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Having difficulties playing MKV files on your Mac? While not the easiest file format to open, MKV for Mac can be easily played if you have the right tool. Most difficulties appear because the default player on macOS - QuickTime - isn’t natively built to play MKV files so that’s why you need an upgrade. For the answers on how to open MKV files on Mac, you don’t need to go long and far on the Internet. We got you covered - in this article you will find everything you need to know about using Elmedia Player to play any MKV on Mac without effort. So, learn how to watch MKV on Mac and avoid all the unnecessary effort of finding ways to make QuickTime play these files.

Elmedia Player - the best MKV file player Mac users can get

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+. 59.66MB free space. Version 7.17(2353). (6 Dec, 2020). 4.8 Rank based on 131+ users, Reviews(131)
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With Elmedia Player you will no longer need to look for other solutions to play an MKV file. Mac users have full support to play a wide range of video and audio formats like MOV, AVI, FLV, SWF, MP4, FLAC, MP3 and many more. With this app you won’t have to deal with the MKV QuickTime dilemma and enjoy all your videos with ease.
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Enjoy watching your favorite movies like never before
Elmedia MKV Player

Being a versatile player, Elmedia can be trusted to play MKV on Mac no matter if the resolution is 4K, 8K or 1080p. Smooth playback without buffering or any interruptions is what you can expect from Elmedia. This player also gives you the possibility to go from chapter to chapter by choosing them under the Playback menu.

An even better answer for how to watch MKV on Mac comes from the PRO version of Elmedia Player. Not only will you be able to open any type of file but you will also have the option to download MKV files from the Internet. Furthermore, you will be able to stream them from your Mac to any Smart TV or Apple TV through AirPlay, Chromecast or DLNA-devices. We won’t focus on how to stream MKV to Chromecast, instead we’re going to give you the step-by-step instructions on how to open MKV files on Mac.

How to Play MKV on Mac using Elmedia Player

1. Download Elmedia Player

Downloading Elmedia from the official site is extremely easy and straightforward. The player is also available on the App Store if you’re more comfortable downloading from there.


2. Open the videos you want

You have various methods of adding MKV videos to Elmedia. You can either:

  • Drag and drop the MKV on the app’s icon on the Dock or in the window if you already opened Elmedia.
  • Open .mkv files on Mac by right-clicking the file in the Finder, then use “Open with” menu and choose Elmedia Player from the list.
  • Straight from the Elmedia Player menu, click on File - Open and open MKV Mac that way.
3. Watch all your favorite videos!

Open mkv file mac

Sit back and enjoy the smooth playback offered by Elmedia Player’s functionality!


Bonus features offered by the Elmedia Player PRO MKV viewer Mac

If you thought the list of benefits you’re getting with Elmedia Player is finished, pause that thought for a second. Besides being a perfect answer to the “what plays MKV files on Mac?” question, Elmedia Player offers extra features to further enhance the playback experience. While some of these features are included in the free package, some of them are part of the Elmedia Player PRO.

Play mkv on mac

Unlimited streaming possibilities for MKV videos

  • Streaming MKV videos and many other formats directly to smart TV through Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, AirPlay or DLNA;
  • Streaming video and audio file directly in their original format even if the smart TV doesn’t support that file format. Automatic conversion is performed as the video is being streamed;
  • Easily stream YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo content through the function called Open Online Video;
  • Offers playlist support for playing multiple videos in succession;
How to open mkv on mac

Subtitle management options for MKV files

  • Manual or automatic subtitles lookup;
  • Full control over subtitles appearance;
  • Searching for subtitles on opensubtitles.org;
  • The possibility to adjust synch so that the subtitles are perfectly aligned with the video.
Open mkv file mac

Full sound and video playback settings

  • Looping any video segment;
  • Full-screen compatibility with complete control over multiple monitors connected to the computer;
  • Automatic deinterlacing - get rid of those annoying horizontal stripes;
  • Smooth video tuner to finely adjust color parameters;
  • Take as many screenshots as you want or even transform the entire video into a series of screenshots;
  • Control sound delay if needed to sync with the video for any mismatch;
  • Full support for external audio;
  • 10-band audio equalizer with multiple presets.
How to open mkv on mac

Other software for playing MKV Mac files

Convert MKV to formats that are compatible with QuickTime

If you’re really determined to play a Mac MKV file in QuickTime, then you will need to convert it into a format that is compatible with this player. The supported formats are MP4, M4V or MOV and here are some tools you can use to make the conversion:

Add the perian plugin to QuickTime to play MKV

Another option to run MKV files through QuickTime is to install Perian. This is a third-party component for QuickTime that gives the main program the ability to run various file formats, including MKV. Adding Perian will make QuickTime capable of automatically playing MKV files, however, you need to keep in mind that Perian developers are not sure if it will work on Mac OS 10.8 or higher. As its source code is open, there are continuations that might work with newer macOS versions, but there is no guarantee at all. With all the updates that are coming up today, it’s a bit non-realistic to think this solution is a long-term fix.

What is an MKV File - more details

So what is MKV? Since we’ve focused more on how to successfully play MKV files on your Mac and didn’t stop to analyze what an MKV file is exactly, we’re doing that now. MKV is short for Matroska Video file and if it makes you think of the popular Matryoshka Russian dolls, then you’re already on the right path. That’s similar to the principle that MKV uses to store video, audio, pictures and subtitles.

Often used for high-definition online videos specifically because it can include a lot of extra content besides video, MKV is an all-purpose format for TV shows and movies. Now that we know what MKV is and what it stands for, you should also know that an MKA format also exists for audio-only media.

MKV on mac

Advantages and disadvantages of MKV format to consider

Much like any other format out there MKV has its ups and downs:


  • Allows you to add metadata without rewriting the whole file. You can also include your own self-documentation.
  • Enables fast seeking using chapter markers.
  • Supports all audio and video codec combinations, such as H.265 (MKV HEVC).
  • Extremely flexible due to the large number of audios, videos, pictures, subtitles, 3D objects and other types of files.
  • It is open source, free to all (nonproprietary).
  • Two options of compressing: Lossless and Lossy.
  • Amazing dynamics for video and audio streaming.
  • Uses both standard Internet protocol and LAN streaming.
  • Ability to play files that are corrupted.
  • Highly reliable mechanisms for error restoration.
  • Offers comprehensive, accessible, and clear documentation.


  • Larger file size comparable to what other formats can offer.
  • Additional tools for file editing may be needed.
  • Not compatible with all players.

However, the majority of the aforementioned cons are relative. For example, the last of them is obsolete if you use Elmedia Player, due to its MKV player multi-feature.

Other top features of MKV files:

  • Can be found easily online
  • Offers support for chapters, menu and metadata
  • Offers the possibility to select from available video and audio streams
  • Easily streamable
  • Support for various subtitle formats
  • Playback for files even when they're corrupted


Here we answered the most frequently asked questions of Mac users. If you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments and we will try to answer as soon as possible.

If you want to play MKV files on your Mac OS, you’re going to need to download a player that can make use of this format. There are tons of different players for this format, including the seven top ones we have discussed before. Hit download to continue viewing great content.

An option with no software is here: https://convert-video-online.com/ . This is a straightforward converter.

Open the WMV file you want to convert. Select Apple as the format it will convert to, and pick the resolution you prefer. You can also select .mov, which is the format that Apple uses. Hit convert to get a new file, and you can immediately play it.

If you want to watch MKV files in a VLC Player, it’s easy. All you have to do is open VLC and then find the video you’re looking for and open that. You can also right click on the content and select the open option within the set of choices.
Elmedia Player is a great option for anyone who wants to check out MKV content. You can stream files that you’ve downloaded to Chromecast Ultra or AppleTV. You can also access videos from YouTube without having to sit through tedious adverts.
If you want to play MKV files on QuickTime, you may have issues as it doesn’t support this file type. It is actually impossible to play them as the component that worked with this format is no longer available. This means that you need to download an extra program, such as Elmedia Player, if you want to enjoy these files. The other option is for you to convert the files to a different format, like MOV.

QuickTime does not let you watch MKV videos. As a result, Mac users will have to download a different player if they want to access these videos. We would recommend using a program such as Elmedia Player. This player doesn’t require you to download any codecs or plugins. This is how you get it.

First, download the program and install it. Then, you can pick up files and drop them on the program, or send them to it via the dock. Another option is to select Elmedia Player as your choice when you click on the file. Then, all you have to do is click play to check out your content.

Elmedia Player
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 59.66MB free space
Version 7.17(2353) (6 Dec, 2020) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication