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Connect Pixel to Mac easily with SyncMate

It can be challenging to keep the information on your Google Pixel and Mac synchronized. If you have been looking for an app that makes it easy to sync your Mac and Google Pixel, we have a great solution for you. SyncMate enables you to sync the devices or easily transfer files between the Pixel and Mac.
This article will show you how simple it is to connect Pixel to Mac with SyncMate. We also give you an overview of the features that make this a great tool for syncing your Mac and Pixel.

How to Connect Google Pixel to Mac via USB

You will need your phone’s USB cable to connect Pixel 3 to Mac computers. Make sure that your device has sufficient battery power to complete the procedure. Using SyncMate ensures that your Mac will recognize the USB-connected device and perform file sync Mac.

Here’s how to connect Pixel to Mac with a few simple steps:

Put the Pixel in USB debugging mode.
Connect the phone to your Mac with the USB cable.
The SyncMate for Android devices module will be installed automatically on the Pixel.
Verify that the SyncMate module is active.

Open SyncMate and navigate to “Connection Settings” to select the connection type. You can choose:

  • AutoSync automatically updates files when you connect Google Pixel to Mac, keeping all data synced.
  • Mount your Pixel to Mac so you can sync the required data between the devices manually.
Click “Apply” to save the settings.
Click “Sync” to begin syncing the devices. A selective sync option lets you choose which plugins will be synced.

Can't connect Pixel to Mac? Try wireless solution

You can also connect Pixel 2 to Mac wirelessly if you don’t want to use a USB connection. This method requires a reliable and relatively fast wireless network to efficiently sync the devices. Use the following procedure to connect Pixel to Mac over Wi-Fi.
Get the Android version of SyncMate by scanning the QR code on the website.
Open “Downloads” on the Pixel and run the SyncMate.apk.
Go to “Settings” and approve “Unknown sources” if the system attempts to block the installation.
Run SyncMate.apk a second time.
Verify that both the Mac and Pixel are attached to the same wireless network and begin the syncing process.
Google Drive and Google Photos are examples of third-party apps that can also wirelessly sync data between a Mac and Pixel. You will need to obtain a Google drive account to sync this way.
SyncMate can connect Pixel 2 to Mac and sync your contacts and calendars

Contacts & Calendars sync

SyncMate lets you connect Pixel to Mac and sync contacts and calendar entries. You can browse text messages from your Mac once the connection has been established.
You can also sync any multimedia files with SyncMate

Music, photos, and videos sync

Keep all your multimedia content synced effortlessly whenever you connect Google Pixel to Mac. All your videos, images, and music files will be synced efficiently between the devices with no effort on your part.
You messages can also be synced

SMS management

Another SyncMate feature lets you take full control of your SMS messages from your Mac. Create, browse, send, and delete messages from your computer. Once connected with SyncMate, the tool lets you export messages to a file for later analysis.
Try SyncMate to connect Pixel to Mac

Total sync!

SyncMate enables you to avoid the “can’t connect Pixel to Mac” hassles of the past and keep your folders and Safari bookmarks* updated across your devices. You can easily sync work done on either device so you can continue seamlessly on your computer or phone.

*Bookmarks are synced for Android 3.x-5.x devices.

Sync your Android phone or tablet

SyncMate is compatible with any Android 5.x-11.x device. You can sync your Mac with Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, HTC, Meizu, Vivo, Moto Droid, Oppo, Nexus, Android Nokia, Google Pixel, BlackBerry, Sony Xperia, Asus, OnePlus, Acer, Dell, Archos, etc.

The frequently asked questions

Google Pixels run the Android operating system which is not natively compatible with the MacBook’s macOS. Data is stored using different file formats and third-party software is required to exchange data between the devices.
Yes, you can connect your Google Pixel to a Mac computer. Using a third-party solution like SyncMate, you can establish a connection using cables and your Mac’s USB port or over Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can share data between the two devices and sync Android to Mac.
Connect the Pixel 3 to the Mac using SyncMate. Once the connection is established, you can enable syncing and let the software transfer files from the phone to your computer.
Use SyncMate to connect Google Pixel to Mac. After verifying the connection, configure the app to sync music files from your computer. This lets you enjoy music collected on your Mac from anywhere.
SyncMate is compatible with all Android devices, not only Goole Pixels. Simply download SyncMate to your Mac and connect the devices over USB or a wireless network. The software can automatically sync data.
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