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Have you ever found a file with this extension on your computer and wondered how to open M4A on Mac? Perhaps you tried to play M4A on Mac but could not open it. Even though M4A is a popular format there are many media players that don't support this type of audio. Check out Elmedia Player - a handy M4A player Mac app.

M4A Player Mac: 100% Safe and Free Audio Player - Elmedia Player

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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.7+. 36.64MB free space. Version 6.9(1118). (11th Nov, 2017). 4.9 Rank based on 367+ users, Reviews(356)
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Free Elmedia Player can play M4A file without the loss of quality. Even compared to traditional M4A players like iTunes or Quicktime, Elmedia can deliver better performance with lossless audio format. A great thing about this M4A player for Mac is that it is not complicated at all having essential functions that one may need for the best playback experience. You can create playlists in Elmedia and name them up to your choice, so that you can find them easily.

How to open M4A on Mac with Elmedia Player?

1. Download the app

Download free player for Mac from this page and install it the same way you would with other Mac apps.

2. Add your music file.

Elmedia Player

You can add M4A files to Elmedia in several ways:

  • - Drop M4A files on the player window or onto its icon in the dock.
  • - Right-click M4A file in Finder to use "Open With" option. Select Elmedia Player from the list.
  • - In the Main menu of the player choose "File" and then "Open".

3. And then there is much more!

You can enjoy your M4A files on Mac with Elmedia Player in addition to FLV, SWF, MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc.

What is M4A?

M4A is a file extension for MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 files, a multimedia container format to store compressed audio and video data. M4A (audio only) is often compressed with AAC encoding (lossy), but can also be in Apple Lossless format. M4A files are very similar to MP4 video files, however M4A files only contain audio. Songs in iTunes Store are in the M4A format. To make the size of these songs smaller AAC compression is used.

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Elmedia Player

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , 36.64MB free space
Version 6.9(1118) (11th Nov, 2017) Release notes
Category: Video