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Explore the world of cinema with our media player — Elmedia

Enjoy the excellent quality of video playback with our best media player for Mac - Elmedia. The app guarantees smooth HD playback with no artifacts or squares, no pauses or slowdowns. Сonfigue it according to your taste and get the best user experience.

Complete compatibility

Elmedia can open most formats you’ll find. Both the usual ones, like MP4, MP3, MKV and WMV, and unconventional files like DAT, SWF and Blu-ray. There’s no need for multiple players when you have Elmedia.

Native M1 playback

Elmedia runs on the newest Macs without the Rosetta compatibility layer. This ensures that you get maximum performance, no matter where you install it. Alt

Quick and easy streaming

It doesn’t take much effort to start a stream in Elmedia. A couple clicks, and you can connect to AirPlay 2, DLNA and Chromecast devices. And you can still control and configure it from your Mac. Alt

Playlist and bookmark capabilities

Save, modify and load playlists; create, manage and rename bookmarks - all the necessary features to manage large media libraries and files are here. Whether it’s an audiobook or a music album, Elmedia helps.

Subtitle and audio options

You can open external audio and subtitle tracks when watching videos. If you need to, they can be manually synchronized. Audio equalizer, subtitle search, playback speed - there’s a lot you change.
Elmedia Player allows you to add settings for multimedia viewing.

Flexible Settings For Maximum Comfort

In terms of settings and individualization, Elmedia Player is one of the best software to date. This media player offers both enhanced features and simplicity of use. Among its wide range of functions, you can find the following:

Fullscreen Display Selection


Picture-in-Picture Mode


Timeline Preview Thumbnails


Interface Color Scheme Setting




Support for external tracks


Video - Audio Synchronization


Video Tuner

… and other handy features.
This media player offers both enhanced features and simplicity of use.

How Does This Media Player For Mac Work?

Questions and Answers

Deciding on the best software when it comes to choosing a Mac media player requires taking into account lots of thing. However, the most important part in choosing the best media player for Mac is to make sure it supports lots of formats like MP4, MPV, MKV, and many more. We recommend Elmedia Player for the wide list of supported formats and playback enhancements it offers.

The procedure for installing a media player for Mac depends on the software you decide on. Elmedia Player gives you an excellent experience, a great set of functions, and a friendly interface. That’s why we recommend it as your go-to software. You can read more about this media player features on the new page.

In the meantime, we’ll tell you how to install and use Elmedia Player:

  1. Download media player for Mac from the App Store
  2. Open the file you wish to play by:
    • Drag and drop
    • Right-click on the file - click on ‘Open With’ and choose Elmedia
    • Selecting it manually from the file browser
  3. Enjoy watching your content.
The free media player for Mac that comes with your device is QuickTime Player. However, due to limitations when it comes to formats and playing other files than the ones dedicated for Mac, users start looking for other media player Mac solutions. The most common QuickTime alternative is Elmedia Player because it deals with numerous formats and has a friendly interface. Check out the full list of alternatives and decide on the best media player on Mac for your needs.

What others say about Elmedia

Elmedia Player is easy to use and takes much of the guesswork out of playing back videos of just about any format you can imagine.
Elmedia Player for Mac is a comprehensive solution for playing all kinds of videos and other media files on your Mac without having to convert them.
Plays all my video files swimmingly. Streaming local videos to the smart TVs is pleasant bonus of the PRO version.
It's a media player for Mac, which boasts a huge range of codecs. All of the features of this program are easily accessible through the app's streamlined interface.
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