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Best compression software for Mac

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Commander One 4.7 Rank based on 889+ users, Reviews(524)
Olga Weis Olga Weis Nov 26, 2020

Compression can be very useful when sending several files via email in order not to exceed the attachment size limit or sending files to the remote server, etc. The most widely used compression format is ZIP, but apart from it, there are a great number of other formats available and you may never know when you needed to use some of them. So, how to compress files on Mac? We all know that Mac OS has a native app for these purposes - Archive Utility - a great app for ordinary users, though savvy users would find its functionality rather limited.

Best archiver for Mac

If you still have not installed compression software on your Mac or you are not fully satisfied with the one you have, we have selected 5 best compression software for Mac that can be rather handy and can meet the needs of all the users.

Top 5 compression software for Mac users

Top 5 compression software for Mac users
Commander logo
Requirements: MacOS 10.12+. 61.51MB of free space. Version 3.5.2(3667). (23 Jan, 2023). 4.7 Reviews(524)
Category: Utilities

Commander One – this file compression software developed by Electronic Team, Inc. supports the most widely used archive formats and offers a bunch of useful features. With its help you can seamlessly open archives as folders, search through them and even copy files from the archive without extraction. Besides that, Commander One is an great file manager with a convenient dual-panel interface.

Commander One archiver

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is a small and rather effective compression software for Mac that handles more formats than the built-in Archive Utility on Mac as well as integrates better in Finder. From the list of advantages, it should be noted the following: quick installation (just in a couple of clicks), a large number of encodings support, a simple interface that is aimed to maximize unpacking speed.

The Unarchiver menu


Keka is another great Mac compression software that can appeal to a lot of users. It has a user-friendly interface and you won’t spend much time compressing files as well as decompressing. The app can deal with a huge variety of archive formats, can decompress compressed files or reduce their size, compressing them using one of the compatible formats.

Keka menu


If you want to know how to compress a file into different archive formats than you should also take a look at such software for Mac as BetterZip. The app also allows you to open and extract over 30 archive formats and provides you with a number of advanced features most users would find rather practical. Thanks to BetterZip, you will be able to work with compressed files, without having to worry that the password will not allow you to unpack it or with the ability to unpack in a specific folder. If you are concerned about security, AES-256 encryption of ZIP files is also supported, and it can open and create password files in almost any possible format.

BetterZip menu


The next app that caught our attention is iZip. Rather powerful Mac file compression software with a lot of features that could be a cup of tea to most of the users. With iZip easily manage all your archives as they appear as removable storages in Finder and many more. From the most outstanding features, it should be noted the support for the ZIPX format, the ability to selectively unpack individual files, and the download function of the selected archive to the server with links to download the file or delete it.

iZip menu

Remo Zip

One more interesting data compression software that offers up to 10 levels of compression for the chosen files is Remo Zip. the app has two modes - free and Pro. The free version has the most important features for working with archives, whereas the Pro version has some bonuses allowing you to add passwords and split the files. Even more, Remo Zip provides you with the possibility to hassle-free add new materials or delete some files in the existing .zip, .zipx archives.

Remo Zip menu

B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver is a powerful, simple and convenient software for Mac that supports more than 40 formats. The main advantage of the program is its stable support for large archive sizes. The B1 Free Archiver has a nice and intuitive interface that is so simple that even the novice user can handle it. In addition, the app allows you to perform the most standard operations such as extracting part of files, moving, deleting, and others, as well as can work on the background, which is especially important for large amounts of data.

B1 Free Archiver menu

iZip Unarchiver

iZip Unarchiver offers you basic functions for opening compressed files on a Mac, and also supports a wide range of files and is very easy to use. One of the fastest file unpacking tools that you can find for a Mac is definitely iZip Unarchiver. While using this software for Mac, there will be no difference for you what kind of compressed files you have, as iZip Unarchiver is compatible with many different formats, from most to least common. Download iZip Unarchiver for Mac and open any file with an ease.

iZip Unarchiver menu


This app is one of the best decompression and compression software for Mac. Stuffit is fully compatible with the most popular file types, including ZIP, RAR, 7z or TAR. Therefore, it can be used to open almost any compressed element without any problems. Stuffit works very quickly and practically does not consume system resources. In addition, this tool is fully compatible with encrypted compression and ensures that the size of the compressible file is reduced to 98%. Among other improvements compared to its competitors, the Stuffit decompressor is capable of unpacking partially damaged files, ignoring their missing parts, in order to obtain as much information as possible. In addition, it can integrate into popular applications such as iPhoto photo libraries to compress files that take up particularly large amounts of space.

Stuffit menu
This list of data compression software for Mac can be to the taste of everyone. All you need to do now is to find the best file compression software for you that fully meets your requirements.

Commander One for Mac

This dual panel file manager for Mac is fully compatible with >MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 61.51MB of free space, latest version 3.5.2(3667). Released 23 Jan, 2023.

4.7 rank based on 889+ users, Reviews (524)
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