How to Mirror Mac to Firestick: Best Options

Initially, Firestick offers a screen mirroring feature but unfortunately, macOS devices are not included in the list of the supported ones yet. Luckily, there are several workarounds Mac users can rely on when they want to mirror Mac to Firestick. Here we have gathered 6 top solutions aimed to help you with this issue.

The Popular Solution to Mirror Mac to Fire TV


AirScreen is a mirror Mac to Firestick free app. You can use it to share your screen, videos, audio, and photos, among others. Again, no wires are needed whatsoever. It’s compatible with many operating systems and versions. The app uses Video Hardware Acceleration to improve video playback. While AirScreen is quite a popular app, users continue to experience occasional technical difficulties.

AirScreen is the most advanced wireless streaming receiver for AirPlay


  • UI is simple and user-friendly
  • Encrypted data transfer over the internet
  • Offers a screen recording feature
  • No need to install it on both your devices


  • Switching the sender app may cause it to freeze
  • Many ads in the free version

How to Mirror Mac to Amazon Fire TV with AirScreen

1. On your Firestick TV, search for the AirScreen app and install it. Open the app.

2. On Mac, enable the mirroring option by going to System Preferences > Display and checking the “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available” box.

3. On your Mac’s menu bar, click on the AirPlay icon. Tapping on your TV’s name will mirror your Mac’s screen to your Firestick TV.

JustStream – powerful app to mirror Mac screen to big screen TVs

JustStream is a minimalist app with lots of potential and a set of useful and enhanced features. It offers wireless streaming from a Mac to compatible AirPlay and Chromecast devices, including LG, Roku, Samsung, Sony TV, and way more. The app doesn’t require any additional hardware or any difficult configuration, making screen mirroring a piece of cake.

JustStream works great with a wide variety of formats starting from commonly used and ending with non-native formats, such as MKV and AVI. Besides that, it excellently works with external or embedded subtitles, and the same goes for audio. Another great plus of this app is its ability to create and work with playlists.

JustStream is a great option if you want to mirror Mac to TV in a fast and convenient way, give presentations, etc. As it allows you to capture the movement of your mouse cursor or your mouse clicks, adjust the output quality, and way more.

JustStream is one of the methods to Mirror Mac to FireStick


  • Works with most DLNA devices
  • Work with AirPlay or Chromecast-compatible devices
  • Ability to work with a wide set of formats
  • User-friendly interface
  • Work on Apple Silicon Macs


  • Free version is limited in the number of free minutes for mirroring

How to Mirror Mac to Firestick TV with JustStream

In order to be able to stream to Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need to install DLNA software on it, after that make sure that your Mac and Firestick are both connected to the same network. Once everything is settled, you need to follow this guide on how to mirror Mac to TV using JustStream:

1. First of all, download and install JustStream on your computer.

2. Launch the app and click its icon on the Menu bar.

3. A popover will appear. Here you need to choose the monitor screen you want to screencast from.

If your device is not visible, you can refresh the list

4. Once selected, click the “AirPlay” button at the bottom of the popover to choose the receiving device.

5. To start streaming click the “Start Streaming” button or double-click the receiving device.

You can also add new media if you like

6. Click the “Stop Streaming” button to stop streaming.

Alternative ways Mirror Mac to Fire TV

Mirror for Amazon Fire TV by AirBeamTV

This app by AirBeamTV is one of the alternative ways to mirror Mac to TV. It supports a wide range of TV brands and can be used to mirror Mac to Amazon Fire TV with no cables and expensive hardware. It works for movies and sports events, casting photos and videos, and more. However, gamers should know that, due to a 1-3 second delay in mirroring, the app is not suitable for streaming real-time gaming.

AirBeamTV is casting app for macOS


  • Good local connection speed
  • Both mirroring and streaming are supported
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Dedicated channel for playing videos


  • While mirroring, the delay is 2-3 seconds. So it's not suitable for games
  • Possible technical or compatibility issues
  • You need to install the app on both your Fire TV and Mac

How to Mirror Macbook to Firestick with AirBeamTV

1. Install the AirBeamTV app on Mac from the App Store, as well as the AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring Receiver for Fire TV.

2. Connect your Mac and your Amazon Fire TV to the same wireless network.

3. Launch the app and find your Amazon Fire TV.

4. Enable notifications for the app and allow the connection on your TV.

5. Press the Broadcast button to start mirroring.

AirPin Pro

Airpin Pro offers an easy way to cast Mac to Firestick. It is an advanced mirroring and streaming media app that can be used to cast Mac to Firestick. Using the AirPin Pro app, you can share media from any type of device. Whether it’s an iPhone, Windows PC or Android device, your devices will be connected to TV instantly. In addition, the app allows you to display multiple device screens at the same time and features password protection.

The application is more suitable for advanced users


  • Allows you to display up to 4 device screens simultaneously
  • Support password protection
  • Allows background playback


  • For beginners, it can be difficult to understand the interface.

How to mirror Mac to Firestick with AirPin Pro

1. Download and install AirPin Pro on your FireTV.

2. Navigate the Help menu and choose macOS > AirPlay.

3. On your Mac, click the AirPlay icon and select the target device.

4. Press “OK” on the remote.


LetsView is a wireless screen mirroring tool. It is compatible with various platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows. The app works great with Firestick models and allows screen mirror Mac to Firestick. LetsView also supports all kinds of screencast technologies including AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA. Besides mirroring videos and photos, you can also play games on your TV without any lag. To start mirroring, your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

LetsView - Free Wireless Screen Mirroring App


  • Screen recording
  • Annotating feature
  • Works on both Android and iPhone
  • Allows connecting devices in a few ways


  • The device may get disconnected after a while

How to Mirror Mac to Amazon Fire TV with LetsView

1. Download and install the application on your TV.

2. Launch the application.

3. Your TV will display the PIN, enter it on your Mac.

4. Once connected, your Mac will be mirrored to your TV.


Splashtop is another mirroring app you can rely on to instantly cast your laptop or phone screen to your TV or other media devices like Amazon Fire TV. On top of that, this application lets you control your Mac directly from your TV. To do this, you will need to connect your keyboard and mouse using a splitter cable. The app cannot be installed natively, so you have to go to Aptoide TV to get it.

Splashtop is a remote desktop and remote support


  • Lets you control your Mac remotely from your TV
  • User-friendly interface
  • Wireless connection


  • Additional hardware is required to use Splashtop as a remote solution

How to Mirror Mac to Amazon Fire TV with Splashtop

1. Make sure your computer and TV are on the same WiFi network.

2. Download the app on your Firestick.

3. On your Mac, click the Airplay icon to share your screen.

4. The mirror receiver will be automatically detected, select it to connect.

Comparison table

Top features JustStream Mirror for Amazon Fire TV AirScreen AirPin Pro LetsView Splashtop
Wireless connection
Work with streaming devices
macOS, iOS only
Screen mirroring
Create streaming playlists
Sound streaming
Capture the mouse cursor
Cast YouTube

Whether you want to watch a video or show a presentation to an audience, a laptop screen is often not ideal for viewing. Therefore, many use screen mirroring to display multimedia content from a laptop to a large TV screen. When it comes to how to screen mirror Mac to Firestick, there are apps to help you get the job done.

We have reviewed some applications for screen mirroring to Firestick. The solutions listed above are good options. Check them out, and evaluate their pros and cons to find the best one that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. To mirror PC to Firestick, first you need to Enable Display Mirroring on your Firestick by going to Settings > Mirroring. Then, on your PC, you’ll see a notification on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on it and allow your PC to connect to your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Choose your Firestick from the list of available devices.

Yes, you can connect iPhone to Amazon Firestick. However, third-party apps should be installed on your Firestick first. There are a lot of apps to choose from, for instance, AirScreen – AirPlay & Cast & Miracast & DLNA app. They are all free and easily installed on Firestick.

Go to the Settings menu on your Firestick and enable screen mirroring. In the browser on your Chromebook, click on the Google Cast icon. Your Firestick should appear in the list of devices. Select the Firestick and begin mirroring. Alternatively, you could try a casting app from Chromebook’s Google Play Store, or a Chromecast device. When it comes to how to chromecast from Mac, you need to set up your device. Then you can use Chromecast on Mac to share your desktop screen and Google Chrome tabs.

If you have a Samsung smartphone and want to perform Samsung screen mirroring to Firestick, here are the steps you need to follow. First, you need to activate the mirroring function on your Firestick TV by going to Settings > Display & Sounds > Enable Display Mirroring. Alternatively, you can hold down the Home button on the Firestick remote and select Mirroring. Then, enable mirroring on your Android phone. Go to Settings and search for an option called Miracast (or Wireless display, Screen mirroring, etc., depending on the operating system).

Yes, you can mirror MacBook to Firestick. However, as with the iPhone, you need to install special apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick. We have considered several of the options above, to be able to mirror the content from your MacBook.

The Fire TV Stick supports DLNA, so you’ll need a Mac mirroring app. JustStream can mirror over DLNA, so we suggest trying it out.