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Xiaomi Mac connect and sync app: SyncMate

Looking for the easiest way to sync data between Xiaomi and Mac? Good news, your search is over! From music files to your contacts and calendars, SyncMate Xiaomi OS software spells the end of time-consuming manual downloading.
SyncMate works automatically and it’s super easy-to-use! Gone are the days of wasted hours spent manually downloading precious files because our Xiaomi Mac application syncs the data from your smartphone to your computer- and vice versa! You’ll save time, escape frustration, and enjoy your Xiaomi and Mac devices to their full potential!
SyncMate changed Xiaomi OS mobile device synchronization and backup forever. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

How to Use SyncMate as Xiaomi software for USB Connection

Learn how to backup Xiaomi MI contacts quickly and easily to your Mac with SyncMate. Are you worried about losing your contacts because of an unforeseen hardware or software malfunction on your mobile device? Leave those fears behind, because SyncMate protects your vital data with automatic backups.

Follow the steps below to start backing up your device with SyncMate today:

Sync photos from Xiaomi to Mac easily

Have precious memories that you want to protect? SyncMate is the ideal choice for Xiaomi Mac OS photo backup. Mobile devices capture our most important moments, and the thought of losing them is horrifying… but SyncMate makes it easy to automatically backup and protect your precious memories.

To access SyncMate’s photo-syncing option, download our Expert Version here. From there, follow the steps below:

Navigate to the left-hand menu, find “Connections”, and choose “Add New”.
Ensure your Xiaomi device is connected to your Mac via USB, and select “Android Device” (located in the middle of the main page).
Click “+” and choose “Photos” from the plugin list.
Click “Add New Pair” in the bottom-right window, and select your device.
SyncMate will prompt you to choose the photo folders you’d like to backup.
Choose as many as you like, hit “Sync”, and you’re done.

Sync Xiaomi music with Mac

Wish you could listen to your awesome Mac MI music library on the go? SyncMate helps with that, too. SyncMate is the perfect solution for anyone interested in transfer music files to a Xiaomi mobile phone.

Please upgrade to SyncMate’s “Expert Edition”, and follow the steps below (fyi: it’s as easy as syncing photos!)

Navigate to the left-hand menu, find “Connections”.
Choose the “Add New” option.
Ensure your Xiaomi device is connected to your Mac via USB, and select “Android Device” (located in the middle of the main page).
In the top menu, click “+” and select “Music” from the pop-up options.
Specify your syncing parameters by choosing which music folders you’d like added (or not added), as well as sound quality preferences.
Click “Sync” and your music files sync Mac will begin.
Please note: synchronization times will vary pending on the number of files you’ve chosen to transfer.

Extra features of Xiaomi Mac sync app


Sync without Xiaomi driver Mac

SyncMate is your go-to personal assistant for all things synchronization. Our Xiaomi for Mac software is the perfect personal assistance because it’s available 24/7- no matter what syncing task you can throw at it! We know that once you try SyncMate, it’ll be your favorite tool to transfer files from Xiaomi to Mac (and vice versa) forever.

Sync Xiaomi calendars

Maintaining events across multiple device calendars, or constantly updating your address book is really annoying. But that’s why we developed SyncMate as the Xiaomi software to add ease and efficiency to your mobile data management. Add new events and contacts on your computer, and SyncMate updates and synchronizes the data on all of your connected devices!

Manage SMS on Mac

SyncMate is the ideal virtual assistant for more than just synchronization. Our Xiaomi Mac software even lets you communicate across the globe! SyncMate lets you easily compose, send, read and delete text messages with your Mac computer and a QWERTY keyboard. You can even export SMS into different formats!

Manage Xiaomi videos

You already know that SyncMate syncs and saves your photos and videos. But did you know it can even (prior to syncing) Convert Them?

  • Set resolutions
  • Convert video and photo files to multiple formats
  • Choose codec, bitrate, and even framerate

and all you need is our all-in-one Xiaomi OS software!

Need a simple file transfer? - Try MacDroid

Transfer Photos, Videos, Music, and manage entire Folders between your Mac
computer and your Android device connected via USB.
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Beautifully designed, easy-to-use, and packing tons of awesome features, SyncMate will be your new favorite synchronization tool for Xiaomi Mac OS integration.

But don’t take our word for it, try SyncMate today and experience the new world of simple mobile and desktop data synchronization!

The frequently asked questions

Xiaomi software is a favorite amongst many, with a great reputation and reliability. Xiaomi devices are extremely well made, with awesome hardware. They’re also excellently priced and affordable.

They have beautiful displays, a long battery life, a great camera, and their operating system updates frequently to ensure pique performance.

And thanks to SyncMate, Mac users can enjoy easy syncing and data backups for their Xiaomi OS devices like never before!

You can connect your Xiaomi device to Mac by using a USB cable. From there, SyncMate will take you through it’s easy install process, and you can start syncing your photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events faster and easier than ever before!

Once you’ve set up your device with SyncMate, everytime you connect your Xiaomi device to your Mac, your data automatically syncs across your devices quickly and easily.

Transferring files from Mi devices to MacBooks requires specialized software. While many software options exist, we recommend using SyncMate because it was designed with MI phone OS in mind. No matter what file type you’d like to transfer, SyncMate makes it easy, quick, and eliminates hours of precious time wasted on manual downloading. SyncMate makes it so simple to transfer files that anyone can do it. After your initial setup, SyncMate automatically syncs your data on both devices whenever you connect your Mi device to your MacBook!

Transferring files from an Android device to a Mac without using a USB cable requires specialized software. There are a plethora of options online, but SyncMate is the ideal solution, and here’s why:

SyncMate allows you to transfer files from Android to Mac over both WiFi and Bluetooth. After an easy initial setup (where you will need to use a USB cable), you’ll effortlessly enjoy USB-free data transfers each time you open your SyncMate app!

With our easy-to-use SyncMate Xiaomi for Mac software, you can mount your Android device to Mac and quickly sync the files between these devices. Or consider MacDroid that makes it easy to locate and browse your files right from the Mac Finder.

Just grab a regular USB cable, plug in your device, and open your MAC Finder. You’ll be able to navigate and browse the files on your Android phone just like you would on a Mac disc.

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