Backup iCloud Drive

Unclouder is a powerful application that enables you to locally backup iCloud documents. This tool comes handy not only for backup from iCloud, it’s also of great help when you need to retrieve a previous version of the document you’ve been working on. Folders on your hard drive will contain all backup documents you need.

Safe iCloud Sync

Safe iCloud Sync

Once you delete a file from iCloud, it is automatically deleted from all your devices, and there is no way to undo it. Unclouder prevents unintentional loss of important documents stored in iCloud by keeping their local backup.
Unlimited Backups

Unlimited Backups

Keep as many backups as your hard drive allows. Create backups of important data any time you need and as many times as you want.
Try it! Get 3 Free backups from iCloud with free trial version of Unclouder.
Backup Content Access

Backup Content Access

You can access your backups any time in a matter of a few clicks. Moreover, if you need only certain documents, you can choose to restore only them, not the entire backup folder.
Quick Restore

Quick Data Restoration

Restoring your data takes only a few clicks. Select the backup you need – with detailed description of each backup it is easy - and press Restore button. The data is back in your iCloud in a matter of seconds.

Benefits offered by Unclouder:

Easy-to-use interface
Your data is safe and secure from damage, loss, etc.
Create backups as often as you want
Your backup data is stored offline, on your hard drive
Control space usage on your hard drive
Access your backup content quickly

Unclouder for Mac

Requires OS X 10.10
Version 1.0.31
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