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Terminal Emulator for Mac replacement with Big Sur support

Commander One is a dual-panel file manager for Mac offering lots of handy features. Get more control over your files with the Command Line bar in the main application window, and fully maintain your file structure and system processes with the built-in Mac Terminal emulator.
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Yoo-hoo! Commander One is now natively compatible with Apple M1-powered Macs!
Commander One
| >                          |

/Command Line
Execute terminal commands directly from Commander One window.
| 000                        |
| >                          |
|                            |
|                            |
|                            |
|                            |
|                            |
|                            |
|                            |

/Emulator window
Bring Terminal window up front really fast with the hotkey and manage your files and processes like a pro.
/Use Terminal for folder management
Apply commands to the contents of a folder currently opened in the file manager window.

Free File manager for Apple

Commander One is your go-to file management app with the classic dual panel interface and modern operating mechanisms. For the true fans of Total Commander for Windows, Commander One for Mac is a perfect switch. It is considered an effective Finder alternative for those looking for a fast and professional data management.
Show hidden files
Show/hide hidden files with a handy toggle switch
Fonts & Colors
Brighten up your long working day with favorite fonts and colors
Brief mode
Perfect for a simplified overview of all your files
Favorites and History
rack your file operations and get a convenient access to the most used files
essentials at your fingertips
Customized Hotkeys
Create your own combinations for lightning-fast operations with files
Unlimited tabs
Never run out of tabs, have the most used folders always at hand
Convenient items selection
Selection of items is as easy as if you were hand-picking them
File operations queue
Ongoing file operations are queued in the background for easy access
free and handy bonus tools
file transfer operations between panels
ZIP files
Compress or extract ZIP archives with an ease
Built-in file viewer
Hex, Binary, texts, images, media, HTML types are all supported
Local Computers on tap
Commander One can locate available machines on the network and list them
Root Access
The most complete control over your files with the deepest access
Commander One Languages
  • Český
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Français
  • Українська
  • Magyar
  • 日本の
  • 한국어
  • Polski
  • Русский
  • Español
  • Nederlands
  • 中文

Commander One

This file manager with Terminal emulator for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.12 and later. Requires 58.68MB free space, Version 3.3(3508). Released 8 Sep, 2021.

4.5 rank based on 89+ users
Featured in AppStore
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