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Mirror Mac to Samsung Smart TV

If you were wondering how to mirror Mac to Samsung TV, JustStream is the answer! No cables or Apple TV are needed to mirror your videos, presentations, audio files, and even software apps. JustStream supports virtually all Samsung TV devices.


Free demo limit: 20 minutes of mirroring/streaming

Our demo lets you mirror Mac to Samsung smart TV for free for an uninterrupted 20-minute period to fully evaluate the app and see whether it works for you.
Mirror Mac to Samsung

Video image quality and display settings

JustStream is flexible and lets you adjust the mirroring process to fit your needs. You can set the quality of your video image to either Auto, Full HD (1080p) or HD (720p). And you get to control the dimensions of the mirrored video in order to fit the TV screen.

Additional options for mirroring

With JustStream you are getting some exciting special options when mirroring Mac to Samsung TV. The app allows capturing mouse cursor movements to display them in the mirrored output on the big screen. You can also capture mouse clicks, so they can then appear highlighted in the output video.

How to screen mirror Mac to Samsung TV with JustStream

You actually don't need an Apple TV device to cast your videos on a large screen. Thanks to the JustStream app you are able to stream from Mac to Samsung Smart TV almost anything. Here's how to do it:
Download and install JustStream app from this page on your Mac.
Switch your Samsung TV on.
Open JustStream on your computer. Note that as this is a menu bar app, you'll need to click its icon in the menu bar whenever you need to stream something.
From the list in the app, select a connected monitor you are going to mirror to another device.
Select the receiving device you’re going to mirror to. In this case, it will be your Samsung TV. You'll see all TVs connected to the same Wi-Fi network on the list. If you can’t see your Samsung TV even though it is turned on and on the same network, simply refresh the list.
Once everything is set up and ready to go, hit “Start streaming” and JustStream will start mirroring your Mac screen to the Samsung TV!
There are other ways to initiate mirroring. You can double-click on the monitor in the list, or you can open the context menu (three dots by the monitor name) and select the Start Mirroring option from the menu.
To stop mirroring, click the "Stop Streaming" button.

Questions and answers

We are answering the most frequent questions on how to mirror Mac to Samsung TV here:
To mirror Mac to Samsung TV, you'll need a third-party app installed on your Mac. The reason for that - Mac computers cannot mirror the screen by their own means. On this page we wrote down for you a step-by-step guide on how to screen mirror Mac to Samsung TV with the JustStream app. Other solutions that can help you with mirroring include Mirror for Samsung TV developed by AirBeamTV, or Air Stream for Samsung TV developed by Best App Limited.
If you own a MacBook Air or pretty much any other MacBook, then connecting to Samsung TV will be the same as for other computers with macOS. To Connect Mac to Samsung Smart TV for mirroring purposes you need to make sure your computer and TV set are on the same wireless network and online. Then install and open the app you'll be using for connecting your devices, select the media files you want to mirror and start the process.
Mirror in this case means the process of duplicating whatever is on your Mac screen right now to a television device. This means that whatever you do on your computer in real time is reflected on the screen of your TV.
Yes, if you use the following recommendations from Samsung. Using an AirPlay 2 in case your TV is capable of being used with AirPlay2 is the optimal way to mirror your iPhone. If not, you can use Apple TV to mirror iPhone to Samsung TV, since it also supports it.
The simplest way to mirror Mac to Samsung Smart TV all you need to do is snag a third-party app like JustStream. If you’re not interested in that, search the Apple App Store for your Mac and find a stand-alone app for your Macbook, iMac or Mac mini. There are a ton of free apps out there, though some may come with in-app purchases to access the more advanced features.
It’s pretty simple. Any Mac you get, whether it’s a Macbook, Macbook PRO, iMac, even the trusty Mac mini runs macOS. So if you find an app tells you it can support mirroring from Mac to Smart TV works just fine. A quick search for “mirror Mac on Samsung TV” will get you all the stuff you need.
Indeed - you’re going to need AirPlay2. Here’s a quick rundown on how to mirror iPhone to Samsung TV with audio:
1. Connect your Samsung TV to the same Internet connection your iPhone is on.
2. From your iPhone, pick a song from your music player.
3. Tap the AirPlay icon that shows up at the bottom of the screen.
4. Tap your TV and the audio will play through your Samsung TV instead of your iPhone!
NOTE: If a code shows up, you’ll need to enter it to get the music to play on your TV.
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