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Music Player for Mac - Elmedia

Elmedia is a fantastic music player for Mac that lets you seamlessly play songs in multiple file formats. Customize your sounds exactly how you want and play at a speed that suits you. Use this powerful Mac music player to soundtrack your day, whether that’s on your way to work, in the office, or at the gym.
Get the most out of your listening experience

Listen to songs and music albums via Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player offers some of the most comprehensive music customization experiences around. Benefit from all of the tools you need to adjust audio on your Mac. You can also listen to your favorite songs across multiple file types without disruptions.

Multi-channel sound reproduction

With Elmedia Player, you can choose every outlet from which you’d like to play your audio. Easily select surround sounds and other connected devices for a more immersive experience.

Mac media keys support

Elmedia’s audio player for Mac supports all of the major keys with newer macOS versions (10.13 and later). See what you’re listening to in the “Now Playing” widget and customize your tracks via the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro.

Audio equalizer with presets

Set up the perfect sound for your ears with a built-in 10-band equalizer. Choose from multiple presets to save time, or manually adjust what you listen to between +12 and -12 dB. Edit audio for 32-bit, 8K videos, and everything in between; use A-B looping to really maximize your listening experience.

M3U playlist format

Quickly create playlists for M3U files for seamless multimedia listening and choose whether you want to repeat your current song or every track in your queue. Pick specific items to delete without disrupting the overall flow, and choose precisely when you want to stop all playback, putting yourself in full control.

Lossless audio formats

Listen to audio in over 20 formats, including FLAC, WAV, OGG, AAC, APE, AIFF, and many more. Of course, Elmedia Player also supports MP3 and many other formats.

Speed control

Elmedia gives you full-speed control to listen to audio. Increase the speed for slower tracks and decrease it if you feel like things are moving too fast. You can always reset everything back to normal if you want a restart. Never worry about not being able to customize your listening experience again.
Streaming in Just a Few Clicks

AirPlay, DLNA, and Chromecast support

Stream your favorite video clips and watch concerts with simple support for AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA. Elmedia Player transcodes in real-time when you disable the native playback feature – handy when you have illegible audio. Connect Elmedia Player with Samsung and several other TVs.


● Support included for AirPlay and AirPlay 2


● Used by most TVs


● Listen to your audio through Google gadgets

Various audio options at your disposal

Adjustable audio preferences

Elmedia Player lets you adjust your audio preferences in several ways, for various kinds of audio. This Mac audio player also has Dolby Digital (AC3 and DTS) support, along with the ability to pick from several audio devices.
  • Audio device

    Quickly connect all of your speakers and make sure they play the correct audio language. Automatically load external tracks for near-perfect listening.
  • Number of playback channels

    Customize how many playback channels you want to add for your audio and make sure that everything fits the ideal surround sound.
  • Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS

    Elmedia Player supports Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS formats, meaning that you can play documentaries and movies without compromising on quality.
Dragging and dropping the Elmedia player to the Applications folder

How to listen to music on Mac via Elmedia

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What others say about Elmedia
“Never again will I have to worry about needing to skip tracks because my music player doesn’t support them. A fantastic tool that lets you add multiple file formats and play everything without fuss.”
Michelle 4.9
“I’m so happy that I don’t have to convert music and audio files for my Mac anymore. Everything works in Elmedia Player without issues, and I can easily access everything thanks to the app’s user-friendly design.”
Christopher 4.8
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