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Commander One iOS File Transfer for Mac

With Commander One you can perform file transfer from iPhone to Mac, iPad to Mac, iPod to Mac and back. Mount your iOS devices as drive when connecting them to your computer with a USB cable. Commander One works with the User/Media folder and is compatible with all iOS\iPadOS versions.
Owners of a previous version can upgrade at 50% off
Yoo-hoo! Commander One optimized for both Apple silicon and Intel
Commander One
Mount iOS Device
Your iOS device can be easily mounted as a flash drive when you connect it to your computer with a USB cable. Seamless iOS file transfer is possible via Commander One.
Transfer Files
Use iOS file transfer functionality to carry files from one Mac to another.
Manage Your Photos
Get access to all photos stored on your iPhone or iPad. Commander One makes file transfer from Mac to iPad/iPhone easier.

Free file manager for macOS

Manage all your files with the best — with iOS file transfer software Commander One. It unites a keyboard and mouse speed with convenient dual-pane style and modern software approach. Commander One is an ultimate replacement for Total Commander for those switching from Windows to Mac. It can also be a Finder alternative with lots of versatile options.
Hidden files
Show/hide hidden files with a handy switch
Fonts & Colors
Set up the most pleasing colors for your eyes
Brief mode
View and manage many files and folders at once
History and Favorites
The most used materials are easily accessible and all history is well documented
essentials at your fingertips
Custom Hotkeys
Perform any action with your favorite key combo
Unlimited number of tabs
When done working with some folders for now there is no need to close them to switch to others
Convenient selection
Be flexible and select only those files you want to work with
Operations queue
Store your file operations in the background queue
free and handy bonus tools
Zip archives
Seamlessly compress and extract ZIP files
Built-in file viewer
Work with Hex and Binary files additionally to the text, image, media, HTML formats
Local Computers at hand
Commander One detects local machines and lists them
Root Access
The most profound access to your files

How to transfer files from iOS devices to Mac and vice versa via Commander One

With the help of Commander One you can easily transfer file from Mac to iPad, iPhone, iPod and back while using a simple USB cable. To get to the content of your iOS devices right from your Mac, follows this simple steps:


Download and install Commander One.

 Mac file archiver
Find your iPhone in the Finder’s sidebar.

Select iPhone and click “Trust” in Finder’s window.

 Trust this device
After that click “Trust this device” on your iPhone.
Reconnect your phone via a USB cable.

Open iOS file transfer software – Commander One. Your iPhone will be mounted as a local drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can transfer files from iOS to Mac via iOS file transfer software, for instance Commander One.
There are several ways to perform file transfer from Mac to iPhone, namely via the default Image Capture app, Photos, email or iMessage or via iOS file transfer tool - Commander One
According to your wishes and needs, you can choose the best way and app to transfer files from iPhone to Mac, however, we recommend Commander One as an easy-to-use and the most convenient way.
Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that this method requires a Wi-Fi connection.
Commander One makes file transfer from Mac to iPhone as easy as a piece of cake. All you need is to connect it via a simple USB cable and your iPhone will be mounted as a local drive.
Commander One
This iOS file transfer software for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.13 and later. Requires 52.05MB free space, latest version 3.8(3888). Released 18 Mar, 2024.

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