Cast iPad to FireStick: Best Apps for Streaming


It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were using tube-based television sets, and the idea of installing software on them was purely science fiction. Today, we have the luxury of smart TVs with endless applications to provide us with entertainment of any kind imaginable. 

Many of us also like to share home movies and images of our latest vacation with our family and friends, but an iPad screen isn’t big enough to show everyone. Luckily, you can cast from iPad to FireStick so your favorite content can grace the big screen.

AirPlay and FireSticks: The Complicated Relationship Between Tech Companies

How to Cast iPhone to FireStick: Top Methods

Apple users love the integrated ecosystem that makes moving content from our iPads to other devices, like smart TVs, seamless. The technology Apple uses to make that a possibility is AirPlay. 

AirPlay is essential for casting and mirroring content, but it isn’t always available on smart devices. For instance, FireStick doesn’t natively support the AirPlay technology, leaving iPad users in the dark about how to make the connection possible. 

However, it also isn’t so cut-and-dry to say that iPads won’t work with Amazon’s software at all. Indeed, several Fire TV models, like Toshiba’s M550 series or Insignia’s 4K UHD models, support screen mirroring and casting from iPads, iPhones, and Macs to the TV. 

Once again, the iPad cast to Firestick concept isn’t so straightforward. Casting and mirroring are two separate ways to send content to your TV. First, casting is the act of using a streaming service, such as Netflix, to “cast” content on the TV. 

Second, screen mirroring involves duplicating your iPad screen onto a TV, including movements and navigation, for the purposes of providing examples or teaching others how to use a specific app or function. 

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the confusion, we can take a look at a few solutions that will help you broadcast your photos and videos from your iPad to a FireStick or unsupported Fire TV.

1. DoCast

Our first solution to cast iPad to Fire TV is the DoCast app. The DoCast app acts as a temporary AirPlay replacement, opening a digital pathway for users to view their camera roll on the TV in high definition and without annoying lag.

DoCast is the best app to cast iPad to Fire TV and FireStick

DoCast is available on iPhone and iPad, meaning these steps will work for both devices, keeping it simple, just as Apple users like it.

DoCast QR code

To use the DoCast app on your iPad, follow these simple instructions:

1. Download DoCast from the App Store on your iPad. If you’ve downloaded it already on your iPhone, tap the cloud icon to start the download on your iPad.

A screenshot of DoCast download screen in App Store with a red arrow pointing at the cloud icon

2. Follow the connection steps that include authorizing DoCast to search for and pair with other devices on your local network.

3. Select the Amazon Fire device you’d like to pair with. The screen will display all available options, including Chromecast devices, so you must choose the final location.

A screenshot of the device selection page on DoCast. A red arrow points at the available option

4. Once connected, you will see the home screen with options including Screen, Photos, Music, and Videos.

A screenshot of the DoCast homepage. A red arrow points to the photos option

5. Select the Photos option, then select Allow Access to All Photos. Once approved, you can choose the images you want to broadcast on your Fire TV from your iPad. This process works the same for your personal videos.


  • Free high-quality trial version
  • Very-low latency
  • Supports FireStick, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku devices
  • Unlimited photo casting in the free version


  • No in-app browser
  • Requires premium subscription to unlock unlimited video casting and mirroring
Our opinion:  DoCast is an excellent option for those looking for simplicity and functionality. You don’t have to mess with weird settings or even configure the app for your Smart TV. Instead, DoCast provides users with the ability to stream iPad to FireStick easily and with an upgrade fee that won’t make upgrading impractical.

2. TV Cast & Screen Mirroring App

TV Cast & Screen Mirroring App is another solution for casting content from your iPad to your FireStick. It offers several features, including the ability to cast photos, videos, music, YouTube, and screen mirroring in two quality levels.

A screenshot of the TV Cast & Screen Mirroring App in the App Store

While TV Cast & Screen Mirroring is a free app, users will encounter a significant number of ads until they upgrade. Luckily, the upgrade cost isn’t terribly high at just $24.99 for a one-time purchase, and using the free version is as easy as the following steps:

2. Allow it to connect with your devices on the local network. All devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Screenshot of TV Cast & Mirror App connecting to local devices. A red arrow points at a gray banner labeled Continue with Limited Version

3. Click continue to the limited version or upgrade to the premium version. The next screen will show you a list of your devices. Select your device and select one of the options, including Photo, Video, or Music, to start casting your personal content.

Screenshot of TV Cast & Screen Mirroring App with a red arrow pointing toward a FireStick cast device


  • Supports AirPlay on specific devices
  • Direct YouTube casting link in-app


  • Not a native iPad app
  • Ad-filled limited version
  • Has trouble recognizing Fire TV devices
Our opinion:  We didn’t really enjoy using the TV Cast & Screen Mirroring App. While it works, the app is not native to iPad, meaning you get a low-quality, stretched version for the iPhone. Likewise, we didn’t enjoy the constant ads each time we tried to use the app.

3. iWebTV

iWebTV is a unique casting solution in that it acts like a web browser only. There are no options for users to cast personal content, but finding popular websites like YouTube and Twitch is straightforward, and casting requires a couple of taps.

A screenshot of iWebTV in the Apple Store

Although casting is simple, we found iWebTV to be somewhat challenging to use because it requires an app on the Fire TV in addition to your iPad, and the connection is somewhat delayed.

Regardless, follow these steps to cast content:

1. Download iWebTV from the App Store.

2. Allow the app to connect with other devices on your local Wi-Fi network.

3. Using the search bar, navigate to a website with videos you want to cast, like YouTube.

Screenshot of YouTube search results on iWebTV. A red arrow points to the search bar

4. Select a video, tap the casting button in the upper right-hand corner, and select your device. You will see a prompt to download the accompanying app on your FireStick.

Screenshot where iWebTV offers to install the accompanying app

5. Once downloaded on your TV, your video will eventually start playing.

Screenshot of iWebTV prompting a download on a Fire device. A red arrow points to the done installing button


  • Web browser capabilities
  • Easily recognizes Fire TV devices


  • Requires app download on Fire TV or FireStick
  • Constant Ads detract from use
  • Can only cast web-based content
  • Slow to respond when casting videos
Our opinion:  While iWebTV is useful for web-based content, we don’t really enjoy that iWebTV charges for every little thing. Beyond the pro-level app, users must also pay subscription-based fees for other features, like cloud proxy services and unlimited subtitles.

Comparing Fire TV and FireStick Casting Solution

App Free unlimited photo casting Music streaming Streaming from a web browser Screen mirroring feature Free trial Price
DoCast 19.99 one-time purchase or $3.99 monthly
TV Cast & Screen Mirroring App $24.99 one-time purchase
iWebTV $6.99 Pro version with subscription-based add-ons

Bonus: Casting from Android Devices

Many Android users have the benefit of having native casting support directly from their devices to a Fire TV. To enjoy this native feature, you must ensure that your Fire TV is set up for screen mirroring by enabling the Screen Mirror feature within the settings of your Fire device. 

For example, on Samsung devices, swipe down to access the notifications menu, then select the Smart View option, followed by the Fire TV device you want to cast and mirror to. Once your Android connects with your Fire TV or FireStick, you can send your personal photos and videos to the TV from within whatever app you use.

Final Thoughts on Casting iPad to FireStick

Casting your iPad to FireStick becomes much easier when you have the tools to make it possible. While some FireTVs allow iPad owners the option of casting and mirroring, most do not, meaning a third-party solution is necessary. 

After exploring some of the top solutions available in the App Store, we found a few that you should check out, including iWebTV and the TV Cast & Mirroring App. However, our hands-down favorite solution was DoCast, which was incredibly simple to use, connects with a high-quality image and is affordable to upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

The availability of AirPlay on Amazon Fire-enabled devices is murky at best, leading to several common questions. Here are a few common how-to-stream from iPad to FireStick questions and their answers to help point you in the right direction.

Using the DoCast app, you can simply tap on Screen from the homepage. From there, you can then tap on the broadcast button and start broadcast to complete the connection.

Yes, you can cast from iOS to FireStick. There are some Fire TVs that allow you to connect and cast from iOS devices. However, there are only a few of those devices, meaning you will need a third-party solution to complete the connection.

The DoCast app is a free solution for casting from iPad to FireStick. However, there is a 15-minute time limit for a video casting using the free version. Upgrading to a premium option eliminates the time limit and continues providing a high-definition image.

Casting from your iPad to TV is easy using the AirPlay technology available in a large number of smart TV solutions. However, many third-party apps, such as DoCast, will help you cast from iPad to TV when AirPlay isn’t an option.