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Download Commander One - alternative to FileZilla for Mac

Commander One is an efficient FileZilla Mac alternative with a wide set of features. The app has a user-friendly interface that makes work with files more convenient and fast. Besides that, it offers convenient options for file handling, plus providing an extra layer of protection to the online files.
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Yoo-hoo! Commander One is now natively compatible with Apple M1-powered Macs!
Commander One
Full protocol support
FileZilla client Mac alternative Commander One supports various protocols and ensures secure and fast file transfer between your Mac and Remote server.
Multiple connections
Commander One allows you to work with multiple connections at the same time in order to have more convenient file transfer.
FTP server as a local drive
Thanks to our FTP tool for Mac users can handle files stored on the remote servers as if they are stored on their computer. Commander One makes it possible to map FTP servers as regular drives thus facilitating file management.

Protect your online connections with encryption feature

Our Mac FTP solution offers you to add extra protection to the files stored online. Establish encrypted file transfer between cloud computing services, remote servers and your Mac. With encryption feature you are guaranteed to have safe and secure work.
  • Web services (FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV)
  • Cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more)
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Encrypt data
Enhanced file manager for free
Commander One is not just a perfect Mac FileZilla alternative but also an andanced file manager that you get absolutely free of charge. The app is equipped with an impressive set of features for fast and convenient file management. It would be a cup of tea for both savvy users and the newbies providing them full control over their files.
Easily show hidden files
Display all hidden files with the help of the button on a toolbar.
Adjustable fonts & colors
Personalize the appearance of your file manager with adjustable fonts and colors.
Support for brief mode
Show thumbnail preview of a file instead of an icon.
Add directory to Favorites
For quick access, this FTP client Mac solution lets you add directories to the favorites list.
Hotkeys for any action
Seamlessly assign your favorite combo of shortcuts for any action.
Unlimited number of tabs
Convenient work with folders with no need to close them each time thanks to unlimited number of tabs.
Flexible selection of items
Commander One features a useful way to conveniently select the files.
File operations queue
Continue working with Commander One, while all your are being copied or moved in the background.
Commander One file manager copy screenshot
ZIP Support
Support for reading and writing Zip file format.
Built-in file viewer
Ability to view files of different formats. Hex and Binary files are supported.
List of Computers in local network
Commande One allows you to seamlessly access computers over the network.
Root Access
This Mac FTP software lets you use your Mac as the root user.

Connect to FTP via FileZilla Mac alternative - Commander One

This FileZilla Mac OS alternative allows you to seamlessly access the files stored on a remote server. To сonnect FTP as a local drive you need to precede with the following steps:

Download FileZilla Mac alternative Commander One and install it on your computer.

Launch the app and invoke the Connection manager by clicking the corresponding icon on thу toolbar or using the Command+F hotkey.

FTP client for Mac

Select the FTP icon from the available connections.

FTP client for Mac

Proceed with the settings and specify the following:

connection manager
  • name of the connection;
  • server's address;
  • port number;
  • login credentials;
  • connection mode - active or passive;
  • remote path (directory on the server that will hold the files you upload).
Click Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The app can work on Mac. Besides that, FileZilla is not just a Mac FTP client but also can work on Windows and Linux.
FileZilla isan open source product and is distributed free of charge.
First of all you need to download it on your computer from the official site. Make sure you are using macOS 10.9 or later. After that install FileZilla on Mac, configure FTP connections and be able to work with your FTP servers directly from Finder.
FileZilla is a safe app to work with, however, it is always better to provide extra protection to your online files and encrypt them before uploading to the server.
There are a lot of FileZilla alternative Mac solutions. However, we recommend trying Commander One, as the app supports work with various protocols and has a dual-panel interface for more efficient work.
Yes, Commander One is a secure app. It uses the Advanced Encryption Algorithm to make sure that no one could read your files and you can have additional protection.
Commander One is a free file manager. However, the app has a Pro Pack that costs $29.99.
Commander One Languages
  • Český
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Français
  • Українська
  • Magyar
  • 日本の
  • 한국어
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  • 中文

Commander One

This FTP client for Mac is fully compatible with macOS 10.12 and later. Requires 58.68MB of free space, latest version 3.3(3508). Released 4 Sep, 2021.

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