLC is another popular multimedia player that’s free and open source. Unlike PotPlayer, it’s available across all platforms, making it an option for Mac users. VLC has a simple interface suitable for novice users and pros alike. It supports various file formats and delivers pristine quality.

VLC has simple interface and available across all platforms.

GOM Player

GOM Player is a free multimedia player that also serves as a PotPlayer Mac alternative. Besides macOS, it’s available for Windows, iOS, and Android. GOM Player supports a long list of audio, video, and subtitle formats. The app provides high-resolution playback, as well as customization settings, hardware acceleration, a subtitle library, etc. The paid version comes with technical support and is ad-free.

GOM Player is free multimedia player that available for Windows, Mac and Android.

Cisdem Video Player

Cisdem Video Player is a macOS app that supports almost all video and audio formats, playing up to 8K video. Cisdem offers control and customization options such as mini-screen and incognito mode, etc. The app supports embedded and external subtitles, as well as the selection of different available soundtracks. The paid pro version includes a conversion option.

Cisdem supports almost all video and audio formats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some users claim that PotPlayer is faster, more customizable, and supports more video codecs. It’s also smaller in size - 30MB versus up to 55MB for VLC. However, PotPlayer is only available for Windows, so it can’t serve as a VLC alternative Mac users. VLC, on the other hand, also runs on Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. VLC is known for being user-friendly and featuring different add-ons.
We recommend Elmedia Player. If you’re looking for a Mac player that is intuitive and comes with a wide variety of settings and functions, Elmedia is definitely worth exploring. You’ll get quality playback, streaming capabilities, browser integration, and more.
PotPlayer is truly a great app, but if you’re looking to change things up, there are good alternatives to consider. Try some of the players mentioned above such as Elmedia Player, VLC, or GOM Player. They replace PotPlayer on macOS and they also make a great QuickTime alternative.
Elmedia Player
Requirements: macOS 10.12 , 89.2MB of free space
Version 8.8(3188) (19 Sep, 2022) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication

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