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HDMI Not Working on Mac Error? Here is how to Fix

There are several complaints about HDMI not working, Mac users have no idea how to solve it. There are a lot of cases when you may want to connect your Mac device to an external display, for instance, to watch a movie or a video. We tried our best to offer you a guide so that you can easily connect Mac to TV without using DVI, a USB adaptor, or any other such hardware.

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JustStream can fix ​​HDMI Not Working on Mac error

Fix the HDMI Cable Not Working Mac Problem Wirelessly

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 38.01MB of free space. Version 2.6(521). (20 Sep, 2022). 4.6 Reviews(227)
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Your MacBook Pro won’t connect to TV HDMI? Maybe the problem is the angle from which you look at it. What if you don’t use cables at all, but instead you opt for software to take care of it wirelessly. On this note, you can also check How to connect a MacBook to a TV if you are looking for extra information. But if we are talking about connecting your Mac device to the TV without needing any cables or additional software, we are definitely talking about JustStream.

HDMI cable not working on Mac: try JustStream Wirelessly

With JustStream you can easily mirror or stream your chosen device to a TV, and not to mention that no cables or additional hardware are involved in the process. If you choose to use JustStream you can operate from the menu bar and easily navigate while streaming. This is possible because the app can spot the compatible devices and with just a couple of clicks you are connected. With all of that being said you can clearly see that it is more convenient to connect your Macs to TV using the software.

How to connect Mac to TV wirelessly when HDMI is not working

Download JustStream from the Mac App Store.
Open JustStream and click the icon in the menu bar to see a list of monitors connected to your Mac.

Click the AirPlay button at the bottom of the window to choose from the list of devices you want to stream to.

 how to mirror Mac to TV

To start streaming, click on “Start streaming” at the top of the window. Or you can double-click the screen or the three dots beside the device name.

 mirroring Mac to TV

To stop mirroring, hit the “Stop streaming” button.

Macbook HDMI Not Working? Let’s See What the Potential Issues Could Be

There are lots of things that can go wrong when you hit the hard reality of your Mac not connecting to TV HDMI. We’ve listed the most frequent ones and give you ideas on what to check to fix the issues.

Make Sure the HDMI Not Showing up on TV Mac Error Isn’t Cable-Related

If you get the HDMI not showing up on TV Mac error message, the first thing you may check is the connection. In other words, be certain that your HDMI is connected and secure with your Mac. Tray on these indications after you go further:

  • Turn off the device that is connected to HDMI, while keeping it connected to your Mac.
  • Disconnect the HDMI cable from your Mac.
  • Wait a few moments and then plug back the cable into your Mac.
  • Turn on the HDMI device.
  • This should cover the question: how do you get the HDMI cable to work on a mac?

HDMI Not Connecting to Mac? Alternative Connection Method

You are still wondering why is my HDMI not working on my Mac? If you follow the steps presented above and it still doesn’t work. This may be because the HDMI cable is not compatible or is damaged. Apple products tend to work the best with other Apple Certified cables, so you may wanna consider buying an Apple HDMI cable.

Another workaround if HDMI Not Showing up on TV Mac:

Alternatively, there is another solution you could try if your HDMI cable not working Mac continues to have issues:

  • Go to System Preferences on your Mac.
  • Choose Displays.
  • Hold Alt (Option) key and after that click on Detect Displays.

Turn Off HDMI Ultra HD Color Feature to Fix MacBook HDMI Not Working

HDMI deep color is a feature that gives the image on the screen the impression of reality. Despite this, there are reports saying that HDMI Deep color causes flickering or other screen problems when it is turned on. If your device has this feature, you can try turning it off to see if by doing this you can fix the problem.

Fix the Mac HDMI Not Working Issue By Restarting Your MacBook

MacBook HDMI not working? Sometimes, there may be a glitch in your system that is preventing the MacBook from working properly. The easiest way to fix this is to restart your MacBook and see if that helps.

Consider a TV Factory Reset to Solve the Mac HDMI Not Working Error

This problem usually occurs with Samsung TVs, but you can sometimes fix it simply by renaming the input used by your PC. As an alternative, you can try to reset your TV using factory settings.

Here you have it, several quick and easy fixes that can help you, though the scenario where mac HDMI not working.

If the HDMI connection isn't working on your MacBook, the easiest way to fix it is to check the cables or use the Detect Displays option.


If your HDMI port is not working MacBook Pro, you can try to follow this instruction: choose Apple menu> System Preferences, then click Sound. In the output area, make sure your HDMI device is selected. If connecting through a Mini DisplayPort adapter, make sure your Mac can send audio through Mini DisplayPort.

If your MacBook Pro won't connect to TV HDMI, you first need to make sure that your cables are not damaged and they are compatible and properly connected. If you don't succeed, you may wanna consider restarting your device.

All MacBook Pro produced since 2008 have a video connection for connecting to an HDMI input and an HDTV or projector. Between 2008 and 2013, Apple made several changes to the MacBook Pro. As a result, some can be connected directly to HDMI, while others require an adapter.

If you are tired of connecting cables and following procedures with no result. There is a better way to cast your Mac device on your TV. Only by downloading the JustStream app, all your problems are gone. You can easily stream operating from the menu bar. The best part is that you won’t need additional cables or hardware.

Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 38.01MB size
Version 2.6(521) (20 Sep, 2022) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication