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Commander One
Box cloud client for Mac

Get the access to Box cloud storage with Commander One. Manage your Box account, integrate as many accounts as needed or mount them as drives without copying the content from Box file storage on Mac. Get more opportunities for Box file sharing on maсOS: download, upload files to Box cloud drive or share them directly from the file manager context menu.
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Mount Box cloud as drive

Commander One lets you connect to your Box account for easy access from Mac and convenient Box online storage management without the need to synchronize with computer.

Multiple Box connections

Any number of Box.com accounts can be mounted with Commander One at the same time. Move files among multiple Box file storages without having to save data on a machine.

Transfer files between servers

Commander One allows transferring files among cloud storages, like Box cloud service, and web servers directly without copying any data to local Mac.
Commander One 2 is here!
Advanced file manager for macOS got the support for OpenStack Swift, Box cloud, Backblaze B2 and Amazon S3-compatible storages, a lot of additional features and improvements. Reach a high level of file management on Mac!

Support for encryption on online connections

Protecting data has never been easier due to Commander One that offers you Box encryption as an additional level of protection. Have control over Box.com security.
  • Web services (FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV)
  • Cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more)
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Encrypt data
Free file manager
Commander One will prove that even non-professionals can manage files in a professional way. So whether a pro or not, use this all-in-one app to work with the files reliably and efficiently.
Learn more about File Manager for Mac

Show hidden files

Use a helpful toggle switch to display all hidden files when needed

Fonts & Colors

Commander One can be customized for the best experience

Brief mode

Filter only the most important data about your documents leaving out what's irrelevant at the moment

History and Favorites

Create bookmarks and mark the most used folders as favorites for quick access
essential features at your fingertips

Customizable Hotkeys

Assign your own hotkey combo to the actions you perform the most

Unlimited tabs

Open as many directories as you may need - you have an unlimited number of them in both tabs

Convenient items selection

Selecting the files you are going to manage is very convenient and intuitive

File operations queue

Ongoing file operations are queued in the background for status check and management
necessary tools for free

ZIP archives

Effortlessly extract or compress them

Native file viewer

Hex and Binary, text and media, image and HTML files

Computers in local network

You can see the list of shared computers that are accessible for use

Root Access

Get the most advanced access to your documents

Commander One Languages

  • Český
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Français
  • Українська
  • Magyar
  • 日本の
  • 한국어
  • Polski
  • Русский
  • Español
  • Nederlands
  • 中文

Commander One

This Box cloud client for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 45.83MB free space, latest version 2.5.2(3329). Released 25 Oct, 2020.

4.5 rank based on 90+ users, Reviews (15)
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