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All New PhotoBulk
An image editing software for Mac

PhotoBulk is an image editor Mac app that is meant to dramatically simplify batch image editing: batch rename images on Mac, optimize photo, compress image file, add watermark. Additionally to already mentioned, PhotoBulk is also a perfect PNG to JPG converter for Mac and bulk image resizer Mac app.
New PhotoBulk

Brings a redesigned visual experience to your desktop

PhotoBulk 2, aka super efficient Mac image editor, brings in some style. Enjoy a new visual experience with the sleek dark interface.
New PhotoBulk 2

Live view and editing NEW

Estimate how your edited images will look like with PhotoBulk's live preview. Edit the resulting image right there and see changes in real time — rotate and resize watermark until you get it perfect.

Add watermark to image on Mac. Protect your work

Use our reliable watermark software for Mac to protect all images you are about to post: watermarks can be text, image, script and date stamp ones. The process is as easy as can be: drag an image or many images onto the app, choose the type of watermark you are going to use, customize settings if needed. Watermark can be placed anywhere, with a desired size and proportions.
Customize font, size, color, typeface, opacity, and angle.
Watermark images can be of any size and all is customizable.
Watermark images with any desired date.
Fill your photo with text tags.

Multi-watermarking NEW

There is no such thing as overprotective when it comes to your photos. You can add as many watermarks of different types as needed.
Rotate. Scale. Move

Rotate. Scale. Move NEW

The most convenient editing process by PhotoBulk: preview and edit watermark, preview images with added watermarks, dynamic resizing of text for multiline text watermarks. Watermarks can be shifted over a photo limit.

Resize images and optimize as many as you need with PhotoBulk

Bulk resize images

Our image editing software Mac app is very easy to use. You can change the width and height of all the images proportionally, by percentage, by max size or enter your custom dimensions. PhotoBulk will maintain the aspect ratio according to new dimensions you choose for the images.

Image Optimizer for Mac

Every byte matters when we are talking about a large number of images to be shared on the Internet. With Mac OS image editor you can compress many PNG or JPEG files in a single click. Reduce image size while maintaining the original resolution, quality, and format.
Resize images

Manage, Rename, and Convert hundreds of photos


This friendly macOS image editor allows converting hundreds of photos at once. You can save all resulting images in a desired format, which includes PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, JPEG. You can also convert HEIC files on 10.13 into other formats.

Metadata NEW

With PhotoBulk you have the possibility to select which metadata will be included in the edited images in result.


No need to worry about those not informative image names, because with PhotoBulk you can rename any number of photos at once with the names that actually tell you something about the image, not just when it was taken. You can add any number of digits to photo names and keep the originals if needed.

Settings Manager

Use PhotoBulk as a designer for creating and preparing presets for batch image editing. Save your favorite and most used settings to presets for even faster bulk photo editing on Mac.
  • Use PhotoBulk for creating and preparing presets
  • Use PhotoBulk for creating and preparing presets
  • Use PhotoBulk for creating and preparing presets
Popular media reviews
"You can watermark and resize your images, and optimize them for the web. What makes PhotoBulk stand out is the clean interface and easy-to-set controls."
— Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac
"PhotoBulk enables performing common image editing chores quickly and with a minimum of clicks — even when processing a multitude of files."
— Erik Eckel, TechRepublic
"All options run smoothly and provide satisfying results. The quality and the result of the compression soothes my constant storage problem."
— Andreas Hecht, Noupe Magazine
"High on my list of the many batch and bulk photo apps on the Mac App Store is PhotoBulk which resizes, renames, optimizes, adds a watermark to hundreds of photos at a time."
— Jack Miller, Mac360
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Also Available:

PhotoBulk for Windows

Windows XP+, 2.83MB free space,
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