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Sync service Mac: sync almost everything

SyncMate is a comprehensive and flexible sync service Mac users can access that allows them to sync their data across multiple accounts, devices, and computers. The tool can be downloaded as freeware with a basic set of synching features. You can upgrade to SyncMate Expert for more control over how your data is synched for all of your accounts and devices.
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Free services

Using the free version of SyncMate lets you organize and update contacts and calendars on your Mac as well as all of your other accounts and devices. The sync engine operates in the background for more efficient processing. The free version lets you explore SyncMate’s features and decide if you need the extra functionality of the SyncMate Expert.

Expert services

SyncMate Expert Edition adds enhanced functionality that fully syncs your Mac with all of your other devices. These features include the ability to create backups, sync SMS messages from a mobile phone to your Mac, exchange photos, sync Apple Music, and share files.

Even more services

SyncMate Expert offers users additional services that keep your digital life organized and easily accessible. The file sync Mac engine allows you to perform activities such as syncing with cloud services and mounting a mobile iOS device so you can browse its contents from your Mac. Keep your Safari bookmarks, reminders, and call history updated with SyncMate.

Mount disk

Disk mount

When you turn on sync services Mac computers can be used to browse the files from your mobile iOS devices' internal and external storage. Mount your iPhone as a disk or MTP device to easily view its data. Add storage by mounting resources from cloud providers like OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive as disks.


Sync automatically

The AutoSync feature maintains data consistency among all devices and computers connected through SyncMate. With this sync service Mac users will never have to worry about where their files are located. They will sync in the background and be available on all your devices.

Office 365 Business

Sync into cloud

It can be challenging to keep track of files when you use cloud services. With SyncMate’s sync services, your Mac can help coordinate your files among providers like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and Dropbox. It acts as a centralized platform from which you can view, transfer, and sync files between the cloud and your Mac.

Call history

Manage call logs

SyncMate enables you to manage your phone’s call history from your Mac. You can monitor your calls and view details such as call duration, number, date, and time. The data can be exported in various file formats so you can store it in TXT, CSV, or HTML files for long-term retention or analysis.


Sync reminders

SyncMate Expert lets you sync all of your reminders so you never miss an appointment or scheduled activity. Sync between devices and your Mac or organize your Reminders into a folder. Reminders can be taken off your devices from your computer.

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