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ZIP application for Mac - Commander One

Elevate your file management experience with Commander One, the essential program to zip files on Mac. Not only does it allow you to zip and unzip files and folders, but it also lets you directly work with packed files - copy, move, edit, and browse - without having to extract them. You can even search for specific files within archives. Moreover, Commander One offers support for other popular archive formats, such as 7Z, TBZ, TGZ, and more, catering to all your archiving needs.
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Available for both Apple silicon and Intel
Password protection
Enhance the security of your files and sensitive data stored in archives by adding passwords to them.
Advanced compression settings
Commander One offers adjustable compression options, allowing you to select the archiver type and set the compression level from Fastest to Max.
Supported archive formats
Seamlessly work with almost any archive on your computer. Supported formats include .zip, .7z, ,txz, .tlz, .tbz, .tz, etc.

Free file manager for macOS

Commander One is more than just an archiving utility; it’s a comprehensive free file manager, packed with a range of handy features for working with files on your Mac. Access, organize and manage your files and folders with ease.
Show hidden files
Handy switch to show and hide files
Fonts & Colors
Choose any color combination you are comfortable working with
Brief mode
Overview and work with multiple files simultaneously
History and Favorites
Have quick and convenient access to the most used files and folders
handy essentials
Customizable Hotkeys
With thу help of this archiver Mac solution, you can assign a hotkey to any action for super-quick operations
Unlimited tabs
This best archive for Mac offers a dual-panel interface with an unlimited number of tabs
Convenient items selection
Flexible selection tool
File operations queue
Queue up currently running operations accordingly

How to Zip files via Commander One

With this Zip app for Mac, you are guaranteed to have the most convenient way to handle archives on your computer. Follow these simple steps to learn how to compress files:


Launch Commander One.

 The Commander One app is opened

Choose the files you want to zip.

 The files to be zipped are highlighted

Right-click on the files and select the “Compress selected file(s)” option. Alternatively, use shortcuts: Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Alt + F5.

 “Compress selected file(s)” menu option of the Commander One app is demonstrated
Wait for the archive to appear in the same pane.

Commander One

This archiver Mac app is fully compatible with macOS 10.13 and later. Requires 52.05MB free space, latest version 3.8(3888). Released 18 Mar, 2024.

4.7 rank based on 889+ users, Reviews (524)
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