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Play MTS Files on Mac with Elmedia Player for the Best Experience
  • Compatible with all MTS codecs
  • Full functionality available for any file, MTS included
  • Highly advanced settings for video, audio, subtitles
  • Free to use; PRO is even more impressive
Top choice
Elmedia Player
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Play MTS file on Mac with Elmedia

MTS Player - Mac Top Solution is Elmedia Player

It might not be easy to open MTS files on Mac, but there’s no shortage of AVCHD players on Windows. Naturally, a question arises: what is this mysterious format, and why is there such a disparity on multiple platforms? The answer is shockingly simple.

MTS is an HD format used frequently in camcorders; AVCHD, the technology used to encode and store such files, is a trademark of Sony and Panasonic. This technology is partially reliant on the fat32 filesystem, which is property of Microsoft. Some editions of Windows can even play these files natively - thus, Windows users won’t need to wonder how to open MTS files on Mac.

We suggest a solution to resolve your format issues once and for all. No longer will there be any need to switch between players or to juggle multiple at once. We present Elmedia.

Best MTS Player for Mac - Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player - the best MTS player for Mac

If you want an MTS Mac video player with no frills, this is the player for you! Elmedia doesn’t require any additional codecs, and it will play any .mts out of the box. It’s perfect for everything, starting with HD movies, and ending with music. This goes double for camcorder footage, considering how rare AVCHD players are on Mac. Try it for free, you won’t regret it.

Play MTS files on Mac with Elmedia

1. Pick it up on our website or on the App Store. Either is safe - choose the option that’s more convenient for you.

Install the Elmedia MTS player

2. The files that you want to play should be added to the media library.

  • Drag them over to the player window.
  • Use the "Open" menu to choose them manually.
  • Right-click the files and select "Open With".

Open MTS file with Elmedia

3. Relive your memories with the MTS records.

Don’t forget that you can also open any other format.


Using a Desktop Converter for MTS File Mac Compatibility

If you aren’t interested in a permanent solution, there is an alternative that won’t require you to switch to third-party players. An MTS file can even be converted to a QuickTime-compatible format (such as MP4), ensuring its playability on any Apple system.

You’ll have to install the aptly-named "Any Video Converter". An executable is available on The installation process is very ordinary.

Once that’s done, Open your .mts, set the output profile, choose the destination folder and you’re all set. There is a certain downside - the videos take some time to recode. Hence, we recommend using an MTS-capable player, such as Elmedia.

Convert MTS File on Mac


There’s no need to convert them if you use Elmedia Player. Any media format, including MTS, can be opened with no hassle. That way, you can start watching your clips immediately.
Any Video Converter can take care of this task. It’s not difficult to use per se, but conversion may take quite a bit of time. Experienced users tend to choose a universal media player instead.

Elmedia will open any .mts, no sweat. It’s one of the very few compatible players, and it doesn’t just stop at MTS support - many other excellent features are included.

It can, indeed. VLC has a massive library of codecs in stock, and it will play nearly anything. Albeit, it will do so without the luster of Elmedia.

M2TS is a filename for MPEG-2 Transparent Stream. It is a video container format, which is used for high definition videos on Blu-ray Discs, AVCHD, etc. In fact, there is really no functional difference between MTS and M2TS files. Elmedia M2TS Player can open both of them.


Elmedia Player - the top MTS Player for Mac

Elmedia Player
Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 59.66MB free space
Version 7.17(2353) (6 Dec, 2020) Release notes
Category: MultimediaApplication