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Sync Android with Mac easily and smoothly with SyncMate

Syncing data between Mac and iOS devices is simple - but what if you want to sync Android with Mac? It’s a little trickier to do, and SyncMate is the only app designed specifically for Mac that lets you sync data between your Mac and Android devices.
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Sync almost any Android model with Mac

SyncMate allows you to sync any Android device running Android 5 or newer with your Mac. Below we’ll go through how to sync data on some of the most popular devices.

Probably the best app to sync Android with Mac

SyncMate allows you to sync almost any data from your Android device to your Mac and vice versa, without the need for third-party storage or apps. It’s a powerful sync manager that performs an Android to Mac sync. Let’s start with the Free Edition.

So, let’s start with Free Edition of SyncMate.

Contacts & Calendars Sync  Free

No need to enter the same contacts and calendar appointments on both your Mac and Android devices. Just enter them once then use SyncMate to sync your Mac with your Android phone or tablet, for free!

Background Sync  Free

Syncing can take some time depending on the amount of data you’re trying to sync. If you’re busy on your Mac, don’t worry, as SyncMate can run in the background while you’re getting on with your tasks.
Now let's look at SyncMate Expert Edition's possibilities to sync Android phone with Mac.

Get even more options for syncing Android with Mac in Expert Edition

You can use the Free Edition of SyncMate to sync contacts and calendars - for any other data you’ll need Expert Edition. With this edition you can sync almost any data between your Mac and Android device.

From music and photos to bookmarks and documents, you can sync almost anything from your Mac to your Android device and vice versa with SyncMate Expert Edition.

Continue listening to your favourite music after Android to Mac sync.

Music and playlists sync  Expert

SyncMate Expert Edition lets you sync entire playlists or folders of music between your Mac and Android devices.
Sync Android phone to Mac and watch your photos and videos on a big screen.

Photos and videos sync  Expert

Use SyncMate to sync all your precious photos and videos between Mac and Android so you can share them with your friends.
Use your Mac for managing your SMS on an Android phone.

Management of SMS  Expert

You can receive, send, delete and export text messages directly from your Mac when you use SyncMate.
Stop syncing Android with Mac file by file - SyncMate can handle whole folders sync.

Folders sync  Expert

With SyncMate you can sync entire folders from your Mac to your Android device and vice versa - no need to copy or move folders manually.
Access your Android device as a mounted disk on your Mac.

Mounted device sync  Expert

Mount your device to your Mac and get access to the phone's content. Sync all you need from your phone to Mac and vice versa, even calls, SMS and bookmarks.
And it's not all with options to sync Mac with Android.

Additional options  Expert

SyncMate can run in the background to sync Android with Mac, you can schedule syncing, or use the Backup plugin to backup data from your Android device, as well as viewing your call history on your Mac.

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Transfer Files, Photos, Videos, Music, and manage entire Folders between your Mac computer and your Android device connected via USB.
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Options to sync Android with Mac

With SyncMate there are a variety of ways to sync Mac with Android. The list below will tell you more about the full list of available options.

SyncMate gives you various possibilities

Check out the below list for the full list of options SyncMate offers when syncing calendars between Mac and Android.
Syncing contacts b/w Mac and Android No more out of date contacts. Syncing contacts between Mac and Android device, so you’ll always have the latest information.
Syncing calendars b/w Mac and Android Whether you created an event on your Mac or your phone, as soon as your devices are connected via SyncMate, the event will be synced, so it’s available on both devices.
Syncing photos between Mac and Android Instantly access all your photos on your Mac or Android devices. Each newly added image is automatically updated on all your synced devices.
Transfer music from Mac to Android Listen to all your favorite tracks on your Mac in the office or your Android device on-the-go. SyncMate automatically syncs your music between all your devices.
Syncing folders b/w Mac and Android There’s no need to manually copy files and folders from one device to another. SyncMate can automatically sync files and folders between all your devices.
Syncing Android playlists with Mac You’ll always have your favorite playlists to hand with SyncMate. The app keeps playlists updated across all your connected devices.

Synchronize various Android models with Mac

SyncMate is compatible with any Android 4.0-12.X device. Below are the usage scenarios for the most popular devices to sync Android with Mac.

All you wanted to know about Mac Android synchronization

Yes, although it’s a little trickier than syncing an iPhone with a Mac. For syncing Android with Mac you can use a sync tool like SyncMate, which makes the whole process quick and easy. SyncMate lets you sync almost any data you can think of between your Android devices and your Mac.
The best way is to use sync software like SyncMate. There are a variety of different ways to connect your Android phone to your Mac using SyncMate, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and via USB cable. Your Mac should then automatically recognize your phone.
The quickest way to sync Android to Mac contacts is to use SyncMate. You can use the Free Edition of SyncMate to select all or some of your contacts on your Android device and sync them to your Mac, so you can always be sure you have the most recent contact information to hand.
To sync Android with Mac photos, we recommend using a sync tool like SyncMate. You’ll need to upgrade to the Expert Edition first. Then you can choose which photos you want to sync between your Android phone and Mac, so you’ll always have a backup of your most precious memories.
You could do this manually, but it is time consuming and there’s the risk you may delete files accidentally. The easiest way to transfer files from Android to Mac is to sync Android phone to Mac using SyncMate.
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