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Use MacDroid for backup Android files to Mac

How to backup Android phone to Mac: full guide with instructions

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Ivan Korol Jan 12, 2022

Backups are something that you don’t use every day - but when the moment comes, nothing is more important than a recent backup. How to backup android phone data? You can copy the files manually, or use a solution that can save entire file categories automatically. Either way, you need an app, since macOS won’t open Android storage by itself. We will provide several helpful applications for any type of backup you might want to make.



Requirements: macOS 10.12
Version: v1.5.128, Released 30 May, 2022 Release notes
Category: System Utilities

An easy-to-use tool for Android file transfer. By using MacDroid, you can open your phone’s contents in Finder and backup any file or folder you want. This includes photos (usually found in the DCIM folder in your internal storage), music, videos, or documents.

Some systems allow you to copy application data from Android/data, which can be restored later by pasting it in the same location. MacDroid also offers a superior data transfer method - ADB - that can handle several file operations at once. Overall, a simple utility, perfect for a Mac android backup.

Best Android file transfer to Mac

icon pros Pros

  • Simple and reliable Android mounter
  • Android Debug compatibility
  • Complete access to your phone’s storage
  • Choose what to copy
  • Compatible with images, videos, music, or other files

icon cons Cons

  • Can’t export messages
  • Requires a yearly subscription

How to Backup Android to Mac using MacDroid

Download MacDroid and launch it.
Use a USB cable to attach your Android phone to the Mac.

In MacDroid, choose the MTP mode.

 The application has two modes, choose which one you need.

Click "Next". Enable File Transfer on your phone if necessary.

 Most likely, you will need to confirm the transfer with a file on your smartphone.

When your phone is added to the sidebar, select it and press "Mount".

 If you want to end the file transfer click Unmount.
Go to Finder and you can browse your phone from there.
Copy the contents of your phone to make a backup.
Try MacDroid file transfer app for Mac
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Compatible with macOS. Mounts Android filesystems and MTP devices.

MacDroid is the best choice if you prefer the standard file manager interface. It lets you make backups of specific files, so it’s useful when you know exactly which files or folders need to be saved.


SyncMate is an app that can create an Android backup for Mac. In addition to wired USB connection, SyncMate can connect to your phone or tablet over WiFi. And once that’s done, instead of copying files one-by-one, you can pick categories, or just transfer all the data you have.

That includes your messages, your contacts, and calendar info. In addition to Android backups, SyncMate can synchronize your Mac with Dropbox, iCloud, and other cloud services.

Use SyncMate to backup data from Android to Mac:

SyncMate is the only file sync software you’ll need.

icon pros Pros

  • Both wired and wireless connection
  • Creates backups automatically in the background
  • Copies messages, contacts, and other data
  • Also supports most MTP devices, clouds

icon cons Cons

  • Harder to use, with many options to learn
  • WiFi connection requires a companion app

How to Backup Android on Mac with SyncMate

  1. Open SyncMate. Click "Add New Device".
  2. Select "Android device" and plug it into your Mac.
  3. Click it in the connection list and browse the backup settings.
  4. Click "Sync".

Compatible with macOS. Can connect to Android and iOS systems, other Macs, MTP devices, and cloud services.

SyncMate will provide you with an advanced, automated toolkit that will work across many devices. The wireless capabilities are especially useful to keep your ports from wearing out.

Android File Transfer

This app is the official Android solution to the Mac connection problem. It’s minimalistic, but completely free, and created by the Android company. While it doesn’t allow you to backup Android contacts to Mac, this program is sufficient for copying files, including videos and music. All you need is a cable, and you can get started.

The easiest way to transfer files from google.

icon pros Pros

  • Totally free
  • Easy to use and reliable

icon cons Cons

  • No wireless connectivity

How to Use Android File Transfer

  1. Open the application.
  2. Connect the Mac and the Android device with a USB cable.
  3. Enable File Transfer on Android.
  4. On your Mac, click the device name.
  5. Open the external or internal storage.
  6. Drag files to Finder to copy them.

Compatible with macOS. Mounts Android devices.

Android File Transfer is an easy first choice, due to it being free and perfectly functional. Other apps are preferable if you want more features.


AirDroid is a wireless-only backup solution. It requires you to install the companion app on your Android device, and, furthermore, to create an account. But, once that’s done, you’ll have free access to your Android files over WiFi. With this, a Mac Android backup will be easy - just select everything you need to store on the Mac. It has many other features, too, including mirroring and remote access.

File Transfer and Share.

icon pros Pros

  • Free wireless app
  • A ton of secondary features

icon cons Cons

  • Difficult to set up
  • Needs an account and an Android app

How to Backup with AirDroid

  1. Install AirDroid on your Mac and your Android device.
  2. Sign into the app on Mac.
  3. Your phone will show up in the device list.
  4. Choose your device, and you’ll enter the file browsing mode.
  5. Select the folders or files to backup, and press the "download" icon at the top.

Compatible with macOS and Windows. Connects to Android devices.

AirDroid is worth it if you’re willing to bother with the account. It only has limits on internet transmission, while LAN operations are free and unlimited.

Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is a backup application that works over USB, keeps a backup history, and lets you select which data types to load. This includes application data. Backups will also be done automatically when you hook your Android device up to your Mac. Since new backups won’t override old files, you’ll be able to restore your phone to older states, but it will take up more space in general. Most of Dr. Fone’s functionality is inaccessible in the free version.

A simple offer with a user-friendly interface.

icon pros Pros

  • Automated backup of selected folders
  • Backup history and versions
  • Can copy app data

icon cons Cons

  • Very expensive and not usable for free
  • USB-only

How to Backup Android on Mac in Dr. Fone

  1. Launch Dr. Fone and select "Phone Backup".
  2. Use a USB cable to connect the Android device to your Mac.
  3. Press "Backup".
  4. Select the needed data types and confirm your choice.

Compatible with macOS and Windows. Can create backups of Android and iOS systems.

Use Dr. Fone if you have space and money to spare. If you’re looking for a quick, casual app, there are better alternatives.

In Conclusion

On macOS, there are plenty of solutions to backup your Android device. These range from free, simple apps, to full-fledged utilities with wireless connectivity and backup history. Choose one based on your needs, since they can get costly. But if you need it for a serious purpose, like work documents, then having a secure backup may be worth the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

First of all, you should check if your phone has built-in backup capabilities. They may be found in the Settings menu, or as an app for Google Android backups (Google One or Drive). If you don’t find any, you may have to use one of the aforementioned solutions.
You can do it by copying all the files from the root directory. Some types of data may require you to use additional software, like SyncMate. If you want to backup pictures for Android, backup music Android, and other files, it’s not necessary.
The applications above will let you browse Android files on a Mac. If you simply try to use a USB adapter, it won’t work, since Mac doesn’t mount Android drives by default. Fortunately, this article covers the issue.
Try MacDroid or SyncMate. These apps will allow you to copy all kinds of files between Android and macOS devices.

Break transfer barrier between Android and Mac

Requires macOS 10.12 or newer; compatible with all Android and MTP devices
Connect Android to Mac without any barriers
Requires macOS 10.12 or newer; compatible with any Android and MTP devices
4.7 overall rank,
based on 556+ users, Reviews (439)
Version 1.5.128,
released on 30 May, 2022