Best AirPlay App For Fire TV


Tired of watching stuff on your iPhone and want to switch to a bigger screen? If you have a Fire TV or Fire Stick, you can mirror your phone’s screen to it using an AirPlay app. It’s cheaper than investing in an Apple TV and all you need to do is download a third-party app.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best Fire TV AirPlay apps that we have personally tested. Keep reading to find out which ones make screen mirroring and casting a breeze.

Best AirPlay Apps for Firestick

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5 Best Fire Stick Apps for Mirroring and Streaming

Here are 6 of the best AirPlay apps for Firestick. Some of these may require you to download them on your Firestick and iPhone both.

1. DoCast

DoCast earns the top spot as the best AirPlay app for Fire TV. It takes only a couple of minutes to set it up as you don’t have to download any companion app on your Fire TV. Mirroring isn’t the only feature it offers–you can also use it to stream local videos, photos, and music.

DoCast QR code

All of these features are available for free, without any interruptions from ads. You can mirror your iPhone’s screen for 15 minutes per session and stream local videos for 3 minutes per session in the free version. Photo streaming doesn’t have any limits at all.

What’s more is that DoCast also lets you mirror to other streaming devices, more specifically, Roku and Chromecast. It’s incredibly convenient because you don’t need other apps to mirror to a different streaming device.

DoCast is the best best AirPlay app for Fire TV.

The premium version of DoCast lets you mirror for as long as you want. You can get it for just $1.99/week.

Step-by-step instruction

Here’s how to use DoCast to AirPlay to a Fire TV:

1. Download DoCast on your iPhone.

Download DoCast from the App Store on iPhone

2. Give the app a few seconds to look for your Fire TV.

DoCast is searching for nearby Firestick device

3. Tap your streaming device or TV in the app.

Tap on your Firestick device in DoCast

4. Tap Screen.

Tap on the Screen button in DoCast

5. In the screen mirroring menu, you can adjust the settings. Enable auto-rotation or change the quality of the video.

6. When you’re ready, tap the Start mirroring icon.

Tap on the Screen mirroring button in DoCast

7. Tap Start Broadcast to begin mirroring.

Tap on the Start Broadcast button in DoCast

2. Replica

Replica is another solid solid Fire TV AirPlay app for those who want a visually appealing user interface with lots of features. It’s free to use, but frequently shows ads. Before you’re able to mirror your iPhone’s screen with it, you’ll have to download its companion app on your Fire TV.

It offers various features, such as streaming offline and online media content, a built-in web browser, and an option to view your iPhone’s camera on your Fire TV.

Similar to DoCast, Replica also supports multiple streaming devices and TVs, including Chromecast and Roku. You can get a 3-day free trial version to test out the app without constantly being bombarded with ads.

Step-by-step instruction

Follow the steps below to learn how to use Replica to mirror your iPhone to a Fire TV:

1. Download Replica on both your iPhone and Fire TV.

Download Replica from the App Store

2. Launch the app on your iPhone and tap your Fire TV.

Tap on your Firestick in Replica

3. Tap Screen Mirroring.

The main dashboard of the Replica app

4. Tap Start Broadcast and your iPhone’s display will be mirrored to the Fire TV.

Screen broadcasting to Firestick with Replica

3. AirScreen

AirScreen is an app whose main function is to turn your Fire TV into an AirPlay receiver, allowing your iPhone to mirror to it easily. It’s a versatile app as it’s also compatible with Chromecast and Miracast. These functions have to be enabled in the app’s settings, but AirPlay is turned on by default.

You only have to download this app on your Fire TV. There’s no iOS version. Note that while the app is free to use, it has screen mirroring for AirPlay limited to 15 minutes per day and Chromecast to 30 minutes per day.

After downloading the app, just follow the on-screen instructions and AirPlay to it by using your iPhone’s built-in screen mirroring feature (found in the Control Center).

Step-by-step instruction

Here are the instructions on how to use AirScreen:

1. Download AirScreen from Amazon’s official site on your Fire TV.

Download page of the AirScreen app

2. When you open the app on your Fire TV, a QR code will appear which you have to scan with your iPhone.

3. Scanning the code will open a new browser window on your iPhone. Tap Entire screen and it’ll show you the instructions on how to mirror your iPhone’s screen.

Tap on the Entire screen option in AirScreen

4. Open the Control Center on your iPhone and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

5. Tap your Fire TV device to mirror to it.

Tap on your mirroring device from the list in AirScreen

4. AirBeamTV

AirBeamTV is a popular AirPlay app that has different versions for different streaming devices, all of which have to be downloaded separately. When you download its Fire TV version, you also have to download it on the streaming device or TV.

The only thing we don’t like about this app is that you have to watch an ad every single time before you can mirror your iPhone’s screen, which can get annoying very fast.

It doesn’t have many features to offer. You can mirror your iPhone’s screen, stream offline videos and photos, and view images from your Google Photos account.

Step-by-step instruction

Follow the steps below to use AirBeamTV:

1. Download AirBeamTV on your iPhone and Fire TV.

Download AirBeamTV from the App Store

2. Open the app and tap Screen Mirror.

Tap on the Screen Mirror option in AirBeamTV

3. Tap your Fire TV.

The list of the Fire TV devices in AirBeamTV

4. Feel free to enable sound in this section if you want. Tap Start Mirroring.

Screen Mirroring section in AirBeamTV

5. TV Cast for Fire TV

TV Cast for Fire TV is another app that will only work with Fire TVs or Fire Sticks. The app comes with tons of features. Other than mirroring your iPhone’s screen, you can cast media files (including photos, videos, music, and files stored in the Files app), and stream online videos through a built-in web browser.

You can also use the app as a remote control for your Fire TV, but this requires you to download an add-on through the App Store. In fact, the screen mirroring feature is an add-on as well and you have to download it separately

While the app is quite easy to use, the screen mirroring feature doesn’t give you many options to adjust the display settings or resolution.

Step-by-step instruction

How to use TV Cast for Fire TV on the iPhone:

1. Start by downloading TV Cast for Fire TV on your iPhone.

Download TV Cast for Fire TV from the App Store

2. Tap Screen Mirroring to go to the other app which has mirroring functionality.

The main dashboard of the TV Cast for Fire TV app

3. Tap Screen Mirror and then just tap Start Broadcast.

Tap on the Screen Mirror option in TV Cast for Fire TV

6. iWebTV for Fire TV

With iWebTV, you can AirPlay online content from your iPhone to your Fire TV in 1080p. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support screen mirroring. You can only stream online videos and photos using its built-in web browser.

While streaming an online video to your Fire TV through this app, you get playback controls on your iPhone. You can create a playlist and queue up the videos you want to watch.

You can also add videos to your bookmarks, so you can easily access them later. Note that iWebTV also requires you to download a companion app on your Fire TV.

Step-by-step instruction

Here’s how you can use iWebTV:

1. Download iWebTV on your Fire TV and iPhone.

Download iWebTV from the App Store

2. Go to any site using the app’s built-in browser. For this guide, we’re going to be streaming a YouTube video.

3. Once a video starts playing in the app, you’ll see a small window at the bottom of the screen. Tap Cast.

Play the video you want in YouTube via iWebTV and press the Cast button

4. Select your Fire TV.

5. The video will start to play and you’ll be taken to a new window on your iPhone. This is where you can adjust the video’s settings.

Casting an online video to Firestick with iWebTV

Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of AirPlay apps for Fire TV on the App Store. To use most of them for screen mirroring, you’ll have to download a companion app on your Fire TV. The one we personally prefer and found to be the best AirPlay app for Fire TV Stick is DoCast, as it only has to be downloaded on the iPhone and there are no ads in the free version.

You can mirror your iPhone’s screen and stream offline photos, videos, and music. We recommend that you try all of the apps mentioned above so you can figure out which one is the perfect fit for your Fire TV AirPlay needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can AirPlay to your Amazon Fire Stick from your iPhone or iPad using a third-party app. There are two apps that we suggest checking out: DoCast and AirScreen. Both apps have an ad-free interface and you can use them to mirror and stream media content to your Fire TV.

DoCast is the best app to cast from iPhone to Fire Stick. Not only does it allow you to mirror your phone’s screen, but you can also stream media content like photos, videos, and music. The app has a free version which doesn’t show any ads so you can test it out and see if you’re ready to buy the premium version and get unlimited screen mirroring.

Yes, there are many free casting apps for Fire TV. The one we recommend is DoCast, which lets you mirror your iPhone’s screen and cast photos, videos, and music. We suggest that you try multiple apps to see which one you like the most. DoCast has a free 7-day trial version so feel free to test it out.

Yes, AirScreen is free on Fire Stick, but it only lets you mirror via AirPlay for 15 minutes per day. To get unlimited screen mirroring, you have to purchase the premium version. DoCast is another app whose free version lets you mirror for 15 minutes per session.