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How to Mirror Mac to Firestick: Best Options

Unfortunately, it could be a problem to mirror Mac to Fire TV. Firestick offers no support for macOS, leaving Mac users with no other option but to look for an alternative. And JustStream is a perfect option to cast Mac to Firestick. Read below to learn more about it, as well as other workarounds.

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Best Option to Mirror Mac to Fire Stick TV

The Best Solution to Mirror Mac to Fire TV - JustStream

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 38.5MB of free space. Version 2.1(390). (4 May, 2021). 4.5 Reviews(5)
Category: MultimediaApplication

JustStream is an excellent app to use to mirror Macbook to Firestick. Not only does it work with Firestick, it also allows you to mirror your Mac to TV, Chromecast, as well as Airplay or DLNA-compatible devices. There is no complex setup and no wires involved. You can easily see all available screens and devices, and cast to them with just a couple of clicks.

Mirror Mac to Fire TV with JS easily

With JustStream, you can mirror a wide variety of file formats, from the most popular to the more uncommon ones. It works with subtitles, both external or embedded, and the same goes for audio. If you wish to capture the movement of your mouse cursor or your mouse clicks, JustStream allows you to do that too. The app’s adjustable output quality and its ability to mirror apps and presentations give you a most enjoyable experience.

icon pros Pros

  • Works with Firestick, plus Chromecast, Smart TVs, Apple TV, DLNA-certified devices, etc.
  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Lightweight and unintrusive app
  • Full native M1 support

icon cons Cons

  • The free version only gives 20 minutes of mirroring

How to Mirror Mac to Firestick TV

To start using JustStream, all you need to do is follow these steps:
Download JustStream and install the app on your Mac.
Launch the app and select which monitor you’re planning to screencast from.

At the bottom, you’ll see an AirPlay button. Click on it to select your receiving device.

 Mirror macOS to Firestick

Click on the "Start Streaming" button at the top to start streaming. You can also double-click on your desired receiving device instead.

 Mirror Mac to Fire

To stop streaming, click on the "Stop Streaming" button.

Note that by default, the sound from your Mac won’t be broadcasted.

Mirror for Amazon Fire TV by AirBeamTV

This app by AirBeamTV is one of the alternative ways to mirror Mac to TV. It supports a wide range of TV brands and can be used to mirror Mac to Amazon Fire TV with no cables and expensive hardware. It works for movies and sports events, casting photos and videos, and more. However, gamers should know that, due to a 1-3 second delay in mirroring, the app is not suitable for streaming real-time gaming.

Cast Mac to Fire TV

icon pros Pros

  • Good local connection speed
  • Dedicated channel for playing videos

icon cons Cons

  • There is a lag while mirroring
  • Possible technical or compatibility issues
  • You need to install the app on both your Fire TV and Mac

How to Mirror Macbook to Firestick with AirBeamTV

  1. Install the AirBeamTV app on Mac from the App Store, as well as the AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring Receiver for Fire TV.
  2. Connect your Mac and your Amazon Fire TV to the same wireless network.
  3. Launch the app and find your Amazon Fire TV.
  4. Enable notifications for the app and allow the connection on your TV.
  5. Press the Broadcast button to start mirroring.


AirScreen offers an easy way to cast Mac to Firestick. You can use it to share your screen, videos, audio, and photos, among others. Again, no wires are needed whatsoever. It’s compatible with many operating systems and versions. The app uses Video Hardware Acceleration to improve video playback. While AirScreen is quite a popular app, users continue to experience occasional technical difficulties.

cast Mac to Fire TV

icon pros Pros

  • UI is simple and user-friendly
  • Encrypted data transfer over the internet
  • Offers a screen recording feature
  • No need to install it on both your devices

icon cons Cons

  • Switching the sender app may cause it to freeze
  • Many ads in the free version

How to Mirror Mac to Amazon Fire TV with AirScreen

  1. On your Firestick TV, search for the AirScreen app and install it. Open the app.
  2. On Mac, enable the mirroring option by going to System Preferences > Display and checking the "Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available" box.
  3. On your Mac’s menu bar, click on the AirPlay icon. Tapping on your TV’s name will mirror your Mac’s screen to your Firestick TV.


Yes. To mirror PC to Firestick, first you need to Enable Display Mirroring on your Firestick by going to Settings > Mirroring. Then, on your PC, you’ll see a notification on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on it and allow your PC to connect to your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Choose your Firestick from the list of available devices.
Amazon Fire TV doesn’t allow a direct connection to an iPhone, unfortunately. Therefore, you will need a third-party app in order to mirror iPhone to Fire TV Stick. They will allow you to stream your local photos/videos stored. Such iOS apps include Arbeam TV and Air Screen.

Go to the Settings menu on your Fire Stick and enable screen mirroring. In the browser on your chromebook, click on the Google Cast icon. Your Fire Stick should appear in the list of devices. Select the Fire Stick and begin mirroring. Alternatively, you could try a casting app from Chromebook’s Google Play Store, or a Chromecast device.

To mirror Android to Firestick, first you need to activate the mirroring function on your Firestick TV by going to Settings > Display & Sounds > Enable Display Mirroring. Alternatively, you can hold down the Home button on the Fire Stick remote and select Mirroring. Then, enable mirroring on your Android phone. Go to Settings and search for an option called Miracast (or Wireless display, Screen mirroring, etc., depending on the operating system).

Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 38.5MB size
Version 2.1(390) (4 May, 2021) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication