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Transfer music from phone to computer: best ways of 2022

The ways to transfer music from phone to computer will let you listen to the tracks on either device, or save them for the rare case where they might get deleted accidentally. It’s more difficult on Mac, since macOS can’t mount Android devices directly in Finder, but there are solutions.

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If you wonder how to transfer music from phone to computer this article is just for you.

Transfer music from Android to computer with MacDroid

Looking for apps similar to iTunes that can transfer music from Mac to Android? Using USB, MTP, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi technology, you can open your phone’s folders in Finder. Since there’s lots of software to choose from, you need to prioritize. We recommend that you use the following tools.

Transfer music from Android to computer over USB

USB cables are the easiest and the most reliable way to send files between your desktop and your phone. Even on Mac, where it’s not natively supported, you can find plenty of USB solutions, which can be used in a few clicks.

Windows solution

If you’re wondering how to get music from phone to computer on Windows, it’s easy. USB Android connection is a native feature of that system. After confirming the connection from your phone, you can browse it like any other external drive. Most phones will also display their SD card on Windows, so you can browse both their internal and external memory.

So, transferring music from Android to computer is quite easy on Windows.

How to transfer music from phone to computer with Windows OS:
Plug your Android into the PC with a USB cable.
A pop-up in Android will ask you to select the connection mode. Choose "File Transfer".
Open Explorer, go to "This PC". The phone will show up with other devices and drives.
Enter the directory and copy the files you need transferred.

Mac solution


Requirements: macOS 10.12
Version: v1.5.128, Released 30 May, 2022 Release notes
Category: System Utilities

Mac Android file transfer doesn’t have to be difficult. MacDroid is a top-shelf app that enables your phone to connect with macOS over USB. Transfer music from Android to computer in Finder, with all the usual functions - copying, cutting, folder creation, and search.

MacDroid is compatible with any MTP device, but it can also connect Android and Mac in ADB mode. An ADB connection can transfer several files at the same time, making it quicker and more convenient.

How to transfer music from phone to computer using MacDroid:
Install and launch MacDroid.
Connect the Android device to your Mac with a USB wire.

Press "MTP Mode" in MacDroid. Click "Next".

Return to your phone for the next step.

Select "File Transfer" in the pop-up on your phone. Click "Next" again.
Once your phone appears in the "Device list", select it and press "Mount".
Access your phone’s files in Finder. You can find your music in the Android / Music folder.
Try MacDroid file transfer app for Mac
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How to transfer music from phone to laptop: alternatives

Bluetooth sharing is a standard method that should work across most devices, whether it’s an iPhone, an Android tablet, a PC, or a Mac.

Also you can use other methods to transfer music from Android to computer.

For the case of Android and Mac, you should do the following:
Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth on Mac and pair the devices.
Enable Bluetooth Sharing from System Preferences > Sharing. You can configure sharing settings in the same menu.
If you want to send a file from Android to macOS, use a file manager, select the file, press "Share", and choose your Mac from the list.

Cloud services are slower, but they remove the need to connect your phone and your computer directly since the files will be available to download at any time. An OTG flash drive will be able to connect to both of your devices. And if all else fails, you can extract your SD card and use an adapter to mount it on your PC or Mac.

How to get music from phone to computer (Apple devices)

Apple Music and iCloud are two other options to transfer music from phone to computer. Both have cloud services with different data limits, which can also be accessed from a Mac. If you’re trying to share music, Apple Music is preferable, since it has a massive 25 000 song limit. iCloud only gives you 5 GB for free.

Transferring tracks to Windows can be done in iTunes for Windows, which also lets you access your cloud storage from Apple Music. The same app allows you to send and receive files from the iPhone over USB, which is otherwise impossible.

As you can see Apple ecosystem easily allows you to get music from phone to computer.

Passing music files between phones and computers is similar to other files, with the added advantage of some services (such as Apple Music). Sometimes, you need software such as MacDroid. Keeping a synchronized library of sound files is easy, even if you don’t have them uploaded to a digital storefront. We hope that you’ve learned everything you needed to know on how to transfer songs from phone to computer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

That depends on your operating system. For example, Android phones will connect to Windows over USB, but will require a third-party app on macOS. We recommend MacDroid to solve this issue.
You can send music to Android over Bluetooth. Take a look at the methods we’ve mentioned above. Most laptops come with a working Bluetooth module, and most systems support this protocol.
Cloud services can be used to exchange files between any two devices, as long as they’re connected to Wi-Fi. Downloading music to Android phones can be done as long as you upload the files on your PC, and vice versa.
If you have a Windows PC, you’ll have to use iTunes for Windows. No additional apps are required on Mac, other than the default ones.

Break transfer barrier between Android and Mac

Requires macOS 10.12 or newer; compatible with all Android and MTP devices
Transfer music from Android to Mac without any barriers.
Requires macOS 10.12 or newer; compatible with any Android and MTP devices
4.7 overall rank,
based on 556+ users, Reviews (439)
Version 1.5.128,
released on 30 May, 2022