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How to Sync Audio with Video to Enjoy Your Movies to the Fullest

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Have you ever experienced a lip-sync error on Mac? If so, you know just how frustrating it can be and how there is no way the video can be perceived normally.

The sync audio and video issues are vital. When the sync value is incorrect, then the audio is either played too early in the movie or too late. This is commonly known as ‘lip-sync’ issues and it takes a lot from the joy of watching a movie or a home video.

Because media players employ various parts of their kernels for an AV-output, sometimes out-of-sync video on Mac happens. Even though compressed into the same codec, video files are generally bigger than audio ones, and from time to time incorrect timing occurs.

Luckily, there is a way to fix issues with MP4 video audio sync on Mac. Elmedia Player is a player that stands out from the rest, as it offers the option of adjusting your audio track to fit the video.

Audio and video sync issues

Fixing the audio delay on Mac with Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is just the thing you need. This video player for Mac incorporates simple, yet effective audio-video sync software. To trigger the sync audio and video features on this media player, you can use a simple keyboard shortcut. With that, you are going to be able to increase and decrease the audio delay and match it up perfectly with the video.

Sync video and audio with Elmedia Player

For out of sync audio on Mac follow the steps described here:

1. Download Elmedia Player and open it.

Download Elmedia Player

2. Start playing the video.

3. If the sync audio and video aren’t aligned, or if audio needs to be slowed down, select Decrease Audio Delay. Delay option in the Audio menu (or use the ‘⇧⌘[‘ hotkey).


4. When the situation is opposite and the audio is behind the video, select ‘Increase Audio’ option in the Audio menu (or use the ‘⇧⌘]‘ hotkey).

Increase audio with Elmedia

Whenever you are adjusting the timing, the OSD message will be displayed in the top left corner of the player window. The message quickly disappears once you are done.

 Watch Videos on Mac with Elmedia


Simply put, syncing audio to video is to align the audio output with the video output so they match. When this happens, the video plays perfectly and the experience is much more enjoyable to the viewers. There’s nothing worse than watching a video with an audio delay.
You can use Elmedia Player audio delay Mac software to get the job done. In just a few simple steps you’ll be able to match the audio and video and never have delays or mismatched videos again.
There are many reasons why sync audio and video issues may happen. Some have to do with the video itself, sometimes it’s the source (like a receiver or cable box, etc.), or other processing issues. So it requires editing after the fact, to align the audio to the video to get it just right.
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