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File managment How-to

How to send large files through email

Email clients have restrictions when sending large files via email. The limit is usually 20-25 MB per letter. This creates an inconvenience ...
March 22, 2024
File managment How-to

How to Send Large Files – Best Methods

Sending large files is a common thing in today’s world, whether it’s for work, archiving, or sharing with friends. Unfortunately, most apps ...
March 18, 2024
File managment

Best compression software for Mac

In today's world, file sharing is an integral part of our daily activities. To optimize disk space usage and facilitate the data ...
March 12, 2024
File managment

Finder alternative: the list of best file managers for Mac

In the process of work, many small tasks for working with files arise, from banal copying/moving to more complex ones, such as ...
March 12, 2024
File managment How-to

How to open a ZIPX file on Mac with Commander One

If this is the first time you hear about or come across the .zipx file extension, there’s no need to panic. You ...
March 4, 2024
File managment

Best Terminal Emulator for Mac: Top solution in 2024

The terminal is a powerful tool that allows users to interact with the operating system and execute various tasks through the Command ...
April 17, 2024
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Commander One as iOS file manager

One cannot overestimate the importance of having a good iPhone file manager – not only for staying organized and sharing items, but also for ...
February 28, 2024
File managment

What is the perfect Total Commander for Mac solution?

One of the most common problems faced when switching from the Windows operating system to the Apple platform is finding a Mac ...
March 20, 2024
File managment How-to

How to Use Terminal on Mac

The Mac Terminal is a command line system that can help you quickly take control of your operating system and make changes. ...
April 15, 2024
File managment How-to

Opening and creating 7z files on a Mac computer

Ever since computers became a standard item in any household, people have been looking to shrink the size of their files since ...
March 7, 2024