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Amazon S3 client for Mac OS
Commander One

Connect to Amazon S3 with Commander One to access and manage files across your local storage and S3 buckets. You will be able to upload files to and download from Amazon S3, browse S3 buckets, set access control on stored files. You can work with all your files as if they were stored locally.

Mount Amazon as local drive

Use Commander One as your Amazon S3 browser and manager — work with your buckets as with local drives, without copying information to your hard drive.

Pick the bucket

You don't have to link all buckets if you don't need to work with all of them. Commander One lets you link specific Amazon S3 buckets and manage them in the app.

All regions support

Commander One supports all AWS regions, including US East (Ohio), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Canada (Central) and EU (London).
Complete FTP support
Choose the fast and secure way to transfer your files via FTP, SFTP, and FTPS by choosing Commander One. Get the most efficiency from two panels for your work with files. All your file operations are queued conveniently.

Multiple connections

Get the most reliable results and flawless operations with many simultaneous connections and unlimited tabs.

FTP server as your local drive

Working with remote files in Commander One is as easy as with the local ones. It lets you map FTP server as a local drive and copy, delete, create, and edit files there.
Connection Manager
Your clouds are easy to access and manage in Commander One in a fast and reliable manner.
Connect to remote servers via FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols with the built-in FTP client of Commander One.
Amazon S3 account
You can link an entire storage or just specific buckets to work with them in our file manager.
Connect to WebDAV protocol server to work with its files directly from our app.
Mount or integrate multiple Dropbox accounts. The latter will allow you to share Dropbox links.
Mount many Google Drive accounts at a time to work with all your sheets and docs in a dual-pane environment.
Work with your OneDrive files as with local ones when you link your Microsoft storage.

Free Apple file manager

Commander One is packed with the most important options for optimal Mac file management. You may be a professional user or just becoming one — Commander One is your ultimate solution to fully control your document flow.
Learn more about File Manager

Show hidden files

A handy toolbar button puts all hidden files on display

Fonts & Colors

Whatever colors make your eyes feel better — set those in Commander One

Brief mode

See and work with multiple folders and files at once

History and Favorites

Your most used or already opened folders are easy to access
essentials at your fingertips

Customizable Hotkeys

Your every action big or small can be assigned with a hotkey

Unlimited tabs

No need to close and folders when working with others

Convenient selection tool

Be flexible by selecting only those files you need to work with

File operations queue

Each operation is queued accordingly
handy tools you get for free

ZIP Support

Extract, compress, or simply open your archive as a regular folder

Built-in file viewer

Hex and Binary files are supported along with the text, media, image, HTML ones

Look up other computers in local network

View and access available computers on the network

Root Access

Be in total control over your files
PRO Pack
Use free PRO Pack features of Commander One for 15 days!

Connection Manager

Various online storages can be mounted to your Mac to be used as local drives.

Mount iOS

Your iOS device can be mounted as a disk.

Mount Android

Work with files on your Android device. That includes media information and photos.

Mount MTP

Manage your MTP device files as in local folder on Mac. A camera is an example of an MTP device.

Compress and extract

ZIP, RAR, TBZ, TGZ, 7zip archives are supported.

Terminal emulator

An efficiently fast emulator adds much needed features.

Process viewer

See all current processes on your Mac with the possibility to quit any.


Personalize your experience with Commander One.

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Commander One

This Amazon S3 client for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 19.75MB free space, latest version 1.7.4(2445) released 21st Sep, 2017

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