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Commander One - SFTP/FTP Client for Mac

Commander One is your all-in-one file management solution for Mac. This powerful application comes with some of the most valuable features that will make handling files a breeze compared to the alternatives.

With a well-thought interface that’s easy to use and aesthetically pleasing and essential features such as being able to see hidden files, seeing all of your files altogether, and working also as an SFTP client Mac. Many more convenient attributes augment the experience and assist you with managing your important files.

Owners of a previous version can upgrade at 50% off
Yoo-hoo! Commander One optimized for both Apple silicon and Intel
Commander One
Full protocols support
This free SFTP client Mac users enjoy has full support for all popular protocols such as FTP, FTPS and, of course, SFTP.
Multiple connections
Have as many connections as you want - Commander One functions flawlessly while browsing multiple data streams.
FTP server as a local drive
The ability to mount an FTP server as your local drive and begin immediately on it is also included in the package. Simply map it to your system, and you will be able to use Finder for finding documents.

Manage your connections

FTP Manager
The best solution for managing FTP servers is Commander One. The ability to handle multiple servers at once and the easy to use graphical interface simply outclasses every other alternative. It guarantees an excellent experience for veterans and people who just want to move, edit or delete a couple of files.
Amazon S3 client
Amazon’s top of the line cloud service is also supported natively. It comes with the ability to access all of your information or simply isolate one bucket and work only with those files.

As you would expect, mounting buckets is possible and dramatically simplifies the file management process. The best part about it is that you can alter files remotely, without ever downloading a single file on your computer, thus saving precious space.
WebDAV client
Big fan of WebDAV? You can mount all of your files, documents, videos and photos directly from Commander One. This Mac SFTP client uses multiple connections to access files; they also come into play when deleting or viewing them.

Speed is by your side when using Commander One.
Whether you have one or more Dropbox accounts, they can all be accessed directly from this application. Simply synchronise your accounts, and all of your favorite content from Dropbox will appear on your computer.

All of the other features that Commander One are available, such as the ability to use unlimited tabs for super-multitasking or the convenient file selections that come integrated.

Even Dropbox Bussines Accounts work with Commander One and ensure security and fast transfer speeds through the app's multiple streams.
Google Drive
Mounting Google Drive has never been easier. As long as you provide Commander One with the proper access, it takes just a couple of seconds to access your favorite cloud files.

Whether it’s movies, photos or documents, Commander One will allow you to view, edit and delete them. ‘Shared with me’ files can also be found easily in Commander One. You can tinker with all of them without any hesitation.
Microsoft’s Cloud solution functions beautifully through this fantastic SFTP client Mac. Mounting, downloading and uploading files has never been easier. The simple interface makes it a joy to use the app and arrange your files the way you want them.

OpenStack Swift NEW
Commander One has newly added support for OpenStack, the popular cloud computing platform that millions of people enjoy. Mounting OpenStack accounts has never been easier before.

Simply provide all of the credentials, and the app will do the rest for you. You can now search for all your files using Finders or access the partition directly from the convenience of your Macbook.
Box cloud NEW
Get the absolute most out of your Box cloud account with Commander One - the powerful all-in-one file manager. Even when your files are in the cloud, the app lets you view and modify files without downloading anything.

Saving space is a must these days, and this powerful application ensures that conserve space and enjoy cloud-stored files. More than one account? You can use how many accounts you have and transfer files between them or more than one simultaneously to your computer.
Backblaze B2 NEW
Integrate all of your Backblaze B2 accounts into Commander One in seconds and enjoy mounting them as you please, directly in Mac OS without any other software needed.

The dual-panel interface makes it a breeze to scroll with lots of files and folders, and it’s also easy to use. All of the essential buttons are right there on the screen, and managing Backblaze B2 has never been easier.

Mount Devices

Commander One mount mobile devices
One place to work with content of all your devices no matter if it is iOS or Android device or even a photo/video camera.
iOS file transfer

Commander One is fully compatible with the latest iOS version. The phone's internal storage can be mounted as a partition within mac OS when using a USB cable.

Important videos and photos that need a minor adjustment? You can edit them directly from the phone’s storage without downloading them to your laptop.

MTP file transfer
Any MTP device is welcome here. This means that all of your phones that support this type of connection will benefit from all the features that Commander One offers.

This includes the excellent interface, ability to transfer multiple files at once and the ability to use various cloud accounts to transfer files.
Android file transfer
Mount your Android phone directly through Commander One and enjoy all of your files in one easy to find location.

Save space by editing photos now on your phone’s storage - say goodbye to downloading massive files losing both time & storage space.

Process Manager

The easy to view Process Manager ensures that you always look at what matters the most: the incoming and outgoing transfers between your storage devices. You can also choose to close specific processes with the touch of a button.


Extra protection on online connections with encryption feature

While using this SFTP Macintosh software you can encrypt files kept on any of your online connections. Commander One uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key length to translate data into a different form, protecting it from any unwanted access.
  • Web services (FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV)
  • Cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more)
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Encrypt data
Advanced file manager for free
Advanced functionality for the most efficient and convenient file management can be found in Commander One. It is a versatile solution that offers you full control over your files thus making the work with them easy and fast. Try this Mac SFTP client and benefit also from the functionality of the enhanced file manager.
Reveal hidden files
Convenient option to show all the hidden files via a button on the toolbar.
Variety of fonts & colors
Ability to choose whatever color and font you wish.
Brief mode support
Ability to simultaneously handle and access as many files and folders as needed.
History and Favorites
Ability to quickly access already opened or favorite folders.
Configurable Hotkeys
Ability to select your own hotkeys for certain actions.
As much tabs as needed
This SFTP Mac client offers you unlimited number of tabs to facilitate your working routine.
Practical items selection
Commander One offers a convenient file selection.
Queuing file operations
Copy or move files in the background while working in Commander One.
Support for ZIP format
This SFTP client Mac solution also works as an excellent Zip archiver.
Built-in file viewer
Different file formats can be seamlessly viewed in Commander One.
List of Computers in local network
Easily access computers that are connected to the same local area network.
Root Access
Have advanced access privileges with Commander One.

How to organize Mac SSH file transfer via Commander One

Follow these simple steps to connect to SFTP and be able to handle files stored on the remote server with ease.

Firstly, download SFTP Mac tool - Commander One on your computer.

Install and open the app.

 FTP client for Mac

Launch the Connection Manager tab. To do this click the corresponding icon on the toolbar. As an option, you can use the Command+F hotkey or select Window → Connections Manager in the menu.

 FTP client for Mac

Select SFTP icon and specify the required settings:

  • connection name
  • address of the server
  • port number, in our case - 22
  • login credentials
  • connection mode
  • remote path

 connection manager

After everything is filed in, click the Connect button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Launch System Preferences and go to the Sharing section. Check the box next to Remote Login to enable SSH and SFTP. You can check if SFTP is working by executing the following command in the Terminal: sftp localhost
You can connect to SFTP via Terminal or a specialized SFTP client for Mac like Commander One.

Command to login to remote server using SFTP: sftp [email protected] _ip

You will be prompted for a password. Type it in and press Enter to login.
SFTP is secure by default. When it comes to secure data transfer, SFTP is the best option for you. You can rest assured that the encryption measures are compliant with compliance standards, and you avoid the inherent vulnerabilities of FTP transfers.

The difference between these two protocols can be found here:

FTP is a File Transfer Protocol. It does not provide a secure channel for transferring files between hosts. FTP is a TCP / IP protocol. FTP connection establishes a control connection on TCP port 21. FTP password and data are sent in plain text.

Whereas SFTP is a Secure file transfer protocol. It provides a secure channel for transferring files between hosts. SFTP is part of the SSH (Remote Login Application) protocol. It transfers the file over an SSH connection between the client and the server. SFTP encrypts data before sending.

Commander One is a professional file manager and SFTP software for Mac. The app offers a powerful set of features for file management no matter where files are located.

Commander One

This FTP client for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.13 and later. Requires 51.85MB free space, latest version 3.7(3831). Released 25 Sep, 2023.

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