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Supports Mac OS X 10.5+
What's OGG
What's OGG
Ogg is a free, open container format by the Xiph.Org Foundation. This format was developed for storing audio and video streams. Until 2007, OGG extension was assigned to all the files with content that used Ogg container format. Now Xiph.Org Foundation recommends to use .ogg only for Ogg Vorbis audio files.

New set of file extensions and media types was created: OGA extension is for audio only files, OGV - for video without sound, and OGX - for multiplexed Ogg.
How to play OGV on Mac
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    Download the OGG player Mac from this webpage and install it by dragging APP file onto your Applications folder.
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    Simple setup
    Follow the easy setup process and install or update playback plugins if necessary. To play OGG/OGV on Mac Perian plugin is enough, but if you are going to play other file types too, it is better to keep all plugins up-to-date.
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    Add the videos you want to watch
    You can add OGG and OGV files to OGG file player Mac one of the following ways: * Drag the videos to the OGV player Mac window or onto its icon in the dock. * Right-click the video file in Finder and select "Open With" option. Then select Elmedia Player as an app which will play the video. * Choose "File" from OGV video player Mac Main menu then "Add to Library".
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    Watch your videos
    Enjoy watching your OGG/OGV files with Elmedia Player - your essential OGV player Mac! Note that you can watch not only OGG/OGV videos, but a great variety of other video formats as well: FLV, SWF, AVI, XAP (Silverlight), MOV, MP4, RM and RV (Real), WMV, etc.
With Elmedia Player you can play OGV on Mac and other media files, including OGG, WMV, AVI, DIVX, MP4, MPG/MPEG, MKV, MOV, XAP. Elmedia Player is a free app and is absolutely enough to play various video files on your Mac, no need to download multiple players for each format.
Find out what else Elmedia Player has to offer:
  • Support for various video files
  • Customizable view options
  • Creation of playlists and smart playlists
  • Special built-in web browser
  • PRO "Always on top" feature
  • PRO Online video downloading
  • PRO Movies conversion to the series of images
  • PRO Flash Projectors conversion to SWF
Elmedia Player
  • Requires .................................. OS X 10.5
  • Version .................. 4.3 (28th Aug, 2013)
  • Reviews(213) ...................
  • Total downloads ....................... 45 000+
  • Developer ..................... Eltima Software
  • 2013.12.12 George Popescu
    A versatile and user-friendly media suite that enables you to easily manage Flash, FLV and other video formats from within a simple interface.
  • 2014.07.12 Andrew Kalinchuk
    All in all, Elmedia Player is great. It works well enough to be your primary media player, but things really get interesting when you purchase the PRO version and access the advanced user options.
  • 2014.08.13 Nick Mead
    Great for watching both downloaded and hard drive videos.