Best replacement of Total Commander for Mac switchers

There might be a few reasons for you to switch from Windows to Mac OS X, and when you finally do it, getting used to the way OS X functions will surely hammer your productivity in the short term. When you are finally comfortable with OS X, you are likely to start exploring the ways additional Mac software can help with your work.

First thing users usually look at is a file management solution. After all, Finder is missing quite a few features required for managing files, including basic ones such as dual-pane interface and support for different archive formats, leave alone more advanced features. If you are used to the way files are managed in Windows, you will certainly feel the need to find your own Mac Total Commander.

Your indispensable assistant in managing files

This is when Commander One comes into the picture. Created in Swift, this dual pane file management solution enables you to manage a large number of files in a simple and efficient way. Commander One enables you to work with both local and network drives and view hidden files.

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Commander One

Its various tools help you execute basic, as well as more advanced operations. Create, delete, copy, move and rename folders and files in a couple of clicks; folders can be renamed while they are being moved to another location. The app queues operations, i.e. it performs them sequentially, thus allowing you to enhance your machine’s performance.

To save your time and effort Commander One allows setting hotkeys for the commands you execute most; History and Favorites lists to quickly access your recently or frequently visited places. It also provides for previewing a large number of files with Brief mode.

Commander One has a really convenient search function – it enables you to search even through compressed files and folders. You can use Regular Expressions as a search parameter and make them case-sensitive. The keywords will be looked up not only in the titles of the documents but in the content too, you can even indicate the text encoding. Spotlight integration, advanced search, search by content – be sure you find what you need in a matter of seconds.

Working with archives is another much needed functionality for a file manager. Commander One supports ZIP archives, i.e. you can archive data, extract and display it in a separate folder.

All in all, this application is designed to be a great Total Commander alternative for Mac switchers.

Extra benefits of Commander One PRO Pack

Commander One is available for free, and it also has a paid edition called PRO Pack. The latter offers additional functionality for a reasonable fee. It includes connecting to FTP servers, linking Dropbox account and sharing Dropbox links, mounting iOS and Android devices, support for a larger number of archive formats.

Commander One

A fast and reliable FTP/SFTP/FTPS client for Mac OS X, it offers intuitive and secure ways to work with files – view, edit, copy them from server to server, delete, create and much more.

Apart from ZIP, PRO Pack works with RAR, 7Zip, TBZ, TGZ archives. It enables you to extract, open archive as a folder and copy files from archive without extracting them. You can also compress files, although RAR is not supported here as of now.

Open as many tabs as you like in the dual-pane interface, make most of the three view modes, access local and remote drives, queue operations and much more – Commander One enhances your workflow and boosts your productivity!

Commander One

You can connect iOS and MTP devices to your Mac and mount them; thanks to Dropbox account integration, Dropbox account can be mounted too – access and manage data on them as if they were your Mac’s hard drives.

Commander One is approved by Christian Ghisler as Total Commander for OS X.

Mac switchers who used Total Commander for Windows get 50% discount on Commander One PRO Pack. Follow this link – you only need to provide a proof of purchasing Total Commander earlier.

You can find the whole list of Commander One features here.

Commander One
Requirements: MacOS 10.10+ , 37.59MB free space
Version 2.4.2(3218) (22 Mar, 2020) Release notes
Category: System Utilities
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