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The OGG File Type Causing You Trouble? We Can Help

OGG may not be the most popular audio file format, but it does serve a dedicated purpose and caters to a specific audience. Unfortunately, OGG is not supported by Apple devices. So in order to play it, you need a good OGG Player for Mac - and we’ve got an excellent app. After all, the best audio player for Mac needs to be hassle-free and provide great functionalities, without discriminating against any file types.

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Elmedia: universal video player
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OGG player for macOS

Elmedia Player - The Best-in-Class
OGG File Player

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Elmedia: universal video player

To start it off, we’d like to highlight Elmedia Player as a dedicated, all-around OGG player for Mac. It’s incredibly versatile and places user experience above everything else. What’s great is that this app doesn’t require users to download additional plugins or codecs to play OGG files. And along with that, you can expect to enjoy all your videos in the highest quality possible, with built-in controls and playback options to optimize your experience even further. Fine-tuning audio controls, deinterlacing, hardware-accelerated decoding, and screenshot features are just some of the many ways you’ll get to enjoy your videos on Mac.

Elmedia: free OGG player for macOS

How to Play OGG Files on Mac

1. Download Elmedia Player

Download Elmedia Player from the official website or from the App Store.

Get the App by downloading
2. Add your files:
  • Drag-and-drop your OGG file into the Elmedia Player window or app icon in the dock.
  • Click on “File” in the Elmedia Player menu bar and find the video you want to open.
  • Find the video on your Mac, right-click and select “Open with” Elmedia Player.

Open the OGG  files you want to view
3. Start enjoying your music!

OGG is just one of the many file types that the Elmedia Music Player for Mac supports. Explore more file formats and play them without any issues or hiccups with Elmedia Player.

What Is an OGG File?

The OGG file extension stands for a free, open container format which uses the Ogg Vorbis audio compression. Apart from audio data, these files can also include song metadata, such as artist and track information. The OGG file type has been developed and maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation, and the word "Vorbis" refers to the encoding scheme provided by the organization. However, OGG files can use other audio compression types instead of Vorbis - like FLAC and Speex, in which case they may use the .OGA file extension. Depending on the device and operating system (e.g. for Mac, iPhone or iPad), playing an OGG file may require a dedicated OGG file player.

OGG File Type vs. MP3 - What’s the Difference?

Generally, when you place the two popular formats side by side, the differences may not be so obvious right away. But that isn’t to say there aren’t any. When it comes to OGG and MP3, there are a few distinctions to note. For example, the OGG file type has better sound quality and is smaller in size compared to MP3 when compressed. OGG supports open audio encoding, while MP3 is a patented encoding format. Also, the bit-rate compression of OGG files varies depending on the requirements of each individual file, while the bit-rate compression of MP3 stays consistent, no matter the file type. In all cases, MP3 seems to come out on top as the popular choice due to its ease of use and tremendous portability across various applications. Although OGG has its place in certain key applications, the OGG file type isn’t as universally supported as MP3.


Playing OGG file on Mac is truly a breeze. When you have an app like Elmedia Player, you’ll never be left wondering and trying to figure out how to play OGG files on Mac. Elmedia Player has everything you need - from user-experience controls to built-in high-quality standards in video and audio.
WAV is a very popular uncompressed format. Therefore, it provides higher quality audio, while taking up more space on your hard drive. On the other hand, since OGG generally contains compressed audio, it takes less space on your hard drive in exchange for some compromise in sound quality. To play WAV Files on Mac, as well as OGG for that matter, you can use a multifaceted music app such as Elmedia Player for macOS.

Converting the OGG file type is very simple. If you want to convert it into MP3, use this free service: It gives you many options for file conversion and the steps are simple:

  1. Choose the file you want to convert.
  2. Configure any additional options.
  3. Start conversion.
Elmedia: universal video player
Requirements: macOS 10.12 , 89.23MB of free space
Version 8.10(3265) (24 Nov, 2022) Release notes
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