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FTP/SFTP software for macOS with RAR, 7-Zip, and tar extractor

Commander One is your answer to convenient and effective file management. It features two panels for visual comfort, has a built-in FTP client, works with compressed documents, and lets you mount MTP devices on Mac. Integrate your Dropbox folder in Commander One for the easiest access to your online content and sharing files from local folder.
Connect Manager
Mount Devices
Compress & Extract
Yoo-hoo! Commander One optimized for both Apple silicon and Intel
Commander One
FTP Client Mac
Full protocols support
Commander One provides you with the fast and secure way to transfer and share your files via FTP, SFTP and FTPS.
Multiple connections
Tabbed browsing, multiple connections at a time — all to provide flawless and effective file transfer for Mac.
FTP server as a local drive
Map FTP server as your local drive to work with files as if they are located at your local machine — copy, delete, create, edit, etc.

Mount Devices

How does working with all of your devices from one app sounds? We think it is pretty convenient to manage Android or your camera content in Commander One.

Work with files on MTP devices

Access and work with the data on your video or photo camera. Connect it with a USB cable to mount it as a drive on your computer.

Mac's big screen is great for browsing your photos and videos without copying or moving all of them back and forth.

Browse and manage Android files

If you have movies, music and photos on Android that you'd like to watch on Mac you won't even need to copy the files there. And of course you can copy and move files back and forth between your Mac and Android when needed.

Various types of archives

Commander One allows flexible work with various types of archives. Open your archive as a folder, delete files from it if needed. Conveniently search through archives to find any of your files.

Work with ZIP, RAR, TBZ, TGZ, 7z files: compress (only RAR can't be compressed just for now), extract, get full access and search through archives.
Customize interface with themes
We have created various color themes to personalize your Commander One and you can tune your very own for unique appearance.

File manager for Mac

Commander One easily handles big loads of files and folders on Mac. It is a professional yet very accessible dual pane manager fully crafted in Swift offering all kinds of convenient file management options, think of anything — it probably has it!
Show hidden files
Just one click on a toolbar icon to see all hidden files on your computer
Fonts & Colors
Set up color scheme for Commander One for pleasant work
Brief mode
See and work with multiple files and folders at a time
History and Favorites
Access your favorite folders or those you recently used easily
essentials at your fingertips
Customizable Hotkeys
Assign your most frequent actions with their own hotkey combinations
Unlimited tabs
Open as many tabs as you need in each panel of Commander One
Flexible items selection
Select those files you need right now
Current operations queue
Manage ongoing file operations
handy tools as a free bonus
ZIP Support
Archive or extract ZIP with an ease
Built-in file viewer
Text, media, images, HTML files are supported along with Hex and Binary.
List of Computers in local network
All computers over network are detected and displayed in the list.
Process viewer
Look through the list of all processes running on your Mac.

Commander One full list of Version Differences

# Features PRO Pack PRO (MAS)
1 Two panels with three view modes and unlimited tabs
2 Multiple selection
3 File operations queue
4 Rename files during copy and move operations
5 Set up custom hotkeys for any action
6 Work with local and network drives
7 Customizable fonts & colors
8 Spotlight search
9 Show hidden files
10 Advanced search with regular expressions

Commander One

Requirements: macOS 10.13+
52.05MB free space
Version 3.8(3888) (18 Mar, 2024)
Reviews(524): 4.7
  Downloaded 39,586 times