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Free dual panel file manager for macOS

For all those who’ve been longing for a dual-panel file manager for Mac, we did our best to stay close to Windows classics, and did it with all the affection to macOS users.

Commander One for Mac is 100% written in Swift and will bring back long forgotten convenience of fast keyboard and mouse operation. Commander One is a great Finder alternative.
Yoo-hoo! Commander One optimized for both Apple silicon and Intel
Commander One

Smart file management

Work with your files in the very best manner with dual pane file manager Commander One. Inspired by classical Windows solution, Commander One is a macOS sleek and great multitasking alternative to Finder.
Commander One Free App Store
File manager free Mac Approved by Christian Ghisler as Total Commander for Mac
Free file manager
Commander One offers a great variety of tools for all types of operations from basic to most advanced. It is a sleek, comprehensive, powerful tool that you will appreciate for sure.
Show hidden files
Handy toolbar switch to show or hide all hidden files on your machine
Fonts & Colors
Set up the colors that feel best for your eyes during long work hours
Brief mode
Multiple files and folders management at the very same moment
History and Favorites
Access your most used and already opened folders easily
essentials on tap
Customizable Hotkeys
Very convenient option of assigning frequent actions with hotkeys
Unlimited tabs
Open as many folders and tabs in both panels as you need
Convenient items selection
Select specifically the files you are going to work with
Queue the operations accordingly
Your ongoing file operations all conveniently queued in the background
necessary tools that are also free
ZIP Support
Compress into ZIP or extract ZIP files
Built-in file viewer
Text, images, media, HTML files are supported as well as Hex and Binary
List of Computers in local network
All computers over network are detected and displayed in the list
Process viewer
View the processes running on your computer

PRO features

Extra benefits offered by Commander One PRO are available via in-app purchase
FTP Manager
Mount Android & MTP devices
Amazon S3
Google Drive
Compress and extract
Microsoft OneDrive
OpenStack NEW
Backblaze B2 NEW
Box cloud NEW

Your cloud connections

Commander One provides the easiest way to access and work with all your clouds and network servers
FTP Manager
Connect to remote FTP, SFTP or FTPS servers with the help of built-in FTP client of Commander One. It offers two panels for faster work with files and convenient queueing of all ongoing file operations.

All your server settings are securely stored and passwords are kept in Keychain.
Amazon S3
Prefer working with secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage? And doing so in Commander One will add a lot to your professional file management. In Commander One you can connect to and conveniently manage data stored in your Amazon S3 or S3-compatible storage service.

You can also link your entire Amazon S3 account or selected buckets.
With Commander One you can connect to a remote server and mount it on your machine. It gives you a complete control over the files stored on server — upload, look through, create, make changes, etc.

File transfer, viewing and deleting of remote directories are performed using multiple connections.
Dropbox integration
You can integrate multiple Dropbox folders with Commander One for convenient access and fast sharing. As an alternative to integration you can mount your Dropbox folders to access all your online files and folders without actually installing Dropbox folder on your Mac.

You can benefit from your Dropbox Business synergy with Commander One for extensive security and administration features.
Google Drive Integration
All you sheets and docs can be managed in a professional dual-pane style. Mount as many Google Drive accounts as needed and work with your online files in Commander One.

Alternatively you can access and manage your Google Drive files without saving them on Mac.
Set up OneDrive accounts as local drives in order to work with remote files as if they were stored on your computer. Upload, download, cut, copy, paste, delete, rename, move, create new folders easily with a great dual panel interface.

And you don't have to save OneDrive files to your hard drive to work with them.
OpenStack Swift NEW
Get the access to OpenStack storage on Mac with Commander One. Connect to as many OpenStack cloud accounts as needed or mount OpenStack Swift storage as a local drive without copying the content on Mac computer.

Commander One allows transferring files among cloud storages, like OpenStack Object Storage, and web services directly without copying any data to local computer.
Box cloud NEW
Mount Box cloud storage and get more opportunities for Box file sharing on maсOS with our file manager: download, upload files to Box cloud drive or share them directly from Commander One context menu.

Commander One lets you connect to your Box account for easy access from Mac and convenient Box online storage management without the need to synchronize with computer.
Backblaze B2 NEW
Manage B2 cloud storage on Mac with Commander One. Connect to as many accounts as needed or mount Backblaze network drive as local one. Get the access to your documents on B2 cloud with this Backblaze client for Mac.

Any number of B2 storage accounts can be mounted with our Backblaze client at the same time. Move files among multiple Backblaze B2 storages without having to save data on a computer.

Mount Devices

One happy place to work with all of your devices content. It can be an Android Phone or Tablet, or even a photo/video camera.
MTP file transfer
Your photo or video camera content is easy to access and work with. Your camera can be mounted as a drive on your Mac via USB cable. Look through the pictures on your big Mac screen without moving them back and forth.
Android file transfer
By just connecting your device to Mac you can conveniently copy files from Android device to Mac and the other way around. And actually you can listen to your Android music, watch movies, and check photos on Mac screen without copying anything on Mac disk.

Archiver for Mac

Commander One is a fast and comprehensive Mac archiver, that supports a big variety of file types. Your ZIP, RAR, TBZ, TGZ, 7z files are easy to work with. We are doing our best to add RAR compression at this moment.

Search through compressed archives is available in Commander One!


Free file manager for Mac
We have created various color themes to personalize your Commander One and you can tune your very own for unique appearance.

Comparison for Commander One versions
Mac AppStore vs non-Mac AppStore version

# Features non-MAS MAS
1 Two panels with three view modes and unlimited tabs
2 Multiple selection
3 File operations queue
4 Rename files during copy and move operations
5 Сustom hotkeys for any action
6 Work with local and network drives
7 Customizable fonts & colors
8 Spotlight search
9 Show hidden files
10 Advanced search with regular expressions

Commander One

Requirements: macOS 10.13+
52.05MB free space
Version 3.8(3888) (18 Mar, 2024)
Reviews(524): 4.7
  Downloaded 372,873 times