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How to Play AVI in QuickTime Player on macOS

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Olga Weis Olga Weis Jul 20, 2021

If you’ve tried to play AVI files on Mac before, you know that doesn’t turn out well.

You may know that AVI files were first created as VFW (Video For Windows), and seems to work smoothly on PC. But doesn’t end up working well with Mac’s native multimedia player, QuickTime Player.

Today, we’ll show you the best ways to play AVI on macOS.

What exactly is an AVI file and can QuickTime play AVI?

What is AVI?

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave and it’s basically an open source multimedia container format. It defines how video and audio data is packed into a file. It allows for simultaneous playback between the interleaved audio and video in the file.

So, a lot of issues that come from AVI playback on Mac, stem from the lack of codec support on QuickTime Player. Unless you have an app that has proper codecs to play AVI files, you movies won’t play.

Play AVI on Mac with best QuickTime player alternative - Elmedia

Elmedia Player logo
Elmedia: universal video player

Elmedia AVI Player for Mac provides the most convenient solution to play AVI files effortlessly on your Mac. It requires no additional codecs, plug-ins, components and file conversions, because of its built-in AVI support. Elmedia Player supports a whole slew of video and audio formats such as: MP4, FLV, MOV, SWF, DAT, WMV, MP3, MPG, Blu-ray, FLAC and M4V. All without additional codecs.

AVI Player for Mac

How to play AVI on Mac using Elmedia Player

1. Download

Download the Elmedia Player app.

Install Elmedia 4K Player on you Mac
2. Run the player on your Mac.

It’s very easy to play the videos right away. Simply choose one of the convenient ways to add AVI files to the Elmedia Player library.

  • Choose your AVI file(s) and drop it onto the Elmedia window or it’s icon on the Dock
  • Right click your AVI file in Finder and select "Open With" option and click on Elmedia Player. Open the file
  • In the Elmedia Player, click "File" and "Open…"

You may be interested in Elmedia Player PRO, the improved paid version. With it, you can unlock even more features that will turn watching AVI on Mac into an unforgettable experience.

How to play AVI on Mac

Advanced streaming capabilities for AVI Files on Mac

Stream from Mac to TV

You can easily stream local AVI files on your TV, of course. AVI videos and many other formats can now be directly connected to your Smart TV through Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, AirPlay or DLNA.

What if your Smart TV or Apple TV doesn’t support a certain file format? Elmedia Player PRO can convert that video file to a supported format - on the go!

Dynamic subtitle management options while playing AVI files

Subtitle Video Player

You have full control over subtitles appearance such as fonts, size, colour, and more. As well as the freedom to adjust synchronization so that subtitles are perfectly aligned with the video. No more video lags and audio delay ruining your movie experience.

Full video and audio playback settings for AVI files

Playback Adjustments
  • Loop any video segments.
  • Enjoy a custom full-screen mode with the freedom to choose your desired monitor (if there’s more than one connected to your computer).
  • There’s nothing worse than those dizzying horizontal stripes on the screen. Elmedia Player PRO has automatic deinterlacing to solve that problem for you.
  • Smooth video tuner to finely adjust color parameters.
  • Capture your favourite movie scenes through screen shots. Take as many as you’d like and even transform entire videos into a series of screenshots.
  • Control sound delay to sync video with audio so it’s always perfect.
  • Use the 10-band audio equalizer with multiple presets to fine tune your auditory experience as well.

Right Codecs = Play AVI in QuickTime

If you want to use QuickTime Player to play your movies, you first have to find the right codec. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Open "File" in QuickTime Player.
  2. Select "Show Movie Info" from the Window menu.

If your version of QuickTime Player doesn’t support that specific codec package, then you can check on their official website and see if they offer any support for the codec you’re looking for.

DivX is probably the most trusted codec for playing AVI files on Mac. Once installed, you no longer need to download other plug-ins or components to play the AVI file. But even with the relative ease of it all, it can still get pretty annoying.

That’s why most people don’t go through all this trouble to get their AVI files to work on QuickTime Player. Rather, they opt for an easier solution, a third party multimedia player that supports all media files, including AVI.

Convert AVI to QuickTime playable format with this conversion Tool

For those who want to continue using QuickTime Player as their default multimedia player, here’s a simple solution for you. The first step is to convert your AVI file into a format that is compatible with QuickTime Player. The best way to do that and the easiest converter tool to use for AVI files is Movavi Video Converter for macOS. Movavi is a versatile program with encoding capabilities that allow you to convert many different file formats like AVI, FLV, MPEG, and WMV to MPEG-4, MOV and more.

How to convert AVI files on Mac with Movavi Video Converter

Convert AVI to MP4

Follow these simple steps to convert your AVI files to play on QuickTime:

  1. Install and launch Movavi Video Converter for macOS.
  2. Choose your AVI file you’d like to convert. Add the Media and select "Add Video".
  3. Choose your preferred output format. You’ll find the most popular conversion presets at the bottom of the program interface.
  4. To start converting your file, click "Convert", and voila!
  5. Play your converted file with QuickTime Player - trouble-free and stress-free.

Play AVI files on Mac with Online Video Converter

Convert AVI to QuickTime

Now, if for whatever reason you don’t want to install any additional software on your Mac, there are some free online video converters that could be a great option for you. One of the best programs that requires no software installation can be found at

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Click "Open" and find the AVI file you’d like to convert.
  2. Select "Apple" for the output format and desired resolution. You can also select MOV format (Apple’s QuickTime format).
  3. Click "Convert".
  4. Download the converted file and click to play.
  5. Your file will automatically play in QuickTime Player.

Simple as that!

If that still doesn’t work, then you might want to try this:

Try Installing an Older Version of QuickTime 7

You see, each macOS version has a different embedded structure for QuickTime. And each one supports playing a small number of video and audio codecs to be compatible with that OS.

Why would you want to download an older version of QuickTime Player?

Because of its support for older Mac devices, it contains a certain codec structure that you can’t get in QuickTime Player. The very ones needed in order to play AVI and other non-Mac files.

If you’re running any versions earlier than macOS Mojave, you can still benefit from QuickTime 7, by downloading it from Apple Support.


Here are some common questions on AVI files on Mac:

Elmedia Player PRO is the most versatile multimedia player on the market. Elmedia Player PRO is the most versatile multimedia player on the market and one of the best AVI players for Mac.

With tons of benefits and features, it’s easily a top choice for the majority of macOS users, serious about their multimedia content.

You can easily play AVI files on Mac with Elmedia Player PRO, without the need for codec packs and downloading additional components. This makes this player the most convenient and easiest way to consume all your AVI files without the hassle of converting, downloading plug-ins and all the rest of it.

Just open and go! Simple as that.

As discussed earlier, QuickTime is Apple’s default multimedia player for Mac. So, yes, it does have the ability to open AVI files and run them, but it’s not likely because of the lack of codecs offered in the player package. It simply lacks the robust format options that other players like Elmedia Player PRO offers.

Elmedia has a ton of supported formats and it’s all built-in without having to hassle with extra downloads, clogging up disc space on your Mac.

It truly is the best all-in-one solution for playing AVI files on your Mac, like no other player you’ve ever used.

You’ll indulge in a viewing experience that’ll be hard to find anywhere else.

An AVI file uses less compression to store files but takes up a lot more space than many of the other popular formats such as MOV and MPEG.

However, if uncompressed, this makes AVI files “lossless”. This basically means AVI files can be very substantially large. It’s a question you may have to ask yourself: are you willing to trade up disc space for the benefits of AVI file format?

If yes, you can rest assured that although lossless, your files will retain their quality over time and allow repeated playback without the use of additional codecs.

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