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Try best app to connect HTC to Mac

How to Connect HTC to Mac: Top Apps

Ivan Korol Ivan Korol Aug 31, 2022

HTC phones, tablets, and Android devices in general won’t show up in Finder if they’re plugged into a Mac. In order to connect HTC to computers running macOS, you’ll need to use mounting or syncing software. There’s lots to choose from. This article lists apps with the best user experience - as you’ll find out, some tools are more convenient than others.


MacDroid is a file transfer application. It’s compatible with many Android devices, so it will probably make your HTC M8 connect to Mac. Rather than having its own built-in file browser, MacDroid uses Finder. It turns connected phones and tablets into storage devices, which you can interact with like you would with a USB stick or an expansion drive.

4.7 Rank based on 556 + users Reviews(439)
Requirements: macOS 10.12
Version: v1.6.1.131, Released 9 Sep, 2022 Release notes
Category: Utilities

This app is incredibly easy to use, and it doesn’t require any companion apps. With MacDroid, you can even edit files without having to copy them from the phone. Any utility that works in Finder will work on the mounted device, including batch renamers, compression software, backup tools, and such.

Connect HTC to macOS in MacDroid.

How to Connect HTC to macOS in MacDroid:

Download and install MacDroid on Mac.
Launch the app.
Connect your phone and switch it to the "File transfer" mode.

 Select 'File transfer'.
It should show up in MacDroid. Select it and click "Mount".

 Click 'Mount'.
The phone will appear in Finder’s device list.


Syncing software has an advantage over simple file transfer apps, since it can transfer all the necessary files automatically. It’s particularly useful if you have a photo or music folder that is constantly being updated.

SyncMate is an app that lets you sync folders between Android and macOS, both wirelessly and over USB. It supports most HTC devices and any Android version above 4.0+. It’s different from most Android mounters and browsers, but still simple to use and highly customizable.

Connect HTC and macOS through SyncMate.

How to Connect HTC and macOS Through SyncMate:

USB debugging must be enabled first. Use the following instructions.
Connect your HTC and your Mac with a USB cable.
Open SyncMate, select "Add new device > Android Device".
Choose "USB" as the connection type.
Allow SyncMate to install the companion app on your phone.
Now that the phone is connected, select it in SyncMate, click "+" at the top and add a "Folders" tab.
Set up the connection. You can select syncable folders and enable or disable Auto Sync.
Click "Sync" in the bottom right.
You’re done! Now you can sync the chosen folders at any time.

Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is a tool maintained by Google that helps connect Android phones and tablets to Mac. It’s not very convenient, since it’s not integrated with Finder, and its own interface is clunky. Also, AFT doesn’t provide any automatic syncing or backup functionality.

There’s one advantage, though: Android File Transfer is always up-to-date, and it works on the broadest range of devices, compared to other tools. If any of the previous solutions failed for you, there’s a chance that AFT could work. If it doesn’t, something is probably wrong with the phone’s USB port.

Connect HTC to Mac with Android File Transfer.

How to Connect HTC to Mac with Android File Transfer:

Install and launch the app.
Connect your phone. If asked, choose the "File transfer" mode.
Android File Transfer should detect your phone and give you an option to browse.
While browsing, you can drag files and folders in or out of the window.


Dr.Fone is a toolkit of expensive applications by Wondershare. Notably, each app only fulfills one function and is sold separately. Prices for each feature range from $15 to $40 annually, which is incredibly high, considering that most alternatives are cheaper and can be bought permanently.

The app can connect HTC devices to macOS, iOS, and Windows, with automated backups and other batch features. Message history can also be backed up. Instead of selecting files manually, entire file categories can be copied at once, such as images, music, etc.

Connect HTC to macOS in Dr.Fone.

How to Connect HTC to Mac in Dr.Fone:

Launch Dr.Fone and select the Phone Transfer tool.
Select the source and target devices.
Set the category of files or data that should be transferred.
Click "Start Transfer".

Manual Transfer

Certain models of HTC phones could be mounted on macOS as a virtual drive, if the debug mode was enabled. You can still try this method to connect HTC M8 to Mac, but there are no guarantees that it will work. More likely, you’ll have to resort to the apps we’ve mentioned above.

Connect HTC to Mac manually.

How to Connect HTC to Mac Manually:

Enable USB debugging in the Android Developer Options. Also, make sure to turn on "Allow mock locations" from the same menu.
Connect the two devices via USB.
On the HTC, choose the "Disk drive" connection type.
If the method has worked, your phone’s memory card should appear in Finder.

Frequently Asked Questions:

HTC Sync Manager is an outdated and unsupported syncing application. It used to be the go-to official solution for HTC Android devices, until the company stopped developing it in 2020. It’s still possible that the app works on older phones and macOS versions, but we don’t advise using it now, since so many alternatives are available.
Most likely, you can’t. HTC macOS software isn’t up to date. Instead of using the HTC Sync Manager, you should probably look for an alternative, such as SyncMate. Also, you could try cloud syncing solutions, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

HTC Sync Manager is difficult to remove because it autostarts. Follow these steps to get rid of it:

  1. Open Activity Monitor and toggle it to show All Processes.
  2. Find HTC Sync Manager and terminate it.
  3. Remove the app itself from Applications.
  4. Do some cleanup: remove the HTC Sync Manager files from Preferences, Application Support and Caches, which can be found in the Library folder.

And that’s it!


Break transfer barrier between Android and Mac

Requires macOS 10.12 or newer; compatible with all Android and MTP devices
MacDroid is the best app for connect HTC to Mac.
Requires macOS 10.12 or newer; compatible with any Android and MTP devices
4.7 overall rank,
based on 556+ users, Reviews(439)
released on 9 Sep, 2022