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Mac file synchronizer with phones, Macs, and other devices

SyncMate is the only Mac file synchronizer you need to sync files between your computer and devices. Keep your photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars, and everything else in sync whether you’re using your phone, tablet, or Mac. With SyncMate, you can be sure that you’ll have the most up-to-date files whenever and wherever you need them, and it’s super easy to set up and use. It’s the app you didn’t know you needed.
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Devices sync

SyncMate works with Mac file synchronization between Android, iOS, iPad, and even other Mac computers, so you just need one app to do all files sync Mac. You can feel confident your files and data will be synced on whatever device you are using, so you never miss a beat.

iOS Device

iOS sync

Use more than one iOS device? No problem with SyncMate! You can use the Mac sync software with any number of iOS devices without writing over data in the process. Simply specify your preferred sync settings, and connect your Mac to whatever Apple devices you want to share files with hassle-free.

Another Mac

Other Mac sync

If you work on more than one Mac desktop or laptop, SyncMate’s Mac syncing software can manage those file transfers for you. Choose what files you want to transfer between your Mac and another computer, and SyncMate will synchronize the folders, files, bookmarks, calendars, and more for you. It couldn’t be easier.

Cloud services sync

For anyone who relies on cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft services, SyncMate can also sync files across your accounts. The app sets up your computer as a Mac synchronization center and lets you move files between your cloud accounts using drag and drop, so staying synced is seamless!


Dropbox sync

Dropbox is a popular cloud service that Mac, PC, iPhone, and Android users depend on to share and store files using the Internet. SyncMate makes it simple to do Mac file sync between Dropbox and Apple iCloud or any other cloud platform or device you use. You simply open the app and drag and drop the Dropbox files you want to sync to whatever account or device you want to share them to, and that’s it.

Google Drive

Google Drive sync

Google Drive is a widely used cloud service that anyone with a Gmail account has automatically to store and share files for personal or professional use. If you use Google Drive and other cloud services, it can be a hassle to keep files synced across your accounts, but SyncMate lets you easily transfer files from Google Drive to any cloud account or device with drag and drop.

Microsoft services

Microsoft services sync

Microsoft services like Office 365 Home, Office 365 Business and OneDrive are the most popular cloud services among organizations to keep employees connected remotely. Getting files from OneDrive to save in another cloud account or on a different Mac or device is no problem with SyncMate. Mac file synchronizer.

Even more sync

SyncMate is truly an all-star Mac file synchronizer that can sync files between any devices, cloud accounts like Apple iCloud and MTP or mounted devices. Transfer photos from your digital camera, a hard drive, flash disk or any other type of device you can plug into your Mac, and SyncMate will handle the file sync for you. Share files stored in iCloud on your Mac to an Android with just a click using SyncMate.

MTP Device

MTP Device sync

Media transfer protocol or MTP is a setting you can use for a device to access the files on it as if it was a hard drive. Having mounted your phone, digital camera, media player, or any other device in MTP mode, you can easily sync all the media you need from it to your Mac media library using the SyncMate connection.

Mounted device

Mounted device sync

Similar to MTP, a mounted device is anything you plug into the USB of your Mac like a hard drive, flash drive, or other device you connect. To sync files from a mounted device, you can plug it into your Mac, open SyncMate, select your preferred sync settings, and let the Mac file synchronizer do the work for you.


iCloud sync

iCloud is the built-in cloud service for Mac users that stores files, calendar reminders, contacts, pictures, and more using an Internet server to save space on your computer’s hard drive. SyncMate can ensure that everything stored in your iCloud is updated across all your cloud accounts and devices, so you never lose track of your files no matter what device you use where.

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