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Play FLAC on Mac With Elmedia Player
  • Flawless playback of high-quality tracks
  • Broadcast music via AirPlay, DLNA, etc.
  • Use a large assortment of settings
  • Amazing functionality for a free version
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Elmedia Player Free
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Listen FLAC on Mac with Elmedia Player

FLAC Player - Mac Solutions for Modern Users

It’s not rare to see FLAC files on Mac. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a music file format that can store perfect copies of CDs at half the size. It is an open format, licensed on a royalty-free basis. Among other metadata, FLAC supports album cover art, tagging and fast search.

If you, as a Mac user, prefer storing music in .flac, then you'll be disappointed to find that iTunes doesn’t support this filetype. Sadly, Apple products tend to keep to their own closed system of formats.

A Mac FLAC Player of Great Renown: Elmedia

Elmedia Player is one of the most popular ways to play FLAC on Mac. Of course, there’s a lot more choice nowadays, but Elmedia still stands out with its smooth performance. It’s an easy-to-use Mac FLAC player with a great interface. It’s easy to see why people consider it the best music player for Mac.

Elmedia provides a great deal of control, but the features don’t stop at that. Importantly, it provides extensive playlist functionality, allowing a high degree of customization. You can’t deny one of the biggest advantages of this FLAC player - macOS compatibility updates, especially for later versions like Big Sur. Finally, no additional components are required to use this masterpiece of an app.

Play FLAC on Mac with Elmedia

Here’s a more detailed list of Elmedia benefits:

  • Broad format compatibility;
  • Features for surround sound;
  • Precise volume and playback controls;
  • Convenient interface;
  • Plentiful settings;
  • Perfect sound, every time.

How to Play FLAC Files on Mac using Elmedia?

1. Download Elmedia.

There are two ways this can be done. As you’d expect, it’s up on the Mac App Store, but it’s available on the official website.

Install Elmedia FLAC Player on Mac

2. Play your music

To play FLAC on Mac, you need to add the files in Elmedia Player. Use either of the ways listed below:

  • Drop FLAC files on the player window or onto the dock icon.
  • Right-click a FLAC file in Finder and choose to "Open With". Select Elmedia Player from the list of apps.
  • In Elmedia, select “File” from the main menu, navigate to your file and click "Open".

Enjoy FLAC files with Elmedia

3. Don’t stop there.

There’s so much more you can do with Elmedia. Give it a chance, and a whole new world of sound will open before you.


You can also stream FLAC files on Mac!

Elmedia is the right choice when you want to stream via DLNA or AirPlay. It will cast both image and sound to your Smart TV, providing the same options and controls you would have on your Mac. Thus, wherever you watch or listen, be it a Chromecast TV, an iPod, or even a different Mac, Elmedia Player will always ensure that you have a complete experience. For FLAC, Mac just doesn’t have any better options.

Stream FLAC files on Mac

The Professional Qualities of 5KPlayer

Another great FLAC player option. 5K should definitely be considered by music enthusiasts, because it produces consistently smooth, rich sound. After all, what would be the point of lossless music if your player couldn’t fully reproduce it? Other than that, the player incorporates some secondary features, like YouTube streaming and WiFi radio. This one isn’t as simple as it looks.

Play FLAC on Mac with 5KPlayer

The Time-Proven Power of VLC

This suggestion shouldn’t surprise you. VLC has a massive toolkit at its back, and FLAC support is far from the only thing it can boast. Some go as far as to call it the best media player; we think it’s a bit extreme, but it does have one massive merit. VLC is completely free, down to the last feature. No payment is necessary to experience the app in its entirety - thus, whatever you gain from it, either way, nothing was ventured.

FLAC files on Mac with VLC


MP3 is a lossy format. It uses various algorithms to decrease the bitrate of audio tracks. Effectively, this reduces their file size. This compression procedure isn’t perfect, and some data gets irreversibly lost in the process. Generally, reverb, cymbals and guitars suffer the most. They might end up sounding crunchy or otherwise distorted.

FLAC, on the other hand, does not discard any data. Its compression algorithms are much less efficient at reducing size, but they leave the initial track completely intact. Unless a .flac file is corrupted, it will represent the original, unaltered audio recording.

Mac offers a host of third-party solutions for this purpose. It’s a real shame that the default software doesn’t offer any support for FLAC. But it’s not such a big deal when you have programs like Elmedia Player - this app is a real joy to use!

You can. With Elmedia, this is painfully easy. It takes nothing more than a few clicks to use, and, in turn, provides an unforgettable experience. You may even end up using it for other formats, video included.

Apple chose not to support FLAC on their systems. This was probably intended to reduce competition for their own ALAC. Regardless, there are more options outside of Apple Music (formerly iTunes): Elmedia Player, Vox and Colibri come to mind.
Elmedia Player Free
Requirements: macOS 10.12+ , 104MB free space
Version 8.0(2800) (20 Jun, 2021) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication