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Free download manager for Mac – Folx

As a free Mac downloader software, Folx provides convenient download management, flexible settings, and is also fully compatible with the latest macOS. With its handy features, Folx makes downloading a breeze.

Free download manager for Mac with advanced options
Free download manager

Essential features offered by Mac download manager

Lots of handy features and compatibility with the newest macOS make Folx the best download manager for Mac.
Splitting downloads into two threads

Splitting downloads into two threads

Each download can be split into 2 threads. That allows to significantly improve the download speed.
Smart Tagging

Smart Tagging

As a replacement of IDM for Mac, Folx allows assigning any download with a tag or multiple tags. With smart tagging, you can easily find the files downloaded to your Mac.

Browser integration

Browser integration

Mac download manager works perfectly with your favorite browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome. Just integrate it with any of these browsers via the Folx plugin.
Auto download resuming

Auto download resuming

If the download suddenly fails, there is no need to start it over. Folx will take care of the interrupted download and will resume it from the place it has stopped.
Download Directly via Proxy

Download Directly via Proxy

Proxy servers offer a number of benefits. The main one is an increase in your privacy and security, as running downloads through a proxy reduces the risk of downloading unwanted malware. They’re also good for reducing bandwidth use.

Whatever your reason for using a proxy, Folx is a free download manager Mac users can utilize that still works fine for downloads with one. You can configure Mac downloader proxy settings depending on your preferences.

Spotlight integration

Spotlight integration

Spotlight is macOS’s built-in search function, and the Folx free downloader for Mac is completely compatible with it. It will find all tags you’ve put on to your files, meaning that you can track them down in seconds without even needing to open the Folx Mac download manager.

All you need to do is click the Spotlight icon, type your terms into the box, and hit search to locate the files or folder you’re looking for.

Folx - the best download manager

How to download using Folx software

Folx free download manager Mac helps you save your favorite movies, TV shows and even soundtracks in MP3 format in the preferred quality. Not sure how to download on Mac? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide.
Find the file you want to download. Copy the link.
The first step to use Folx Mac downloader
Open Folx and paste the copied link into the search bar. Press Enter.
The second step to use Folx download manager
Select the preferred video format and assign tags to your download if needed and click "OK".
The final step to download files on Mac with Folx
Advanced features

Get more features with Folx PRO

Folx PRO provides a number of advanced features for the ultimate downloading experience.
Smart speed adjustment

Smart speed adjustment

To obtain optimal traffic distribution, Folx download manager gives you complete control over the downloading speed of your Mac. You can adjust the speed manually or let the app manage the bandwidth automatically.
Download Scheduling

Download Scheduling

When it comes to how to schedule downloads for Mac, Folx Mac downloader allows downloading files at specific times. Just choose the most convenient time to start the download and configure what Folx scheduler should do after the download is complete.
Password saver

Password saver

If you use some websites the most frequently, you can ask Folx to remember your credentials, namely login and password, for fast access. This way, you don’t need to sign in manually next time.
Apple Music Integration

Apple Music Integration

You can set Folx to automatically send all downloaded music and videos to Music (formerly iTunes). Files will be shared to playlists according to your tags.


This download manager for Macintosh allows downloading files faster, as every download can be split in up to 20 simultaneous threads.
In-built torrent search

In-built torrent search

You no longer need to browse the Internet searching for torrent sites. Instead, enter your search terms into the in-built torrent search bar and Folx will show you the results from a variety of torrent trackers that match your query.

Compare FREE and PRO versions

# Feature FREE PRO
1 Splitting of downloads in multiple threads
2 Downloads scheduling
3 Integration with Music (former iTunes)
4 Smart speed adjustment
5 In-built torrent search tool
6 Password saver for fast access to your favorite websites
7 Fast download speed
8 Splitting of downloads in two threads
9 Automatically resume the downloads
10 Multiple downloads simultaneously

Frequently Asked Questions:

A Mac downloader allows downloading files from the Internet to your Mac, as well as lets you manage the entire downloading process by providing various features such as automatic download resuming. Best examples of download managers are iGetter, JDownloader, Maxel, Folx.
The best downloader for Mac is the download manager that suits your requirements best. We recommend using Folx that serves as a download manager and torrent client for Mac. It comes with a neat and intuitive interface, and provides a lot of handy features.
Folx is a free Internet download manager for Mac that offers lots of essential features, including browser integration, proxy support and smart tagging. Folx is also available as a PRO version. Once upgraded, you will get more control options. For example, you will be able to schedule the downloads and control speed.
To download a new file with the Mac downloader app, find the file you want to download and paste its link into the Folx window. Click Enter. The pop-up window will open, adjust the download options if needed. Here you will be able to assign tags, schedule download, choose the download destination. To start downloading, click OK.
IDM has been designed for PC, which unfortunately means that it will not work on Mac. However, Folx is a great internet download manager Mac users can enjoy.
Usually, download speed is limited by the file's host server. How to increase download speed on Mac, then? One would need to use a multi-threaded downloader, like Folx. It works around the restriction by splitting files into parts and downloading them simultaneously.
Folx is completely safe for Mac, but we recommend that you download it from the official site. If you download it from elsewhere, there’s a chance that you may end up with unwanted malware or viruses.
Use a download manager such as Folx. It's way better than browser downloads! Try organizing them using the tag system.

What customers say

"I use Folx as my default download manager for Mac and so far everything works without any issues. This is probably the most convenient and powerful downloader I've ever used."

Alex 4.7
"Decided to upgrade to a new downloader. I chose Folx and did not regret it. It is stable and handles every download with ease. I really love the features it offers, especially the built-in torrent search, scheduler, and speed control. Thanks!"

Jordan 5
"Folx offers everything I need for downloading. Reliable, fast and fully compatible with Monterey download manager! And what I like the most is that it can be integrated with Chrome."

Kate 4.8
"A very convenient auto-resume option - now I don't need to worry if the download suddenly fails and start it from the very beginning. Folx will resume the download without any problems from the place where it was broken. Folx is my top choice for downloading."
Jeff Mark 4.7
What software specialists say about Folx.
What software specialists say about Folx.
What software specialists say about Folx.
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