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Zip, 7z and TarGz Archiver for Mac

Being a free file manager with daul-pane interface, Commander One has a lot of other things to offer its users. The app is a great archiver Mac utility that provides a flawless work with ZIP, 7Z, TBZ, TGZ archives. Open RAR, ISO, APK and other formats. Commander One allows compressing and extracting archives, open them as folders, copying files without extracting archives and way more. The app offers the most efficient and productive work with all your files no matter where they are. Benefit from the impressive features offered by this best archiver for Mac.
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Available for both Apple silicon and Intel
7Zip for Mac
Deal with 7zip archives as with regular folders. View, add, delete files with no need to extract the archive. Compress and extract archives with ease via our 7zip for Mac archiver.
RAR for Mac
There is no need to use additional software to work with RAR archives as Commander One allows decompressing such archives with just a couple of clicks.
TarGz for Mac
Commander One offers an extended archive format support including TAR, TBZ, TGZ, Tar.Z, tar.lzma, and tar.xz archives. Have flawless work with all types of archives.

Free file manager for macOS

Commander One positions itself not only as an archiver Mac app but also as a free file manager for Mac that contains all the features for seamless work with files. The app offers a classic dual-panel interface and is a great alternative to Total Commander when switching from Windows to Mac. Experience the convenience and the simplicity of file management with Commander One.
Show hidden files
Handy switch to show and hide files
Fonts & Colors
Choose any color combination you are comfortable working with
Brief mode
Overview and work with multiple files simultaneously
History and Favorites
Have quick and convenient access to the most used files and folders
handy essentials
Customizable Hotkeys
With thу help of this archiver Mac solution, you can assign a hotkey to any action for super-quick operations
Unlimited tabs
This best archive for Mac offers a dual-panel interface with an unlimited number of tabs
Convenient items selection
Flexible selection tool
File operations queue
Queue up currently running operations accordingly
great free bonus tools
Zip archives
Easy to use archiver for Mac with support for ZIP files extraction and compression
Built-in file viewer
Support for Binary and Hex files as well as the media, text, image, HTML ones
List of Computers of local network
Locate all available computers over the network and get them conveniently listed
Root Access
Get the most profound control over your files

How to compress files via Commander One

This compression software for Mac offers the easiest and the most convenient way to work with archives. Follow these step-by-step guide in order to compress files:


Download and launch our archiver Mac app - Commander One.

 You can download from our website and it will take you a couple of minutes to download.

Choose the files you want to archive. There are several ways to compress files:

  • Right-click files and choose the "Compress selected file(s)" option.
  • Use a shortcut Ctrl + F5.
  • Use a shortcut Ctrl + Alt + F5 for compressing files with options.

Wait for the archive to appear in the same pane.

Note: To configure archive settings, go to the Preferences tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Archiver is a tool that can compress and extract archive you throw at it.
Archive utility is a native tool in macOS. You can find it in the computers System folder at /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications.
Open Finder. Select files you want to archive. Invoke the context menu and choose the option "Compress" or "Compress objects". However, keep in mind that the native archiver on Mac has a limited archive type support. If you want to deal with various archive types we can recommend Commander One, this is a great file manager for Mac that has gathered lots of useful tools in one place. It is not only an archiver Mac solution, it is also a task manager Mac utility as well as FTP client Mac tool and way more.
As the native archiver on Mac is limited in the number of supported archive format, our choice is Commander One. the app has a vide range of supported archive formats allowing you to compress and extract any of the archive type with ease. Besides that, the app allows you to work with RAR archives.

Commander One

This archiver Mac app is fully compatible with macOS 10.13 and later. Requires 54.76MB free space, latest version 3.9(3901). Released 1 Jul, 2024.

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