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Connect Mac Roku: Useful Apps

How to connect Mac to TV wirelessly? macOS has Apple TV streaming available by default, but you’ll need additional software for non-AirPlay devices, such as Roku. Nonetheless, it’s completely possible to do over WiFi, without using any cables or adapters. The apps below are the easiest solutions we could find for Mac Roku streaming.

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Connect Mac to Roku using JustStream

How to connect Mac to Roku - JustStream

JustStream logo
Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 39.12MB of free space. Version 2.3(433). (4 Jan, 2022). 4.5 Reviews(5)
Category: MultimediaApplication

JustStream allows you to create a Roku - Mac connection right from your desktop. It opens any common video or audio format, streams video directly to WiFi devices, without having to play it on your computer. Nonetheless, it has numerous options for convenience and compatibility, such as opening external tracks, in-depth subtitle customization and stream quality configuration - perfect to connect Mac to Roku. JustStream also comes with built-in playlist capabilities.

Mac to Roku using JustStream

JustStream is compatible with a lot of hardware - both receivers and TVs. It also allows you to connect Mac to Sony, with configurable resolution and the other settings. You can try it out for 20 minutes for free, and if you like it, it’s a $12.99 annual subscription. A negligible price for what is essentially the best Mac streaming app.

icon pros Pros

  • Feature-rich for a reasonable price
  • Compatible with many different TV models
  • Can configure and add audio and subtitles
  • Simple interface

icon cons Cons

  • Subscription-based service

How to Connect MacBook to Roku TV

Install and launch JustStream.
Go to the Menu bar, then click on the JustStream icon to open a popover window.

Select which files you want to mirror.

 How to Connect Mac to Roku with JustStream

Choose the TV that you’d like to mirror your Mac screen to.

 Mac to Roku using JustStream

Click on the Start button. To stop, click on the Stop button.

NOTE: Screen mirroring does not include sound. If you’d like to use sound as well, you’d need to install JustStream Audio Driver, which comes with the JustStream installer.


AirBeam for Roku consists of 2 apps - a Mac program that costs $9.99, and a free Roku channel. By using both, you can quickly and easily connect Mac to Roku. Sadly, the features are rather limited - you can only open one video at a time, for example. No playlists. But it’s a fully-functional, dedicated app that you can rely on. Also, it’s a cheap one-time purchase, although, if you want to stream to different platforms, you’ll have to buy separate apps.

Connect Mac to Roku with AirBeam

icon pros Pros

  • Cheap, no strings attached
  • Has a Mac app and a Roku channel
  • Simple to use, can stream and mirror

icon cons Cons

  • Different version needs to be bought for every TV brand
  • Limited free trial time (5 minutes)

"Screen Mirroring to Roku" by wmacapps

This is a streaming and mirroring app, meaning that it can either open movies or duplicate your screen on the TV. It also needs a receiving channel on Roku, called “Screen Mirroring to Roku”. The interface is compact and convenient, and you can easily find the buttons which add subtitles or sound. This wmacapps program can mirror to other Macs as well. This is a useful way to connect MacBook to Roku TV, and it even has a free trial.

Mac to Roku using wmacapps

icon pros Pros

  • Can also mirror to other macOS devices
  • Free trial available
  • Streaming and mirroring possible

icon cons Cons

  • No options to work with
  • Mirroring features require you to pay

AirPlay Roku Connection

Some models of Roku TV, Streambar, Premiere, and Streaming Stick are also compatible with AirPlay. A complete list can be found on the Roku website.

Use these simple steps to connect Roku via AirPlay:

  1. Ensure that both systems are fully updated. If problems arise, check for model and system compatibility.
  2. To find out your Roku device's network name, go to Settings > Network in Roku OS.
  3. If everything works, you should be able to use the AirPlay icon on your macOS Menu Bar to connect Mac to Roku.
  4. Open videos and photos on your Mac to see them mirrored on the TV screen.


  1. Swipe down to enter the iPhone Control Center.
  2. Tap "Screen Mirroring" and select the Roku device.
  3. Enter the code from your TV screen. Press "OK". The mirroring should begin.
If you’re wondering how to connect Mac to Roku, JustStream allows you to do that and more, including the ability to connect Mac to LG. It’s the perfect app to stream movies in any resolution to TVs and similar receivers. And the additional features seal the deal.
Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 39.12MB size
Version 2.3(433) (4 Jan, 2022) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication